Russia could force U.S. to lift sanctions in five minutes if….

Every experienced observer of U.S. politics and policies in the past 60 years would readily agree that Israeli interests, security and strategic supremacy have been and continue to be the most important foreign policy consideration for successive American administrations ever since Harry Truman.

In fact, one wouldn’t go too far by arguing that in many cases, Israeli interests, as defined and interpreted by the usually-hawkish Israeli leaders, were often given precedence over America’s own national interests. For example, in the late 1950s and early 1960s, there were substantial Indications that Egyptian leader Gamal Abdu-Nasser was considering a radical rethinking of his growing ties with the Soviet union, which also was an important goal of American foreign policy in the Middle East at that time.

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However, with CIA knowledge, Israel managed successfully to thwart and abort all American efforts to reach a rapprochement with the Nasser regime. In the mid of 1960s, Mossad carried out a series of terrorist operations in Cairo, targeting American interests. Israel’s goal was obviously to maintain and increase hostility between the U.S. and the Nasser regime. Israel blamed the Egyptian regime of masterminding the terrorist acts. However, the US government swallowed the mendacious Israeli claim, adopting a more hostile approach to Nasser.
On 8 June, 1967, an Israeli warplane attacked USS Liberty which was sailing in international waters north of the Egyptian town of Alarish. Thirty-four American navy officers, servicemen and civilians were killed, and 173 others were wounded, many quite badly.

Predictably, the Intelligence-gathering ship was badly damaged. Israel claimed the treacherous attack occurred by mistake. However, there was ample evidence that the Lyndon Johnson administration connived and colluded with Israel to cover up the crime in order to avoid the occurrence of a public backlash against Israel and Jews in the U.S.

Today, the Zionist-Jewish influence on the American government (e.g. the White House and Congress) is probably a hundred times stronger and more pervasive than it was when USS liberty was attacked more than 55 years ago .” In fact, we can quite safely assume that Israel today comes before America in America itself. Some ordinary people might be tempted to dismiss this view as an overstatement.

However, knowledgeable experts would readily agree that it is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. But who in Washington would dare utter this inconvenient truth and remain unscathed even for 10 minutes?

It is for this reason, that American officials from the lowest-ranking government clerk to the man in the White House routinely keep regurgitating rather tediously the sanctimonious and sacrosanct rituals of showing unconditional loyalty to Israel, using extremely obsequious language which they wouldn’t use even in stressing loyalty to America itself.

Thus, when Joe Biden visited the repulsive apartheid entity two weeks ago, dutifully reiterated America’s “unflinching, unwavering, unfaltering and iron-clad commitment to Israel,” describing relations with the Jewish state as “bone-deep”.

The umbilical relations between the U.S. and the racist entity that demolishes innocent people’s homes at midnight and murders school children as well as Journalists, and then lies about the murder, should be fully exposed to the capitals of the world. This is because a deep awareness of American criminal priorities would immensely serve the legitimate interests of states the US is trying to subjugate, humiliate and bring to their knees.

Russia’s unused Trump card

Russia could decisively outmanoeuvre the U.S. by threatening the insolence and arrogance of power of America’s sacred cow. I don’t know if I am disclosing an open secret or revealing something that major espionage agencies don’t know or know little about. They do know it even much better than a veteran Palestinian journalist living in a rural region of the Israeli-occupied West Bank.
None the less, I am completely convinced that Russia would be able to extricate serious concessions from Washington simply by hinting that it would boost and expedite nuclear cooperation with Iran. Such a feat would immediately generate massive panic reverberations all over Washington and probably in London and other Western capitals as well.
The direct and indirect ramifications and repercussions of an audacious Russian feat as such, especially if accompanied with a stern warning similar to the ultimatum given to Britain, France and Israel by the former Soviet Union during the tri-partite aggression on Egypt in 1956.

The ultimatum, issued on 5 November, 1956, by Soviet Marshal Nikolai Bulganin” notified the French, British and Israeli governments that the Soviet Union is prepared to employ all modern forms of destructive weaponry to halt Western military intervention in Egypt.” Needless to say, it was this Soviet ultimatum, a daring act by every conceivable standard, forced the three aggressors to halt their aggression, and convinced the US to force Israel to pull out its troops from the Sinai Peninsula.

I described the Israel factor as Russia’s trump card” in the current confrontation with Washington over Ukraine because the U.S. is likely to give any concession to keep Israeli interests unscathed. In the final analysis, Israel is a thousand times more important for the political clique ruling America.

Russia retains many important cards which Putin can play to minimize the harm incurred as a result of the massive and unprecedented western sanctions.

Indeed, in addition to using overwhelming conventional firepower against the Ukrainians, Russia could always “threaten to use” its massive nuclear arsenal to hasten the advent of doomsday for the entire world. True, there is a vast gap between threatening to use and actually using. But authoritarian rulers are usually more daring in dealing with a Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) situation that leaders answerable to their peoples.

Many political pundits believe that narrowing Russia’s horizons and pushing Putin to the corner could make him somewhat suicidal or at least make him contemplate taking some unthinkable and unusual feats. Putin is already in a state of deep disillusionment with the West. Hence, maximising pressure on him by the US is likely to seriously decrease his mental equanimity and maneuverability. That would make the Russian dictator a very dangerous man, indeed.

Russia is effectively using it energy weapon to subjugate America’s European allies who depend to a large extent on Russian gas supplies.

None the less an unmistakable Russian tacit or explicit threat to help Iran develop a nuclear deterrent would likely neutralize all American-Israeli magic.

I am not erudite in game theory and should never underestimate would-be US reactions. However, given Israel’s virtually complete control of the American government, It seems it would be very expedient for the Russian leadership to seriously consider this scenario. (END)

Khaled Amayreh
Khalid Amayreh (Arabic: خالد عمايرة‎‎, b. 1957 Hebron) is a Palestinian journalist based in Dura, near Hebron, West Bank. He is an award-winning reporter who has contributed hundreds of articles to the Al-Jazeera English website from the Occupied West Bank. His field includes, inter alia, strategic studies with emphasis on the Arab world, Iran after the Shah, the Arab-Israeli conflict, contemporary Islamic movements, religious Zionism, comparative religion. Shiite Islam and failure of democratization in the Arab world. He received most of his formal education in the US where he obtained two degrees in journalism, a BA from the University of Oklahoma and a Master's degree in the same field from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He has published numerous studies and articles on a variety of subjects in both English and Arabic. He has also written five books. The title of his MA thesis in the US was “the religious Press in America and the Palestinian question from 1967-1983. Amayreh has worked for the following media: Middle East International, London, al-Jazeera English, Ahram Weekly (Cairo), UAE TV, and several other Arabic publications. Amayreh's sole agenda is to spread and disseminate the truth about the enduring Palestinian/Israeli conflict which seems to defy all peace efforts. Honesty are rectitude are paramount for him. Per him, unfortunately, this conflict is unlikely to be resolved in the foreseeable future or even during our lifetime.

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