Eid Al-Fitr in Al-Aqsa Mosque
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Palestinians Prepare For Eid Al-Fitr amid dire conditions

People in Palestine will mark this year’s Eid al-Fitr holiday for the 72nd time under the Israeli occupation.

In Jerusalem, Palestinians will celebrate Eid Al-Fitr after a series of aggression at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Ramadan.

Israeli forces stormed the Al-Aqsa mosque many times during Ramadan, and tens of Palestinians were injured, assaulted and arrested.

Israeli forces detained more than 500 Palestinians from Jerusalem during its Aggression on Al-Aqsa Mosque in Ramadan.

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Palestinian in Gaza strip Prepare for Eid Al-Fitr these days for the 16th time under Israeli illegal siege on Gaza since 2006.

Also, Palestinians in West Bank suffering from Israeli Aggression, more than 15 Palestinians were killed and tens were arrested by Israeli occupation forces.

Even though all the aggression, Palestinian celebrate Eid Al-Fitr these days.