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The most brutal massacres of the “Zionist gangs” in Palestine in 1948



Palestinians leaving their home after massacres of the Zionist gangs in Palestine in 1948

 During the events of the Palestinian Nakba in 1948, the armed Zionist gangs committed tens of massacres that killed thousands of unarmed Palestinian civilians in various villages and cities in Palestine, Despite the relentless Israeli attempts to conceal and obliterate the realities of these massacres, historical evidence such as “mass graves” and testimonies of Israeli soldiers who participated in the commission of these crimes remained irrefutable evidence of their occurrence.

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 According to a report by the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz in 2019, teams from the Israeli Defense Ministry removed, since the beginning of the last decade, groups of historical documents to hide evidence of the Nakba and the atrocities that accompanied it, as well as trying to hide testimony from generals about killing civilians and demolishing villages, or expelling Bedouins during the first decade from the establishment of the state.

Mass graves are being found

 In 2013, the Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage discovered 6 mass graves containing hundreds of remains and skeletons of martyrs and civilians killed between the years 1936 and 1948 in Palestine;  And that was during the restoration work that the Foundation was carrying out in a cemetery in Jaffa (North).

 On January 21, Haaretz revealed the last of his evidence, which was a mass grave of Palestinians killed during the 1948 war on the beach of Caesarea (north).

 The newspaper pointed out that “mass killings of Arabs occurred after the surrender of the village of al-Tantora” in 1948.

 According to the newspaper, about 200 Palestinians were buried, after their execution, in a mass grave that is currently located under the Dor Beach parking lot.

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 Palestinians say that armed Jewish groups carried out many massacres in Palestinian villages during the 1948 war to force their residents to leave.

 According to the Al-Zaytouna Center for Studies and Consultations (based in Beirut), the number of massacres committed by Zionist gangs between 1937 and 1948 exceeded 75, killing more than 5,000 Palestinian martyrs, in addition to wounding thousands.

In one of its 2009 editions, the Center said that the peak of those massacres was during the period between 1947 – 1948, the period known as the Nakba.

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 The Palestinians call the term “the Nakba” the process of their displacement from their lands by “armed Zionist gangs” in 1948, the same year in which the establishment of the State of Israel was declared on the majority of the lands of Palestine.

The most prominent Israeli massacres against the unarmed Palestinians, during the Nakba.

  •  The Semiramis Hotel massacre in Jerusalem on January 5: a Zionist gang demolished the hotel, killing at least 20 Palestinians, and wounding 20 others.
  • The Jaffa Gate massacre in Jerusalem on January 7: A Zionist gang threw a bomb at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, killing 18 Arabs and wounding 41 others.
  •  The “Arab Brigades” massacre in Jaffa on January 8: Zionist gangs detonated a car bomb near a building called the Arab Brigades (which housed the headquarters of the Arab National Committee) in central Jaffa, killing 70 Arabs.
  • The massacre of the second Arab Brigades on January 14: when a Zionist gang detonated a car bomb next to the old palace, killing 30 Westerners.
  •  The Maghribi Building Massacre in Haifa on January 16: A time bomb was detonated near a building called “Al Maghribi,” killing 31 Arabs and wounding more than 60 others.
  •  The massacre of Yazour village, Jaffa district, January 22: A Zionist gang attacked Yazour village at the entrance to Jaffa city, at night, and blew up some buildings, killing about 15 Arabs while they were sleeping.
  • The Abbas Street Massacre in Haifa on January 28: A Zionist gang rolled a barrel filled with explosives into Abbas al-Arabi Street, which led to the demolition of some homes, killing 20 Arabs and wounding 50.
  •  The massacre of the village Haifa district in Palestine, on February 14: A Zionist gang attacked the village, destroying about 20 houses above the heads of its residents, killing 60 civilians;  Most of them are women and children.
  • The “Al-salam Building” massacre in Jerusalem on February 20: A Zionist gang blew up a vehicle filled with explosives, which it had placed in front of the Peace Building in Jerusalem, killing 14 Arabs and wounding 26 others in Palestine.
  •  The Deir Yassin massacre on April 9: Zionist gangs launched an attack on Deir Yassin village, west of Jerusalem, during which houses were blown up on the heads of its residents, and civilians fleeing the massacre were directly targeted.  According to Arab and international sources, the number of people killed in the massacre reached 254, including 25 pregnant women whose stomachs were cut alive with spears.
  • The Al-Dawaima massacre on October 29: resulted in the killing of 500 citizens, most notably the mosque incident called “Al-Zawiya”, where the Israeli soldiers killed about 50 old men who were inside the mosque. It is also mentioned that children were killed during the massacre by smashing their skulls with sticks






The US and Israel: The dog versus the wagging tail



The US and Israel: The dog versus the wagging tail

The US and Israel: The dog versus the wagging tail. By: Khalid Amayreh.

