Israel and U.S. fanning flames of Fitna between Iran and Arabs

Many Arabs and Muslims around the world breathe a sigh of relief over the failure of Joe Biden’s visit to  Saudi Arabia to achieve some of its most insidious goals.

Biden sought to coax, or even bully, additional Arab states, especially Saudi Arabia, to take radical steps toward a cordial and more substantive normalization with the apartheid entity of Israel which continues to usurp al-Masjidul Aqsa and savage millions of Palestinians, simply because there are not Jews. Alhamdulillah, with the exception of the regrettable Saudi decision to open Saudi airspace for Israeli civil aviation, Biden failed to extricate from the Saudis further “gestures of goodwill” toward the evil Zionist entity.

Prior to the visit, Zionist officials and media were quite auspicious, even euphoric over the “Likelihood” that an Israeli ambassador would soon present his or her credentials to the Saudi monarch. Moreover, Israel seemed sure that the Saudis were going to bid a final “goodbye” to the Palestinians and their enduring just cause, leaving them at the mercy of Zionist savagery and terrorism.

Biden who didn’t utter a word about Palestine during the opening session of the Jeddah conference, must have been baffled watching Arab statesmen, one after the other,  reminding him that no real normalization with Israel would take place as long as the Palestinian issue remained unresolved.  Even closer American allies such as Sissi of Egypt, and Khalifa of Bahrain, in addition to the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia, (MBS),  told Biden rather elaborately that regional peace and stability, let alone economic integration, were inextricably entwined with reaching a satisfactory settlement of the Palestinian question. 

Voicing his satisfaction at the outcome of the Jeddah conference, PA President Mahmoud Abbas called the Saudi King to thank him for his country’s solidarity and support.

Sheikh Tamim

The emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim al-Thani, was even more audacious in resisting the American-Israeli plot of ignoring the decades-old Zionist occupation of Palestine. He said:  “We also have public opinion like Israel, and we cannot disregard our  people.”  Qatar has very close ties with the U.S. and hosts two American air-bases. However, the Emir,  whose mother is Palestinian, has been one of the most vocal supporters of the Palestinians in the Gulf region. Moreover, Qatar has also donated hundreds of millions of dollars to impoverished families in the Gaza Strip.

Incitement against Iran 

In addition to portraying  Iran as a pariah state, Biden sought to cajole Arab Gulf rulers into accepting the notion of establishing an anti-Iranian military alliance that would be effectively led and controlled by Israel, probably under a nominal American umbrella.  Biden apparently failed to achieve this sinister goal.

In presenting this insolent notion, Biden proceeded from the morbid Israeli conviction, that Iran, not the Zionist entity, was the ultimate enemy of the  Arabs.

So, Biden was effectively speaking on Israel’s behalf. Israel,  as experienced observers of the Middle East realize, has been relentlessly seeking to fan the flames of Fitna between  Arabian Muslims and Iranian Muslims, a terrible nightmare for Islam and all Muslims, but a sweet Zionist dream that would make the apartheid state go into a state of ecstasy for a hundred years to come.

A lesser calamity is preferred over greater calamity

To be sure, Iran’s behaviors, especially in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq, have been and continue to be repulsive, provocative and even criminal. What else can one say about helping and enabling a nefarious mass murderer to exterminate his own people, including men, women and children, using poisonous chemical agents and explosive barrels dropped on civilian neighbourhoods from high altitudes?  Would Imam Ali, Imam Hussein, or Imam Jaafar Sadeq have condoned this disgusting evil? I leave the answer to these questions for honest and  God-fearing Iranians, and I am sure they are many of them.

Keep away from Fitna

None the less, wise Muslims and wise people in general, don’t  contain a relatively minor Fitna by creating a greater Fitna that would spill so much blood and sow the seed of hatred and animosity between Sunni and Shiite Muslims for decades if not centuries.

  We Muslims have not fully recuperated from the Fitna of Yazid and Imam Hussein and the Fitna of Imam Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) and Muawiyya. Hence my question to those Arab rulers who still have an iota of sanity: Do we need another similar Fitna in our time to please the Zionist usurpers of Palestine? Do we need to create a gulf of blood and hatred, instead of a bridge of peace, good will and positive neighborly relations with 80 million Iranians?

Biden has returned to the White House, and the Zionist entity is busy hatching all sorts of plots and conspiracies to harm Muslims. But Iran is going nowhere. It won’t disappear tomorrow or after tomorrow or after a thousand years. So, should we allow ourselves to be duped, beguiled and bamboozled by our sly enemies to fall into the trap of sectarian war with a country that shares with us our faith in Allah, His glorious Messenger and the Holy Quran?.

Iran’s nuclear Program    

Instead of becoming de facto Israeli protectorates under the pretext of shielding themselves against a presumptive Iranian threat, the Arabian Gulf countries should work hard to transform  the alleged Iranian nuclear threat from a potential or hypothetical threat into a credible asset for the entire Muslim world. I know that many sceptics would probably scoff at this thought. However, since our most avowed enemy, namely Israel,  is so much anxious and worried about the prospects of losing its monopoly of nuclear weapons in the region, we must reconsider our phobia vis-à-vis Iran’s Nuclear deterrent.

Moreover, it is sad and lamentable indeed  that Arab countries such as Egypt with its 110 million people and Saudi Arabia with its hundreds of billions of dollars don’t seek to possess their own deterrent, apparently for fear of upsetting Washington. This is not Iran’s fault. It is our fault.  National cowardice and national dignity do not go hand in hand. When will the Arabs understand this most axiomatic fact? I am not a fan of Zulfiikar Ali Bhutto, the Pakistani Prime Minister from  1973-1977.  But , for the sake of honesty, We must give him credit for saying these iconic words: “We will eat grass, we will go hungry if necessary, but we will have  one ( a nuclear bomb) of our own, We have no choice.”

Khaled Amayreh
Khalid Amayreh (Arabic: خالد عمايرة‎‎, b. 1957 Hebron) is a Palestinian journalist based in Dura, near Hebron, West Bank. He is an award-winning reporter who has contributed hundreds of articles to the Al-Jazeera English website from the Occupied West Bank. His field includes, inter alia, strategic studies with emphasis on the Arab world, Iran after the Shah, the Arab-Israeli conflict, contemporary Islamic movements, religious Zionism, comparative religion. Shiite Islam and failure of democratization in the Arab world. He received most of his formal education in the US where he obtained two degrees in journalism, a BA from the University of Oklahoma and a Master's degree in the same field from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He has published numerous studies and articles on a variety of subjects in both English and Arabic. He has also written five books. The title of his MA thesis in the US was “the religious Press in America and the Palestinian question from 1967-1983. Amayreh has worked for the following media: Middle East International, London, al-Jazeera English, Ahram Weekly (Cairo), UAE TV, and several other Arabic publications. Amayreh's sole agenda is to spread and disseminate the truth about the enduring Palestinian/Israeli conflict which seems to defy all peace efforts. Honesty are rectitude are paramount for him. Per him, unfortunately, this conflict is unlikely to be resolved in the foreseeable future or even during our lifetime.

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