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A Mirror to The deep-rooted domestic violence culture in India

The coronavirus pandemic is revealing the hidden pandemic that the world has been shrouding. With COVID19 triggered lockdowns, many are trapped in their house; for some the experience is fine but a substantial portion of them are confronting their worst nightmare. Vulnerable are condemned to live with their abuser under the same roof for a Read More…

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Sexual Assault: Quarantine centres and hospital in India are not safe

The number of coronavirus cases in India is touching new peaks every single day. With more than 1.2 million cases the country stands third in the queue after Brazil. Quarantine centres and hospitals are flooding with patients, some have reached their full capacity. But, these hospitals and quarantine centres; the only place one can think Read More…

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Rise in Domestic abuse amid the Coronavirus crises

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, the world champion boxer, Billy Joe Saunders decided to share his video where he used a punchbag to demonstrate how men could physically hurt female partners in response to “giving you mouth.” The Pandemic has put many of the world’s major cities under complete curfews or lockdowns. Whether sick or healthy, Read More…