Palestinian children killed by Israeli Forces
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The Israeli Court Refuses Appeal Over the Murder of Bakr family’s Children in Gaza

The Israeli Supreme Court refused a petition against the end of the investigation into the killing of the four children of the Bakr family in Gaza on Sunday, April 24th, due to the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

The parents of Bakr Children submitted the petition, children were killed as a result of an attack by the Israeli air force, while they were playing on the seashore in Gaza City. On July 16, 2014, during the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

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In 2020 three human rights organizations submitted a petition, namely, Adalah “The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel”, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), Al Mezan Center for Human Rights by the Director-General of Adalah.

It is worth mentioning that the four children have been targetted by what seemed to be a gunboat or by air forces. the children were targeted in on a sunny day with a 100% clear view.

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The 2014 incident was not the first of Israeli targeting children, was particularly barbaric because these children were from the same family, playing Football and died while their other relatives have been living through trauma.The incident was witnessed by foreign journalists who was in a nearby hotel.

A joint statement between Al-Mizan, and Adalah, issued by the latter on Sunday, stated that “The Israeli Supreme Court ruling in the Atfal Bakr case is further evidence that Israel is unable and unwilling to investigate and prosecute soldiers and commanders for crimes.” war perpetrated against Palestinian civilians, He stressed that “This case is further evidence of the urgent need for international bodies, including the International Criminal Court, to hold Israeli leaders accountable.”

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the United Nations, In its report issued in 2015, Independent Commission of Inquiry on the Israeli Aggression on Gaza, 2014 expressed its grave concern for the ends of the investigation, noting that there were “strong indications that the actions of the Israeli army were not in accordance with international humanitarian law and that the investigation does not appear to have been done”