Iran is certainly not  Garden of Eden for Human Rights, but the West is absolutely  hypocritical



The ongoing sustained propaganda war by the U.S., Britain and other Western countries against Iran for violating the human and civil rights of women is not altruistic. Quite the contrary, this vitriolic campaign is highly hypocritical, morally duplicitous and politically motivated since its main goal is to destabilize Iran and put an end to the hard-line Shiite regime there.

I am not a fan of the Iranian regime which I repeatedly criticized in my articles, especially its criminal embrace of the murderous regime of Bashar Assad in Damascus.  Just to refresh readers’ memories, that regime  murdered half a million Syrians, forced 50% of the Syrian people into exile,  and destroyed over 70% of Syria’s towns and villages,  in order to remain in power.

Moreover, the regime has been employing excessive lethal force against the large Sunni minority as happened in Zahidan, in south-eastern Iran, where trigger-happy Iranian soldiers killed as many as 90 protestors on 30 September, as reported by some human rights groups.

None the less, as Muslims, we are supposed to be fair and just in judging others, even though we may not like them.

Western hypocrisy is clarion

To begin with, the tragic and lamentable  death of a Kurdish woman activist in Iran several weeks ago was by no means the most gargantuan and obscene crime committed in Iran or in the Middle East..  In 2018, the de facto Saudi leader Muhammed ibn Salman (MBS) ordered the murder of  Saudi journalist Jamal Khashogji inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.  However, despite some  regurgitated rhetoric from Western capitals, especially Washington and London, most Western leaders eventually hastened to grovel at the tyrant’s feet. 

 The dramatic turnabout in Western attitudes toward MBS didn’t reflect  a sudden awakening of a dormant love for the  moody Saudi prince. It rather demonstrated that Israel’s regional interests as well as  the multi-billion dollars arms deals with the corrupt House of  Saud were far more important for the West than the  secondary subject of human rights in one of the world’s worst dictatorships.   A few days ago, President Biden admitted that the single most important reason behind his visit to Saudi Arabia more than four months ago was to secure Israel’s interests.

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Moreover, grave human rights violations are routine occurrences in countries like Egypt, UAE, Bahrain and Morocco, which rely for their very survival, on Western, especially American backing. However, the West keeps reticent lest any pressure on these tyrannical regimes prompt the masses to revolt against them, which is not in Israel’s interests.

The West  betrays human rights everywhere

The callous betrayal of the cause of human rights in places like Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa is a conspicuous feature of western policies toward Muslims. This means that the West, along with the venomous snake, called Israel, is Democracy’s number-1 enemy in the Middle East, especially the Arab region.

 Don’t you dare tell me that the rampancy of tyranny, despotism and harsh dictatorship throughout the region occurred by coincidence or is related to Islam! Such a logic would be utterly unconvincing and unacceptable to say the least.

The starkness of American and British hypocrisy on human rights is nowhere more brazen than in occupied Palestine. There Israel is carrying out real massacres of innocent Palestinians nearly on a daily basis,  and all we hear from Washington is the same scandalous remarks we have been hearing ad nauseam for many years, like “Israel has the right to defend herself” and “we call on both sides to exercise self-restraint,” which only encourage Israel to perpetrate more atrocities.

Moral inconsistency

I am quite sure that the bulk of Iranians have no iota of appreciation for American and British criticisms of the Iranian regime’s suppression of protests triggered by the regrettable death of Mahsa Amini. True, many Iranians are fed up with the regime over its harsh tactics toward dissidents.   None the less, most Iranians still remember the 28 Mordad coup d’eta when the  CIA  toppled the democratically- elected Mussadeq regime in 1953 and installed Shah Muhammed Reza Pahlavi as King of Persia.

Israel Firsters rule Washington unopposed

In addition to what has been said, I would like to make two points:  First, the popular indignation at the  Mullahs  should never be understood to mean or imply support for or identification with America’s imperialistic designs for `the country.

The U.S., irrespective of which administration in the White House, is hell-bent on turning Iran into a pliant banana republic, very much like Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the despotic Gulf Sheikhdoms, which Washington bullied to sign the treacherous Abraham Accords with the hateful Israeli apartheid entity.

I think this bleak and ghoulish prospect is very very unlikely to happen in Iran under existing circumstances. But the U.S. is trying and is unlikely to stop trying as long Zionist circles and Israel Firsters  continue to tightly dominate the U.S. government and Congress.

Which brings us to the second point. There is no doubt in this writer’s mind that the central reason behind America’s unmitigated hostility to Iran has nothing to do with Iran’s human rights record or even with Tehran’s criminal embrace of the Syrian regime. The real reason has to do with the Zionist entity and its strategic designs, namely the imposition of its strategic supremacy over the entire Arab-Islamic region. Powerful Muslim countries like Pakistan, Turkey and Iran currently pose a real challenge to the grand Zionist design. 

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Hence, The U.S., which is always at Israel’s beck and call, is trying to neutralize this Muslim challenge for Israel’s benefit. The full weight of the American empire is always utilized to serve and expedite Israel expansionistic goals, military and strategic aggrandizement, mainly at the expense of Muslims.

More to the point, the US efforts to trigger an insurrection against the Iranian regime  is apparently  aimed at effecting a regime  change in the hope that a new pro-Western regime  would dismantle the country’s vital nuclear program,  widely considered as the second most important strategic foreign policy headache facing Washington now after the Ukrainian crisis. Moreover, the growing military cooperation between Russia and Iran, including the reported planned sale of Iranian-made missiles to Russia, is likely to further aggravate American concerns.

 The U.S. has paid 17 billion dollars  to Ukraine so far to repulse the Russian invasion.  However, it is highly likely that Washington would be willing to pay ten-times or twenty-times that much to serve Israeli interests and strategic ambitions, including  spreading its hegemony over  the entre Middle East.

Muslims must never trust America

Biden’s frank admission that the main reason behind his visit to Saudi Arabia was serving Israel’s interests should serve as a real eye-opener for Arabs and Muslims everywhere.  I know there are many willfully stupid Arabs who would  rather bury their heads in the sand of the desert than facing the truth.  These are the bastards of history and no Muslim on earth would shed a tear for their bleak fate.

But there are hundreds of millions of Muslims who must make sure that they won’t be bamboozled again by Washington’s sweet but deceptive words.  To these people I solemnly say: Disregard,  disobey and never trust America if you wish to have a bright future for yourselves and your children.  


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