It is an open secret that the United States has been the only country in the world that can prevent Israel from carrying out a holocaust against the Palestinians. Otherwise, the Zionist entity has absolutely no qualms against a full or partial extermination of the Palestinian people. Indeed, the very concept of “Ashmada” (annihilation or extermination) is well-established in the Talmudic literature.

Openly-Nazi Rabbis at the helm of  power in Israel

Several years ago, a Rabbi by the name of  Dov Lior, who holds a Judeo-Nazi ideology advocating the extermination of Palestinian civilians, co-authored a hair-raising book titled “Torat ha’Melekh” (the “Torah of the King”). In the book, he pointed out that there was no such a thing as “enemy civilians” during time of conflict.

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 “The law of our Torah is to have mercy on our soldiers and to save them.

This is the real moral behind Israel’s Torah and we must not feel guilty due to foreign morals,” he was quoted as saying by the Hebrew newspaper Ma’ariv in 2004.

“A thousand non-Jewish lives are not worth a Jew’s fingernail.”

Lior is not a marginal figure in the Zionist religious establishment.

According to the late rabbi Menachem Froman, Lior “is considered among the most learned sages of the Torah in Israel..”

Another Rabbi, David Batzri, told followers that “it is impossible to mix the pure with the impure. They (the Arabs) are a blight, a devil, a disaster.  The  Arabs are donkeys, and we have to ask ourselves why God didn’t create them to walk on all four. Well, the answer is that they are needed to build and clean. They don’t have any place in our schools.”

In May 2007,  Mordechai  Elyahu, a former Chief Rabbi of  Israel, issued an edict that would permit the Israeli army to murder hundreds of thousands of Palestinians .

“If they don’t stop after we kill 100, then we must kill a thousand. And if they don’t stop after 1,000, then we must kill 10,000.  If they still don’t stop we must kill 100,000. Even a million. Whatever it takes to make them stop.”

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Interestingly, these and like-minded rabbis are the actual rulers in Israel today, especially following the formation of the latest government, headed by Benyamin Netanyahu.

How the US sought to restrain Israeli bellicosity

Successive U.S. administrations have always sought to restrain Israel’s genocidal propensity, hoping that the Zionist state would not embark on wholesale genocidal massacres of Palestinians.

Normally, the US would give Israel state-of-the-art of the American technology of death. For example, Israel usually receives some of the latest and most lethal war systems before NATO  members and in some cases before the US armed forces themselves. Thanks to this policy, the Israeli air-force is now only second to the US air-force.

Thus, the Israeli air-force can easily defeat the Royal British air-force, the French air-force, the Russian air-force, and the Chinese air-force.

The US consistently calculated that by aggrandizing the Israeli army, especially its air-force, the Jewish state would adopt relatively moderate policies in the region and be more willing to reach peace agreements with the Palestinians.

However, to the chagrin of the Americans, the political-military establishment in Israel, emboldened by its military might, became ever more extremist, recalcitrant and inflexible as far as the prospects of peace were concerned. Not only that, the Israeli leadership became more disobedient and even more contemptuous of the American government.

Some Israeli political and religious leaders even gasconaded about the tight Jewish domination of the American government, Congress and the two main political parties.

There have been two main consequences of this de facto Israeli defiance of its former master and guardian-ally.

First, the US. Leverage on Israel has never been as low and ineffective as it is today. This is despite America’s unfaltering strategic commitment to Israel’s security and military superiority (qualitative edge) overall Arab-Muslim nations combined). 

In fact, one wouldn’t exaggerate much by arguing that within the frame of the American-Israeli alliance, Israel, not the U.S., now constitutes the centre of gravity.

This observation is vindicated by recent developments following the formation of the most openly-fascist government in Israel’s history, which has effectively scrapped all alleged shared values between the two countries. Thus statements by American officials voicing a modicum of US reservation over the new fascist dawn in Israel have been quite restrained, parsimonious, reluctant, and somewhat bashful.

