Bader Al-Hajri playing chess

Kuwaiti Player Withdraws from International Tournament, Refusing to Face Israeli player in Spain

The Kuwaiti player Bader Al-Hajri withdrew yesterday from the competitions of the Sunway International Chess Championship which held in Spain; Refusing to face an Israeli player.

Al-Hajri is one of chess champions in. Kuwait, he has participated in several local and international tournaments; Where he won first place in San Sebastian championship in Spain in 2015, despite the participation of veteran players from different countries.

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Prior Al-Hajri’s withdrawal, Kuwaiti player Muhammad Al-Fadhli refused to face an Israeli player in the group stage of the World Fencing Championships last April, which was held in the United Arab Emirates.

Kuwaiti players’ participation in international tournaments is witnessing withdrawals in front of Israeli players, “in solidarity with the Palestinian cause and the rights of its people, and a rejection of normalization,” according to observers.

According to Kuwaiti law, “Israel is a hostile, and persons are prohibited from entering into agreements or deals with persons residing in it, or belonging to it by their nationality.