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5.9 Million Tons of Lithium Found in Kashmir, India



Lithium found in Kashmir

The world is in dire need of cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, and Lithium has emerged as a powerful tool in the quest. This versatile element is playing a critical role in the transition away from polluting fossil fuels to greener and more eco-friendly power sources. And now, with the recent discovery of a Lithium mine in Kashmir valley by the Geological Survey of India, there’s hope for a more abundant and cost-effective supply of this valuable mineral.

Amounting to about 5.9 million tons, Kashmir’s lithium resource can potentially change India’s position in global green energy resources.

The discovery is huge for India’s energy reserves and Kashmir’s economy. However, the announcement has triggered both hopes and concerns from Indians and the world.

Why Does the Discovery of Lithium in Kashmir Matters?

Lithium is a shining gray metal with a nickname that’s just as brilliant – “white gold.” It’s a crucial component of electric batteries, making it an essential element in the quest for cleaner and more sustainable energy.

The recent discovery of lithium reserves in India is being celebrated by experts worldwide, and for good reasons. The discovery could be a game-changer for India’s energy independence, potentially reducing its reliance on imports to meet growing demand. In 2020-21 alone, India imported lithium and lithium ions worth INR 173 crore and INR 8,811 crore, respectively. As the country pushes towards electric vehicles, demand for lithium is only set to increase.

Moreover, Lithium deposits are rare, with only 98 million tonnes found globally, according to Rishabh Jain, senior program director for the Council on Energy, Environment, and Water (CEEW).

India has already discovered 5.5% of these resources, which is significant in comparison to countries like Chile and Australia, which have 9.2 million tonnes and 6.2 million tonnes of lithium deposits, respectively.

The potential impact of this discovery is massive, particularly for the production of electric vehicles.

However, further assessments are needed to determine the exact quality and quantity of the resources and whether they can be extracted and used efficiently. If proven feasible, this discovery could pave the way for a more sustainable future for India and the world as a whole.

The Geographical Barriers

The Lithium reserve is discovered in Salal-Haimana, Reasi district of J&K, a region known for being seismically active. With the Reasi placed in the seismic zone IV, mining white gold from the area can pose a high risk.

Moreover, the region is also situated in the renowned Kashmir seismic gap, which experts have forecasted as the site of potential “great” earthquakes with a magnitude exceeding eight on the Richter scale.

According to Parveen Kumar, senior manager of Electric Mobility, WRI India; the most recent lithium discovery is “a significant step towards self-reliance in the LIB [lithium–ion battery] supply chain.”

“Although this is good news, a balanced appraisal that considers the region’s ecological sensitivity is also necessary,”

Parveen Kumar

Lithium mining also adversely impacts the ecosystem and environment. Pollution of the soil, water, and air is among them. For example, one estimate states that it requires around 2.2 million liters of water to generate one tonne of lithium while extracting it from its ore.

Plus, with Reasi already living in water scarcity, and to sustainably extract Lithium, the authorities would have to tackle the issue first.

Can India Become the Leader in Lithium Refining, Outcompeting China?

China is an outlier in the lithium market. The nation held only 7.9% of the world’s lithium reserves at the end of 2020, according to BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy 2021. But the fabrication of metal is where the nation excels. As a result, 60% of the world’s capability for refining and processing lithium is estimated to be located in China.

However, lithium refining is a complex process. World’s major lithium producers, including spodumene, petalite, and lepidolite, need to process the minerals in order to get the lithium out. This procedure involves crushing the ore, followed by the extraction of the lithium using froth flotation, magnetic separation, and gravity separation, among other methods.

Lithium refining plants in China
Lithium refining plants in China

Lithium can also be obtained from brine lakes, collected via sun concentration and evaporation. Although this process can take longer, it is often less complicated than mineral processing.

Amongst all this, India, a country that depended on exports for fulfilling its energy requirements, can now potentially be among the leader of the green energy revolution with the Lithium found in Kashmir.

And if extracted and refined wisely, India’s lithium reserves could enable it to compete with China. However, now the focus must shift to assessing the commercial extraction potential of Lithium reserves in Kashmir.

Extracting Lithium from Disputed Region Would be a Challenge

While developing lithium resources in Kashmir valley will require the Indian government to lure industrial development and investment in the region, the state continues to be volatile. Moreover, with Salal-Haimana just 30 miles from the Line of Control (India-Pakistan border), obtaining lithium from the region will be a huge challenge from a military standpoint.

J & K holds only 1% of the total Indian population but accounted for 57% of all deaths triggered by armed conflicts between 2019 and 2021. And Salal-Haimana is among such disputed areas.

