Palestinians leaving their home after massacres of the Zionist gangs in Palestine in 1948
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The most brutal massacres of the “Zionist gangs” in Palestine in 1948

 During the events of the Palestinian Nakba in 1948, the armed Zionist gangs committed tens of massacres that killed thousands of unarmed Palestinian civilians in various villages and cities in Palestine, Despite the relentless Israeli attempts to conceal and obliterate the realities of these massacres, historical evidence such as “mass graves” and testimonies of Israeli soldiers who participated in the commission of these crimes remained irrefutable evidence of their occurrence.

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 According to a report by the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz in 2019, teams from the Israeli Defense Ministry removed, since the beginning of the last decade, groups of historical documents to hide evidence of the Nakba and the atrocities that accompanied it, as well as trying to hide testimony from generals about killing civilians and demolishing villages, or expelling Bedouins during the first decade from the establishment of the state.

Mass graves are being found

 In 2013, the Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage discovered 6 mass graves containing hundreds of remains and skeletons of martyrs and civilians killed between the years 1936 and 1948 in Palestine;  And that was during the restoration work that the Foundation was carrying out in a cemetery in Jaffa (North).

 On January 21, Haaretz revealed the last of his evidence, which was a mass grave of Palestinians killed during the 1948 war on the beach of Caesarea (north).

 The newspaper pointed out that “mass killings of Arabs occurred after the surrender of the village of al-Tantora” in 1948.

 According to the newspaper, about 200 Palestinians were buried, after their execution, in a mass grave that is currently located under the Dor Beach parking lot.

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 Palestinians say that armed Jewish groups carried out many massacres in Palestinian villages during the 1948 war to force their residents to leave.

 According to the Al-Zaytouna Center for Studies and Consultations (based in Beirut), the number of massacres committed by Zionist gangs between 1937 and 1948 exceeded 75, killing more than 5,000 Palestinian martyrs, in addition to wounding thousands.

In one of its 2009 editions, the Center said that the peak of those massacres was during the period between 1947 – 1948, the period known as the Nakba.

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 The Palestinians call the term “the Nakba” the process of their displacement from their lands by “armed Zionist gangs” in 1948, the same year in which the establishment of the State of Israel was declared on the majority of the lands of Palestine.

The most prominent Israeli massacres against the unarmed Palestinians, during the Nakba.

  •  The Semiramis Hotel massacre in Jerusalem on January 5: a Zionist gang demolished the hotel, killing at least 20 Palestinians, and wounding 20 others.
  • The Jaffa Gate massacre in Jerusalem on January 7: A Zionist gang threw a bomb at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, killing 18 Arabs and wounding 41 others.
  •  The “Arab Brigades” massacre in Jaffa on January 8: Zionist gangs detonated a car bomb near a building called the Arab Brigades (which housed the headquarters of the Arab National Committee) in central Jaffa, killing 70 Arabs.
  • The massacre of the second Arab Brigades on January 14: when a Zionist gang detonated a car bomb next to the old palace, killing 30 Westerners.
  •  The Maghribi Building Massacre in Haifa on January 16: A time bomb was detonated near a building called “Al Maghribi,” killing 31 Arabs and wounding more than 60 others.
  •  The massacre of Yazour village, Jaffa district, January 22: A Zionist gang attacked Yazour village at the entrance to Jaffa city, at night, and blew up some buildings, killing about 15 Arabs while they were sleeping.
  • The Abbas Street Massacre in Haifa on January 28: A Zionist gang rolled a barrel filled with explosives into Abbas al-Arabi Street, which led to the demolition of some homes, killing 20 Arabs and wounding 50.
  •  The massacre of the village Haifa district in Palestine, on February 14: A Zionist gang attacked the village, destroying about 20 houses above the heads of its residents, killing 60 civilians;  Most of them are women and children.
  • The “Al-salam Building” massacre in Jerusalem on February 20: A Zionist gang blew up a vehicle filled with explosives, which it had placed in front of the Peace Building in Jerusalem, killing 14 Arabs and wounding 26 others in Palestine.
  •  The Deir Yassin massacre on April 9: Zionist gangs launched an attack on Deir Yassin village, west of Jerusalem, during which houses were blown up on the heads of its residents, and civilians fleeing the massacre were directly targeted.  According to Arab and international sources, the number of people killed in the massacre reached 254, including 25 pregnant women whose stomachs were cut alive with spears.
  • The Al-Dawaima massacre on October 29: resulted in the killing of 500 citizens, most notably the mosque incident called “Al-Zawiya”, where the Israeli soldiers killed about 50 old men who were inside the mosque. It is also mentioned that children were killed during the massacre by smashing their skulls with sticks