Palestine Refugees

The Nakba… the resistance continues

The “Nakba” is a term given by the Palestinians to the day on which the establishment of Israel was declared on most of their lands on May 15, 1948.

Over the years, preceding the “Nakba”, the Palestinians were subjected to persecution, torture, displacement, the looting of their lands, and Jewish immigration to their land, with the planning of the global Zionist movement, and with the help of Britain, which was seeking to establish a Jewish state on the land of Palestine.

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The Big Planning

The events of the Palestinian Nakba were brought about by the World Zionist Organization and Britain, which adopted the organization’s project based on cancelling the rights of Palestinian Arabs in Palestine and replacing them with Jewish nationalism.

The establishment of the organization and the holding of its first conference was the beginning of the political “Zionist” work organizing the establishment of the Jewish state on the land of Palestine.

Britain’s interest was preceded by the Jews themselves, in protecting them, as London opened a consulate in Jerusalem in 1838, and the first letter from the British Foreign Office to the Deputy Consul, in which it requested “to protect the Jews even if they are not British”.

Jewish immigration to Palestine took on a more organized and intense character in 1882, following the escalation of the Jewish problem in Russia.

At that time, the Ottoman authorities that were ruling Palestine tried to prevent the Jewish settlement of Palestine. In 1887, they separated Jerusalem from the mandate of Syria, and placed it directly under the supervision of the central government, to give greater care and attention to this region.

“The Nakba” 1948

In 1948, the Jews established 292 colonies on the land of Palestine, and they formed military forces from the Hagenah, Irgun, and Stern organizations, numbering more than 70,000 fighters and preparing to declare their state.

On the evening of May 14, 1948, Israel announced the establishment of its state on the land of Palestine, and was able to defeat the Arab armies, and seized about 77% of Palestine, or about 20 thousand square kilometers and 770 thousand, of its total area of 27 thousand square kilometers.

Israel forcibly expelled 800,00 Palestinians, out of the 925 thousand Palestinians who lived in the area which it announced the establishment of its state.

Until 1948, the number of Palestinians in the entire land of Palestine reached one million and 400 thousand people.

At that time, the Zionists destroyed 478 Palestinian villages, out of 585 villages that existed in the occupied area, and committed 34 “massacres”, and 5876 kilometers, represented by the West Bank, were annexed to the Jordanian administration, while the Gaza Strip, which has an area of 363 square kilometers, it was included in the Egyptian administration.

Massive arrests since the Nakba

The Palestinian Prisoners Club confirmed that more than a million Palestinians have faced arrests since the years of the Israeli occupation until now, and these systematic operations constituted the most prominent policies it has followed against the Palestinians and Arabs since its occupation of Palestine.

The Prisoner Club indicated, in a press statement, on the 74th anniversary of the Nakba, that the announcement of this number comes “despite the complex and difficult monitoring and documentation attempts during the Nakba, including the arrests carried out by Zionist gangs at the time, as part of an ethnic cleansing process, forced displacement and theft.” for the Palestinian land.

He explained that despite the absence of accurate data on the number of detainees and prisoners at the time, there is an estimate that more than a million Palestinians have faced arrest since the years of occupation.

The Palestinian struggle continues

From the Nakba until this day, Israel has been able to kill, displace, demolish, and usurp Palestinian lands, but this has not diminished the determination of the Palestinians.

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From the first intifada to the battle of Sayf Al Quds and the daily individual operations, the Palestinian people are still resisting, and the right of return is still a forthcoming project.

The Palestinians confirm today, from the martyr Muhammad al-Durra to the martyr Shireen Abu Aqleh, that Palestinian blood will not be in vain.

Every drop of blood that falls on the Palestinian lands is a precursor to the upcoming liberation.

Rachelle Kayrouz
Lebanese writer, interested and focused on Palestine-Syrian affairs and feminism. I wrote in big Lebanese newspapers and websites, I speak English, Arabic, and French fluently