It is difficult to predict whether a lithium boom might lessen or exacerbate these local governance issues. But, on the other hand, more economic benefits might be provided for the Indian economy and major regional advantages in employment possibilities and improved road and rail infrastructure.

Lithium in Kashmir: “The batteries of the Indian economy”

The Tribune and the Kashmir Picture, two Indian English-language media publications, have already published articles praising the discovery and referring to it as “the batteries of the Indian economy” to address the region’s unemployment issues. It’s impossible not to be excited.

Lithium Found in Kashim – Final Thoughts

The discovery of huge reserves of Lithium in Kashmir has the potential to bring India up to the competition in the green energy industry.

However, the government must ensure that to make India “atmanirbhar” (self-sufficient) in terms of this vital mineral to attain its net zero goals, they do not compromise the union territory’s delicate ecosystem.

In light of the fact that the agricultural sector is already vulnerable to climate change, if lithium mining operations are to be developed, their implications on agricultural productivity must be fairly and thoroughly evaluated.

Furthermore, it is critical that the government extract these minerals as ethically as possible; failing which, the fundamental motivation for developing these green technologies would be undermined.

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To the peoples of the world: Israel is Carrying out a holocaust against Palestinian families



Israel is carrying out a holocaust against Palestinian families.

Yes, Israel is not sending Palestinians to gas chambers. But Israel is bringing Auschwitz and Mauthhausen to Palestinian homes, neighborhood, hospitals and mosques.

The title of this brief article is not a hyperbole or a dramatic overstatement meant to attract attention or gain sympathy. It is rather a reflection of reality.

Indeed, if a holocaust is about annihilating people, especially civilians and Palestinian families, the Israeli army, the Wehrmacht of our time, has been exterminating entire Palestinian families-the father, the mother and all the children.

We are not speaking about one isolated incident or a few incidents where one stray missile hit a home inadvertently or children killed as a result of collateral damage.

We are rather talking about carrying out a real holocaust against Palestinian families, an official policy endorsed and pursued by the government of Israel to wipe out numerous Palestinian households for the purpose of bringing the Palestinians to their knees.

This is Israel’s way of wreaking shock and awe on the defenseless and helpless Palestinians.

So far, more than 25 thousand entire Gaza households have been targeted by Israeli bombing. More than 12 thousands have been killed half of them are children and women.

Just imagine your own family being annihilated by a missile launched from high altitude. This nightmare has effectively become a routine experience in Gaza.

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Israel today is emulating the Nazis and other criminal offenders throughout history. Don’t invoke the mantra of anti-Semitism. In the final analysis, when Jews think, behave and act like the Nazis thought, behaved and acted, they (the Jews) become Nazis themselves, pure and simple.

Yes, I do recognize there are many kind-hearted Jews who reject this Nazi-like savagery. None the less, we must call the spade a spade. These atrocities are being enthusiastically supported by the vast majority of Israelis, including ordinary people, intellectuals and rabbis. Israel-2023 does have much in common with Nazi-Germany. Claiming otherwise would be both dishonest and malicious.

Real holocaust

Israel, a notorious professional liar whose agents control western media outlets from Sydney to California, is misleading the international community as to what is really happening in the Gaza Strip.

A regional military superpower thanks to unrestricted American backing and support, Israel is simply waging a war of extermination against a thoroughly persecuted people whose only “crime” is its enduring vigor and longing for freedom from the shackles of Talmudic Jewish Nazism, a Satanic ideology which views all humanity-save Jews-as animals whose lives have absolutely no sanctity.

There is no doubt that the ongoing Israeli rampage of murder and terror is an expression of that genocidal Talmudic mentality. It is a mindset that is even more nefarious than the Nazi ideology.

We Palestinians have been at the receiving end of Jewish criminality and murderousness for several decades. We know it too well and need no one to give us lectures on “Israel’s civility and humanity”

In the final analysis, a country that murders thousands of children and other innocent civilians rather knowingly and deliberately in order to create deterrence is neither civilized nor humane. It is tantamount to fornicating with truth to call Israel humane and civilized.

The truth of the matter is that Israel is a diabolical Judeo-Nazi entity that has much in common with the Third Rich.

Yes, Israel is not sending Palestinians to gas chambers. But Israel is bringing Auschwitz to Palestinian homes, neighborhoods and streets. Israel is carrying out a real holocaust against innocent Palestinian families.

This is not really a war. War is fought between armies. The Palestinians don’t have an army, or navy or air force. The Palestinians simply can not protect their own children from overwhelming barbarianism, played out in full view of the entire world.

