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Does amber heard allegations hurt women worldwide?

Finally, the verdict of amber heard and Johnny deb’s famous case was out, and lots of opinions were out as well.

The opinions were contradicted as some said that the case was a huge setback to Feminism and the cause all around the world and others stood hard beside heard even after the strong evidence that was pinned against her.

We believe all women, except “Amber Heard”?

“We believe all women” is a term feminists all around the world use and it’s true, but in feminism there is no such thing as standing in solidarity with a woman even if she was an abuser whether it was mentally, verbally, or physically.

amber heard sobbing in court due to allegatios against her
amber heard in court

Feminism’s cause is to stand with not only women but men as well, it is a high cause and amber heard used the uprising to her agenda knowing that she will grab all the attention of not only women but men around the world even if all the evidence were against her, and that caused deb losing a lot as he quote and said “I lost everything”, he not only lost deals like Disney and big movies, he lost as well his reputation and for deb that was the most important thing and amber used the feminist uprising to end him.

Is this case a setback for women?

For sure this is a big setback for women all around the world, especially those who are fighting against their abusers and trying to get justice for themselves, some women don’t have the luxury to use their famous names to push their cause and their issue to the public and that amber didn’t think of she just used her name and title for herself crushing women’s dreams of having justice for themselves.

On another note, social media opinions were viral as some of them went hard for sticking up to heard saying that the system will always be unfair to women, and others were bluntly against heard and went off by saying “we do believe survivors and women but not amber heard”.

feminists standing with jhonny deb
feminists staying in solidity with Johnny deb

Why feminists are supporting jhonny deb and not Amber Heard?

The one million questions, why feminists are supporting deb, since the beginning of the trial and even before when the breakup was announced feminists took heard’s side until the bombshells in the trial such as her cheating.

The lies of giving away her divorce settlement money and her calling Johnny an old fat man and the icing on the cake was deb’s ex Kate moss when she testified and said deb never hurt her denying all allegations heard said.

A lot of feminists started to take deb’s side, especially since it was loud and clear that he was the one being verbally abused and could have been physically abused as well, its important to mention that heard changed her story multiple times and lied about Kate’s moss incident after she said that deb didn’t abuse her and was a total gentleman to her.

Feminists all around the world weighed in on the issue, some said that” to begin with why people are dragging the feminism cause into the deb-heard issue”, claiming that it is a matter of right and wrong and feminism has nothing to do about it and others stood hard with heard especially that she is a famous person and her trial could help the feminism cause.

Heard mocked of ‘abuse”!

Amber mocked Johnny being abused in a recording that was provided to the court, and said “tell the world Johnny tell them I’m a victim too of domestic violence”, and went off by saying we will see who will believe or side with you, it is highly unbelievable that an abused person can mock of someone else being abused, that was a large red flag that no one wants to admit.

Still to this day, all societies expect men to be macho and stand up for themselves, hearing that a man is being abused is out of this world and will be answered by a mock even from a lot of feminists.

it’s not only the case of deb and heard but men all around the world who are being abused are either scared to come out as victims because that will hurt their macho or being scared that no one will believe them and this set back gives comfort for women abusers such as heard who had tons of claims against her but still had sympathy because she is a woman.

Amber heard issued a final statement weighing in on the verdict and the strange thing was locking the comments section, and she went off by saying “ it is a setback for women” and “I thought as an American I had rights” and that even opened commentaries as if only American women have rights and they have benefited more than women around the world and that statement even made women turn against heard after making them feel that they are not worthy enough to claim for their rights.

Rachelle Kayrouz
Lebanese writer, interested and focused on Palestine-Syrian affairs and feminism. I wrote in big Lebanese newspapers and websites, I speak English, Arabic, and French fluently