Second,  Israeli officials, including Benyamin Netanyahu, and broader Likud circles have been quite defiant and contemptuous of American officials, such as President Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who reiterated U.S commitment to the two-state solution strategy.

Netanyahu retorted to Biden, saying “Israel doesn’t occupy foreign land.” A pro-Netanyahu writer advised the Americans “to take care of their crumbling democracy before lecturing Israel on occupied territories. More contemptuous is likely to be used by people like Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich in reference to the Americans.

Who is the dog and who is the wagging tail?

 The dog versus the wagging tail analogy is used to describe a situation in which a powerful entity like the US is being controlled by someone that is much less important or powerful like Israel. Today, the tail is entrenched in the driver’s seat like never before. The Wagging tail is the State of Israel, and the dog is, or should be, the United States of America. Small, isolated, dependent Israel no more dictates to the imperialist U.S. giant than a tail wags a dog. 

In the past, Israel bullied the governments of the US to abandon erstwhile US policy vis-à-vis Jewish settlements in the West Bank. In the 1970s, for example, the US viewed the settlements as illegal and contravening the rule of international law. Eventually, however, the US came to view these criminal facts as mere “controversial” and incompatible with the aspiration for peace.”  

Now, with the likes of Ben Gvir and Smotrich at the helm of power in Israel, it is more likely that the fascist clique in the Jewish state will eventually pull  American leaders off to the Judeo-Nazi home-turf, not the other way around.

American leaders, whether Trump or Biden,  simply lack the moral immunity to tell Netanyahu, who is merely Ben-Gvir’s and Smotrich’s public relations officer, “enough is enough”! These two words would be sufficient to put an end to the political career of any American president. (end)





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Turkey-Israel Relations: Erdogan is Using the Palestinian Cause for Electoral Gains



Turkey-Israel relations

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently claimed that Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo was subjected to a “political ban” at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 for his purported support for the Palestinian cause. “They have wasted Ronaldo. Unfortunately, they have imposed a political ban on him,” Erdogan was reported to have said on Sunday while speaking at a youth event in Turkey. The president added, “Ronaldo is someone who stands for the Palestinian cause.” 

It is not clear what was the basis of Erdogan’s claim. Ronaldo has never publicly issued a statement in favour of Palestinians. However, there are several doctored videos which are viral on social media in which Ronaldo is seen supporting the Palestinian cause by expressing solidarity with Palestinians or avoiding handshaking with Israeli officials.

Since the elections in Turkey will be held this year in June, this was yet another attempt by Erdogan to appropriate the Palestinian cause for his electoral gains. 

Erdogan’s Desperate Attempt to Restore Relations with Israel 

It is pertinent to mention that Erdogan recently lobbied desperately with Israeli president Isaac Herzog to restore diplomatic relations between the two countries. The diplomatic relations between the two countries were recently normalized in November last year with Turkey appointing an ambassador to Israel after a gap of four years. 

A week before Erdogan appointed his ambassador to Israel, he had sent a congratulatory letter to Netanyahu for winning the Israeli elections. “I congratulate you on your victory in the elections and believe that the new government will continue the cooperation between the countries in all fields in a way that will bring peace and stability to our region,” he wrote. 

Erdogan’s desperation to restore relations with Israel came because of the economic woes and the isolation it had felt in the region. It is also a calculated move as Turkey’s relations with the US have deteriorated. Erdogan seems to be banking on the strong Jewish lobby in the US to lobby for Turkey. Even though Turkey is a NATO member, the US recently imposed CAATSA sanctions on Turkey over the purchase of the Russian S-400 missile system. There is also a history of Jews lobbying for Turkey in the US.

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A Deep Freeze in Turkey-Israeli Relations

Turkey-Israel relations went into a deep freeze in 2010 when Israeli commandos stormed and killed 10 Turkish citizens on board the Mavi Marmara, a ship that was part of an aid flotilla trying to breach the blockade of Gaza. Israel later apologized and provided compensation to the families of those killed. Subsequently, the two countries normalized the bilateral relations in 2016. However, when the US recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in 2018, the relations between the two countries again deteriorated after Israeli forces killed 60 Palestinian protestors in Gaza. Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador from Ankara and withdrew its ambassador from Tel Aviv.