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Yes, there have been projectiles fired on Jewish colonies from the Gaza Strip, but these projectiles are essentially innocuous from the military view point as evident from the nearly zero casualties incurred by Israelis.

Indeed, when there is one dead on one side and 300 on the other side, including 50 children and babies, in addition thousands of maimed civilians and swathes of pornographic destruction of property, we are not really talking about war, even an asymmetrical war. We are actually talking about a real massacre, a massacre that is reminiscent of the time when the Nazis ganged up on European Jewry 70 years ago.

This very real massacre, holocaust, wouldn’t have been carried out had it not been for the flaccidity and leniency and silence displayed in Israel’s face by the bulk of the international community.

This is not to mention the connivance, collusion and conspiratorial roles played by several criminal states and governments, including the United States, a majority of European governments and especially the whore-like Sissi regime in Cairo which is shamelessly and brazenly siding with Israel against the Palestinian people.

But never mind, another massacre, another blitzkrieg, another conspiracy won’t finish our people off. It is our kismet that we must die in order to survive.

But those in Washington and London and Cairo who are watching rather passively, probably gleefully, as our children are being incinerated and murdered at the hands of the children, grand children and great-grand children of the holocaust, will one day pay the price for their murderous complicity and ignominy.

We will not forgive or forget.

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Israel: A criminal state par excellance



Israel: a criminal state par excellance

In its exaggerated self-infatuation and excessive narcissism, Israel, a criminal state par excellence, often claims it is light upon mankind.

Zionist Jews, who falsely claim allegiance to the prophetic traditions of ancient Israel, are actually mostly atheists.

In fact, Zionism has more in common with the most infamous paragons of evil throughout history than with such Hebrew luminaries as the Prophet Moses, Aaron, Jacob, Joseph, David, and Solomon.

Indeed, ever since its misbegotten birth in 1948, a birth fraught with crimes against humanity, Israel’s modus operandi has been an uninterrupted series of atrocities, oppression, persecution, inequity, and racism.

Thus, Israel, A criminal state par excellence, is also a great falsifier of truth, history by claiming a higher moral ground vis-à-vis the Palestinians, its largely-unwept victims who are still crying to the seventh heaven for justice.

Also read: Israel should stop trying to force-feed the Holocaust down people’s throats  as bloody repression of Palestinians  goes on unabated

Israel is already starving and tormenting 1.6 million Gazans, denying them food, clean water, and other necessities of life. The 17-year draconian siege is apparently meant to punish Gazans for electing Hamas which simply refuses to recognize Israel for religious and moral reasons. The international community  sought to overlook Israel’s  real crimes against humanity inflicted repeatedly  on  some two million helpless Palestinians languishing under a N-a-z-i-like siege imposed and maintained by Israel.

Israel portrays herself as a beacon of light in a sea of dictatorship, tyranny, and oppression,

What Israel, a criminal state par Excellance, refuses to tell the world, however, is the fact that the Jewish state through its ubiquitous tentacles in America, Europe and elsewhere to enable, shield, sustain, and support tyrannical regimes in the region such as the Sissi police state in Egypt, the feudal regimes in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain.

Israel, a notorious professional liar whose agents control western media outlets from Sydney to California, is misleading the international community as to what is really happening in Jerusalem and in the Gaza Strip.

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Israel, ruled by supremacist and megalomaniac Jews who think that no country or entity under the sun has a right to criticize Israel’s appalling maltreatment of the Palestinians, believes it has an unending free season on its victims.

Those are the Nazi-minded ideologues who are indoctrinated in Talmudic Jewish supremacy and who believe that the non-Jews lives have no sanctity , those are the Talmudic thugs who believe that the Palestinians must either be expelled or massacred .

As to its victims, Israel seeks always to demonize and dehumanize them so that the world will react indifferently if not callously when Israel murders them, expels them from their homes, steals their land and property as well as demolish their homes, a nearly daily callous practice the state of the Jews carries out in the West Bank.

Israel was born in sin. It will always be a sinful state, no matter what we read in the New York Times and the Washington Post or what we see on CNN and Fox News.

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Hamas: A convenient red herring for Jewish Nazism



Hamas: A convenient red herring for Jewish Nazism

The Judeo-Nazi state, known as Israel, continues to resort to “big-lie” tactics in order to justify its genocidal crimes against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip. This is not a new phenomenon by all means. Israel and mendacity have always been and continue to be two sides of the same coin.

