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How To Make Money Online: Asians, Indians, and Arabs!

Easy ways to earn money online!

Earning money online is one of the easiest methods to become financially independent in 2022!

It would have been amazing if you didn’t need money to live!

Yet, living in any part of the world, including Asia, requires more than just minimal money and you have to resort to other sources of income.

With the rising global inflation, it is becoming difficult to survive every day in Asia as well. Some people have lost their jobs, while others are unable to manage their meager salaries. If you are also looking to earn better, you’re at the right place.

We have made a list of easy ways to earn a decent living if you’re an Asian.

Cold Calling

Earning money online and cold calling may seem like ways apart, but with the increasing number of online jobs for cold callers, we might suggest otherwise.

Have you ever received a call from an insurance company offering the best packages? You might have shut it or agreed to visit the company for further details. This method of selling products or services through unsolicited calls is known as cold calling.

You might be thinking, “Does cold calling still work in 2022?” The answer may surprise you, but it’s yes!

82% of buyers say they have accepted sales meetings after a cold call from the business representative. Though the average success rate of cold-calling is 2%, you can make good money by following the right techniques.

Look for companies recruiting cold callers or look for freelance cold calling opportunities on platforms like Upwork.

Try Crypto

It is no secret that Asians utilize their intelligence to make good money. We are sure you must have heard how everyone is making thousands in profit through Crypto – you can do that too!

You can visit some signal and crypto news websites regularly to get yourself familiar with the world of crypto trading. Coinlore is one of the best options for getting started!

You can make money from cryptocurrency by investing, trading, staking and lending, mining, crypto social media, and airdrops and forks. Crypto is the fastest way of earning money online however it is also the fastest way to lose funds as well. Therefore, crypto trading requires understanding the details of the uncertainties and investing accordingly. You can predict the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies based on trends. Read further about Crypto to learn everything you must know.

Sell NFTs

Besides Crypto, NFTs are another popular way to earn a decent living online. NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens that allow you to trade or buy cryptographic assets online. NFTs are based on blockchain technology and possess unique identification codes. In simple words, it’s like buying graphic content online just like you would buy a painting or poster.

What do you need to sell NFTs? Creativity!

Yes, creativity is all you need to create NFTs and sell them. Some common NFT trading and selling platforms include OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, Rarible, SuperRare, etc.

Fun fact: The Merge is the most expensive NFT with a $91.8m price tag. 28,893 people bought 312,686 units of mass as single NFTs on Nifty Gateway.

Teach on Preply

Preply is an e-learning platform where students and teachers from all over the world interact. They offer lessons in many languages for numerous subjects. All you need to do is sign up at Preply and apply as a tutor. The best part about Preply is that you can teach while working other jobs. It allows you to choose your teaching hours and hourly rate without any minimum time commitment. You can charge as much as your students are willing to pay. It also lets you change your hourly rate as you grow professionally.

Pro tip: You can make good money on Preply by teaching your local language. Many people pay more to learn a language through one-on-one sessions instead of apps.

Offer Career Advice

Have you been in the software sector but lost your job recently? Utilize your career and job expertise to earn money online.

Various startups offer career counseling services, and they are always looking for experienced professionals. You may also create a blog and collaborate with schools and colleges for a kick-start. Your unparalleled knowledge about the subject will bring you into the public eye in no time.

Amazon Dropshipping: Online Business + Extra Income

If you wonder how your friend buys the latest smartphone every time – we know their secret.

Amazon dropshipping is one of the most profitable non-corporate ways to earn a decent living if you are an Asian. Many Asians make hundreds of dollars and earn stable money online through dropshipping products on Amazon. It helps you do business online without keeping an inventory. Amazon dropshipping refers to earning money by taking orders from customers through Amazon and sending them directly through the manufacturer or vendor. Besides standard products, you can also opt for print-on-demand dropshipping. Place your customer’s personalized order to the vendor who delivers the product to the buyer.

Remote Data Entry Jobs

Amazon dropshipping might seem technical when you are new to it. But, don’t worry. Here’s a non-technical income-generating idea.

Data entry is an easy, less technical task that pays well. It typically involves uploading provided data on excel sheets or other databases for a company. Most of these jobs are remote, freelance, and contract-based. Many companies do this on a massive scale, and you can have a continuous earning stream with a few hours of work. Data entry jobs do not require specific qualifications. Though, most recruiters prefer freelancers with 50 to 70 words per minute typing speed. Try your luck on freelancing platforms or international recruitment companies like Robert Half International and Randstad.

Review Products for Extra Money Online

In case you have not heard about getting paid online to review products, you are up for a pleasant surprise!

Product reviews are a great way to earn extra money online and it costs you nothing!

Besides teaching on Preply, selling NFTs, or investing in crypto, reviewing products should also be on your list as a method of making money online. Many businesses pay people to review their products before launching them to the masses. The products vary from food, electronics, clothes, and beauty products to websites, applications, and much more. You can choose to test and review online services or look for a company near you that needs paid reviewers.

The businesses either pay in cash or compensate for your time through gift cards or free products. You may sometimes get paid and keep the product as well. Win-win situation!

Earning money online: In a Nutshell

You can easily earn a decent living without professional qualifications if you realize your skills and abilities. Many jobs like data entry, NFT, and Crypto do not require prior skills. You can learn through online sources and start making money swiftly. Teaching through Preply is also an excellent way to make good money while staying home. Try Amazon dropshipping, review products, offer career advice, or look for freelance cold calling jobs. We are sure you will be making a steady income in no time.

Here’s a badass quote for you that pushes us through all uncertainties:

Screw it; let’s do it!

– Richard Branson

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