Drought in horn of africa
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Human Rights on the Brink of Tragedy Due to a Severe Drought in the Horn of Africa

Twenty Million People at Risk of Hunger in the Horn of Africa Twenty million people are at risk of severe hunger due to a drought in the Horn of Africa. A climate-induced weather emergency has delayed rainfall. Four consecutive failed rainy seasons have led to the worst drought the Horn of Africa has witnessed in Read More…

Congo Cobalt Mines
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Cobalt Mines: China Taking Over the Fuel of the Future

Green energy and electric vehicle is the future of a sustainable world, and one of the critical components powering the dream of a more sustainable planet is Cobalt. The blueish-grey chemical has risen to prominence as a vital component of lithium-ion batteries, the technology that will fuel the smart technology revolution. As more countries electrify Read More…

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Climate Change Deepening Gender Inequalities: A Reality Check

How today’s most critical matter, the warming planet, and worsening environment is, linked to the long-existed issue of gender inequality? And how can women’s empowerment help combat climate change? How Women are Disproportionately Affected by Climate Change Climate change is not a male-female issue. On the contrary, it exacerbates already existing vulnerabilities, many of which Read More…