The Judeo-Nazi state claims that its ongoing blitz in Gaza is directed against Hamas, not the Palestinian people. But this claim is devoid of any shred of truth. The fact that thousands of innocent civilians have been murdered and mutilated beyond recognition and that thousands of residential homes have been utterly destroyed, often right on their dwellers’ heads, easily refutes the Israeli canard.

In the final analysis, Hamas itself is an “effect” not a “cause” since the cause is the enduring Judeo-Nazi occupation of the Palestinian homeland. As we all know, modern Jewish Nazism had preceded and predated Hamas by many years. The Nazi-like atrocities of Dir Yasin, Tantura, Dawaymeh, Qastal, etc. occurred decades before the appearance of Hamas.

In fact, one can safely and veraciously argue that Hamas is an inevitable reaction to Jewish Nazism, a nefarious, genocidal doctrine otherwise known as Zionism. Indeed, had Hamas never appeared, another similar Palestinian movement would have appeared.

People languishing under a sinister foreign military occupation are bound to resist their tormentors and oppressors. Hamas is hardly the inventor of resistance against foreign occupations.

Another recurrent Judeo-Nazi lie is the claim that Israel doesn’t deliberately target Palestinian civilians. Does anyone with an iota of honesty and rectitude in the back of his head believe this big lie?

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I am not talking about the “sincerely ignorant” or the “conscientiously stupid”… people who are thoroughly brainwashed by the pornographically mendacious Jewish-controlled media in North America, Europe and Australia. What I have in mind are ordinary people like you and me.

But to the “sincerely ignorant” and “conscientiously stupid,” I would like to pose this question: When thousands of innocent people are murdered and maimed, can we really blame this on “mistakes” and “collateral damage”?

To be sure, “mistakes” may happen and do happen, once, twice, ten times. However, when this type of “mistakes” occurs rather routinely, it means it is a deliberate policy, pure and simple.

And the Judeo- Nazi state of Israel does murder Palestinian children as a matter of policy. It would be a betrayal of one’s moral honesty and intellectual integrity to deny this outstanding fact. Israel is the Nazi Germany of our time. I know many westerners might be reluctant to go that far. But as Aristotle said “Plato is dear to me, but truth is dearer still.”

There are many other pornographic lies being uttered by Judeo-Nazi leaders and apologists in occupied Palestine, Europe and North America.

For example, Binyamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Judeo-Nazi entity routinely evokes the following question: “How would any democratic state react if thousands of rockets were fired on their population centers”?

As a brashly dishonest human being, Netanyahu wouldn’t tell his often misinformed viewers why the rockets were fired in the first place.

He wouldn’t tell the world that the Judeo-Nazis are living on land that belongs to those who fire the rockets. He wouldn’t tell the world that the Judeo-Nazi state stole Palestine from its legitimate proprietors, destroyed their homes, systematically bulldozed and obliterated their towns and villages and then expelled millions of their people all over the globe.

Now, what would any country, democratic or otherwise, do if another country or invading people did to its citizens what the Judeo-Nazi state of Israel did and has been doing to the Palestinians?

Israel seized our country by brutal force, destroyed our homes, bulldozed our towns and is now telling the world: Look what these “human animals” are doing.

Well, these” human animals” will continue to fight their oppressors and tormentors until they free their country and people from the shackles of Jewish Nazism.

No one dared lecture the people of Europe, the French, the Poles, the Greeks, the Czechs and others on how to free themselves from the clutches of the Wehrmacht, SS and Gestapo. Likewise, no one has any right to lecture the Palestinians on how to free themselves from the Jewish Wehrmacht, SS and Gestapo.

Yet one more obscene lie uttered by Netanyahu has been in circulation of late. The pathological Judeo-Nazi liar has been comparing Hamas’s resistance to Jewish Nazism with the German blitz on London and other British population centers in 1940-41.

The obscenely corrupt analogy is unfortunately left unchallenged by western intellectuals, historians as well as media operatives either because of fear of Jewish intimidation or willful ignorance.

For those unaware of the historical facts, the Blitz (meaning lightning war) was almost a year of bombing in 1940-41 during which the German air force, the Luftwaffe dropped millions of tons of bombs on London and other British towns for the purpose of bringing Britain to its knees,

By May 1941, 43,000 Britons had been killed across Britain and 1.4 million had been made homeless. About a million homes were either destroyed or damaged.

Indeed, in light of the shocking obscenity of their lies as well as the shocking nefariousness of their crimes, there is little or no doubt as to the accuracy of the Muslim and Christian scriptures’ descriptions of these evil, cannibalistic people, who can be considered the Nazis of our time.

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