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Palestinian IT workers

Palestinian IT Engineers: From the Occupied Palestine to the Top Global Companies

Palestinian IT Engineers’ minds continue to prove its cleverness and worth, disregarding all the obstacles and difficulties it face and the successive crises that the region is witnessing, whether internal or external. Palestinians were not satisfied with proving this locally, so they insisted that they have their mark by which they are known outside the Read More…

Featured Human Rights Israel Palestine

The dark face of the occupation, what lies behind it in Gaza ?

The situation in Gaza has been suffocating through the sixteen-year-old Siege, which the Israeli occupation imposes on Gaza. The dark face of the occupation includes the extremist attempts of restricting livelihood for the Gazans. It affects electricity, jobs, products, crossing points, goods, salaries, and each and every aspect of life. It affects the essential needs Read More…

Human Rights Abuse in UAE
Featured Human Rights United Arab Emirates

World Leaders Remain Silent Over Human Rights Violations in the UAE

A Glimpse Into The Human Rights Violations in the UAE World leaders remain silent over human rights violations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A Human Rights Watch world report released in 2022 highlights how the UAE continues to invest in a “soft power” strategy by falsely concealing its nation as progressive, tolerant, and rights-respecting. Read More…

Russia-Ukraine Grain Deal
Featured Ukraine

Can the Russia-Ukraine Grain Agreement Ease the Global Food Shortage?

The world couldn’t be hungrier when the two warring nations, Ukraine and Russia, signed the grain deal. But, can the Russia-Ukraine Grain Agreement ease the global food shortage? Here’s an in-depth report: Russia-Ukraine Grain Agreement: “The Beacon in the Black Sea” The Russia-Ukraine Grain deal is a parallel agreement between the opposing countries under the Read More…


Russia could force U.S. to lift sanctions in five minutes if….

Every experienced observer of U.S. politics and policies in the past 60 years would readily agree that Israeli interests, security and strategic supremacy have been and continue to be the most important foreign policy consideration for successive American administrations ever since Harry Truman. In fact, one wouldn’t go too far by arguing that in many Read More…

Economy Featured

The Merge: Should You Be Worried About Ethereum’s Most Awaited Upgrade?

For over two years, Ethereum developers have been working on Ethereum’s massive software update, known as The Merge. As part of a multi-phased upgrade to address Ethereum’s security and scalability model, the upgrade with switch the Ethereum network from the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus to the Proof of Stake (PoS) model. But what exactly Read More…

Economy Featured Global

Global Financial Crisis: Why Recession 2022 Would be Unlike Any Other?

Skyrocketing inflation and higher interest rates are setting the stage for a massive global financial crisis. The world’s major economies are staring at a steep recession. According to the eminent report agency, Namoura countries, including the likes of the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Canada, Australia, and the Euro-zone, are heading into Read More…