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Turkey-Israel Relations Based on Realpolitik

Turkey was the first Muslim-majority country to recognize the existence of the state of Israel. The country formally recognized Israel barely nine months after it came into existence in March 1949. Turkey was also the first country in the Middle East and Asia to recognize Israel. The relationship between the two countries was based on mutual interests and common strategic goals. The circumstances in which Israel came into existence and its quest for legitimacy made it important for Israel to have relations with Turkey.

Therefore, Israel viewed the non-Arab Muslim majority Turkey in the vicinity, as a key to breaking its isolation. For Turkey’s rulers also, relations with Israel were based on realpolitik. At that time, the relations with Israel were the bellwether of its commitment to Western orientation. Hence, the reasons for the establishment of relations with Israel included help in Turkey’s relations with the West and access to American credit mechanisms.

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Bilateral Trade Between the Two Countries

Despite all these confrontations, Israel holds an important position in Turkey’s politics and economy. The two countries have decoupled the bilateral trade from politics.

Turkey-Israel Bilateral Trade

As is evident from the chart on bilateral trade, the political issues between the two countries did not affect the trade. Politically, Turkey’s relations with Israel are based on political expediency. When Turkey feels it has something to gain from its friendship with Israel, it normalizes ties and when it thinks it can profit from snapping ties with Israel, it downgrades relations with Israel.

There is an inherent tension that has always defined Turkish-Israeli relations. On the one hand, Turkey used Israel’s leverage in corridors of power, particularly in the United States, to accrue benefits for state interests, strategic priorities and security. On the other hand, the Turkish public has always been sympathetic to the cause of Palestine. Therefore, due to domestic pressure, the politicians in Ankara cannot ignore the Palestinian issue completely.

Right now, as Erdogan reaches out to Israel for mending relations, the leaders in Israel are wary that Erdogan wants to leverage the normalized relations to improve the economy of the country as well as his image. After achieving these goals, Erdogan may do with the relations whatever he wishes depending on the kind of issues he would be facing. In the case of domestic politics, normal ties with Israel will not be helpful but in the case of international issues, friendship with Israel can always pay off. Hence, when it comes to elections Erdogan is right now using the Palestinian cause for his electoral gains while at the same time, he is improving ties with Israel to promote Turkey’s interests.

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Palestinian Cause and Elections in Muslim Majority Countries

Like Turkey, the Palestinian cause is an issue that is a major electoral issue in most of the Muslim-majority countries around the world. However, it is a shame that political leaders like Erdogan appropriate a just cause for their electoral gains but forget it once the elections are complete. Muslim populations around the world must ensure that their leaders are not only using the Palestinian cause for electoral gains but are also taking credible action towards supporting the Palestinian population in their just cause.





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Crimes Against Humanity

Israel’s intense Practices to Uproot the Palestinians in Jerusalem



Israeli forces demolish a Palestinian house in Jerusalem

Palestinians experienced the bloodiest and most brutal year of all time in 2022. They witnessed an unprecedented increase in the number of settlers, settlement expansion, martyrs, and confiscation of lands, especially in Jerusalem. The occupation’s relentless endeavours aim at uprooting the Palestinians in Jerusalem by controlling more Palestinian lands. They try to impose facts on the ground by building and expanding settlements and legitimizing building settlements, especially in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is like no other city in Palestine. Israel’s ideology puts more greed in Jerusalem than any other city in Palestine. The focus on Jerusalem pictures a conflict between two histories, two geographies and two very different identities. It includes the Palestinian Arab native and the trespassing zionist. Accordingly, Israel’s ideology directs at eliminating the cultural landmarks of the capital or the Holy City. In addition, it aims to fake history aimed at reshaping the city with its exclusive Jewish output. They make it after erasing the Arab historical identity and its expression of Christian and Islamic diversity. Consequently, taking into consideration all intense practices to uproot the Palestinians in Jerusalem. 

