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“Islamophobia: a word created by fascists and used by coward to manipulate morons” by Christopher Hitchens The oxford dictionary defines phobia as “a strong unreasonable fear of something”. Islam phobia or ‘islamophobia’ is the preconceived opinion or fear averse to the Islamic religion or Muslims. Indiscrimination directed toward the Muslim community has sown seeds in Read More…

it show that European Union is covered by covd19
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The Differing Perspectives of Europe Towards Covid 19

Coronavirus has ripped through the streets of Britain like Bloody Sunday, except the numbers are even greater. One report in The Byline Times makes reference to the small number of deaths in Norway, Denmark, Greece, Austria, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, Vietnam, Finland, Australia, Czech Republic, and Taiwan.  “The combined overall total of Coronavirus deaths Read More…