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Canadian Professors Deny University’s Attempts to Cancel a Decision to Boycott Israel

More than 100 professors at McGill University in Canada have signed a public letter denying the college administration’s attempt to abandon the student union’s decision on solidarity with Palestine, with 71% of college students voting in favor of it.

The letter, entitled “Student Union Support and Solidarity Policy with Palestine,” is a decision by the university administration that refused to carry out the Student Union’s decision to boycott university companies cooperating with Israel.

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University management has announced that it will not approve the student representative’s decision on the pretext of violating university policy.

In this letter, the professors praised the work of the Solidarity Organization for Palestine at the university in setting the policy of solidarity with Palestine.

They stressed the importance of maintaining democratic channels to push for change in the university.

In the letter “We, the faculty at McGill University, support the University Student Union’s recent adoption of a Palestine Solidarity Policy, which campaigns to highlight issues of human rights and social justice,”

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It affirmed that “students have played a key role in advocating for justice and anti-apartheid actions, and we support students’ right to use democratic channels to the campaign that affects the entire community of the university.”

It added that students’ voting in support of Palestinians’ rights is a continuation of the history of student leadership object to bringing about meaningful changes in education.

It is noticeable that the students voted last month in a decision called the Solidarity with Palestine, which includes a demand for the university to boycott all companies complicit with the settlement apartheid against the Palestinians and to completely end its investments from all companies complicit with Israel.