Geographical and Demographical Judaization

Israel’s Jewdization ideology plan started its first steps in Jerusalem by initially cutting off Jerusalem from its perimeter. Their point was isolating Arab Jerusalemites from their civil, national and administrative institutions and from any activity that would maintain their interdependence. Their first planned step was initiating a vast campaign to isolate Jerusalem from its Palestinian surroundings, politically, geographically, economically, socially and demographically. They also erected the apartheid wall around the Holy City as well as settlement belts around it entirely. Israel also constructed and strengthened settlements in the heart of Arab neighbourhoods and the Old Town in  Jerusalem.
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Land Confiscation

Moreover, Since Israel’s occupation of Jerusalem in 1967, Israel has begun confiscating lands inside Jerusalem, and other Palestinian cities until it expanded to the ghetto of the Old Town which Arabs inhabited and had no trace of Jews. Land confiscation expanded until it reached the Mughrabi neighbourhood, Beit Safafa village, Beit Jala, al-Nabi Ya ‘qub, and Sheikh Jarrah area lands. Land confiscation has been happening and still happening until this day under Israel’s false pretexts. Israel has also promulgated legislation and laws prohibiting construction in large areas covering various areas of the city. In addition, they have announced other areas as “green areas” for no building. 

To this day, The Israeli occupation exploits the classification of Palestinian lands according to the Oslo Accord (a, b and c) to tighten control over Palestinians, especially in areas classified as (c) under its full control over security, planning and construction. Israel’s occupation directly exploits 76% of the total area classified as (c); 63% of which regional colonial councils control. Equally important, the areas confiscated for military bases and military training sites represent about 18% of the West Bank area, as well as the apartheid wall and expansion that isolated more than 10% of the West Bank area. 

Shamelessly, Israel’s military forces forcibly expel Palestinian citizens from their homes, inhabit them by Jewish settlers arriving from abroad, and transfer Palestinian properties to the settlers. For example, Sheikh Jarrah’s neighbourhood has been suffering from this issue. In 2008, the occupation authorities forcibly expelled the first Palestinian families from the neighbourhood and were repatriated by Jews. They expelled the Al-Ghawi family by force of arms from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood. To date, 28 Palestinian homes remain threatened with expulsion and transfer of their homes to settlers. 

Al Ghawi family's house after expelling them and moving its property to Israeli settlers
Al Ghawi family’s house after expelling them and moving its property to Israeli settlers

Demolishing “Unauthorized Construction”

In order to build homes in East Jerusalem and Area C, Palestinians must apply for a permit from the Israeli authorities, who control these areas. The vast majority of demolition orders are issued because a home or structure has been built without an Israeli permit. Every year Israel demolishes hundreds of Palestinian homes under the pretext of what Zionists call illegal construction in East Jerusalem (unauthorized construction).

Zionist authorities impose doubled penalties on Jerusalemites such as high financial fines reaching tens of thousands of shekels, actual imprisonment, and instructions requiring Jerusalemites to prove ownership of their land by highlighting the land registry. They would also oblige Palestinians to obtain the consent of their neighbours including the Mukhtar of the village or the village chief. Generally, demolition orders are based on false pretexts that Israel considers demolishing their homes itself or even making the situation harder by issuing self-demolition for the Palestinians.

Israel demolishes Palestinian houses for false pretexts

Residence, Mariage, and family reunion

In order to maintain its grip over Jerusalem, Israel took racist Judaizing uprooting practices for the Palestinians in Jerusalem. They included the withdrawal of Jerusalemites’ identities, based on a series of racist regulations, laws and judgments. This policy abolished the residence right of Palestinians living in Jerusalem, on the outskirts of Jerusalem, and outside Palestine. In that case, when the families of the banned Palestinians from entering Jerusalem apply for permission to visit them, they grant them an exit permit without returning, nonetheless.

Israel has also applied a compulsory approach to students studying outside Jerusalem. It requires them to renew their identity cards in a manner that disrupts their studying. The right of residence is revoked for those who spend seven years outside Jerusalem for the sake of education. Israel can, under its laws, easily deprive any Palestinian of residence in the city. Internal staff shall apply these instructions automatically without referring to any other reference.

Apart from this, Israel prohibits Palestinians from marrying or reuniting with their spouses from the West Bank and Gaza. As racial discrimination reflects the demographic conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Consequently, all these tyrannical practices serve the interest of Israel to forcibly uproot the Palestinians in Jerusalem.
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General view

Psychological warfare is Israel’s best-known ideology for uprooting Palestinians to clamp down on Palestinians compelling them to leave their lands.  Palestinians will never forget Israel’s true face. They will never forget the execution of the veteran journalist Shirin Abu Akleh. They will never forget the illegal assassinations, willful injuries, arbitrary arrests, torture and other ill-treatment, persecutions and collective punishments against Palestinians, including many children. violence has always been a key feature of Israel. Palestinians will never forget. And they will never forgive.





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