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Israeli Forces Assault Participants in the Funeral of Shireen Abu Aqleh.

Israeli forces attacked today, Friday the participants in the funeral of murdered Shireen Abu Aqleh, while trying to take her body out of the French Hospital in the occupied Jerusalem.

Sources affirmed that the mourners had to re-introduce Abu Aqleh’s corpse at the hospital after the Israeli forces attacked the funeral and the mourners, fired bombs and wastewater toward the participants, and assaulted them with batons, which led to tens of injuries.

The mourners insisted that the body of the martyr Abu Aqleh be carried out of the hospital, on their shoulders, to walk in the streets of Jerusalem.

Israeli forces pushed reinforcements and cavalry teams to the French hospital, closed the roads leading, to where the body of Abu Aqila lay, confiscated the Palestinian flags raised by the participants in the funeral, and closed the hospital doors to prevent them from leaving the hospital, and joining the funeral.

According to The Red Crescent: Tens of Palestinians were reported injured due to the Israeli attacks against mourners at Shireen Abu Akeleh’s funeral.

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