Afghan women in Burqa.
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Afghanistan: Taliban Orders Head-to-Toe Coverings for Women in Public Further Defying Human Rights

What Do Women’s Rights Look Like Under Taliban rule? Taliban Order Women to Wear a Mandatory Islamic Face Veil and Only Leave Home if Strictly Necessary On May 7th 2022, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) stated deep concern in response to a recent Taliban announcement. The Taliban held that women should only leave Read More…

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Afghanistan: Girl’s Education Under the Taliban Regime Hanging by a Thread

After the long closure of 187 days, finally, teenage girls in Afghanistan were ready to return to school on Wednesday. But, filled with excitement to ultimately get back in the educational system and be able to learn, the Afghan female student’s much-anticipated return shattered into pieces when the gates were again closed for women, ordering Read More…

Afghani children with their backs against the wall.
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Afghanistan Crisis: The Worsening Economy and Starving Population

Afghanistan’s economy is “crashing.” Nearly four months since the Taliban takeover and Afghanistan is standing on the verge of mass starvation and famines threatening over one-million children this winter. Covering up the frames of famished children with pale blue, gray, and pink burquas, one by one, Afghan mothers and grandmothers poured into a health clinic Read More…

Afghan children leaning against a wall
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Afghan Farmers & Herders on the Verge of Collapse: The Dire Need of Food, Seed, & Cash

While the humanitarian access to people living under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, the soaring prices of seeds, food, and drought are putting the Afghan Farmers and herders on the verge of collapse. Farmers are losing their crops. and, headers are forced to sell their livestock, pushing most of them into enormous debts and with Read More…

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As the #BlackLivesMatter movement continues to gain momentum across the world, leading to protests in major global cities, other groups which are systematically discriminated against are seizing the hashtag to advocate for their own lives and human rights. One such group is Afghans, in particular Afghan migrants and refugees, which have been victims of discrimination Read More…