Erez crossing closed
Israel Palestine

Continued closure of Erez crossing in the coming days

Israeli forces decided to keep the Erez Crossing between Israel and Gaza northern Gaza closed for the coming two days.

Entering Israel for Palestinian workers and merchants from Gaza through the Erez Crossing will not be permitted in the coming days.

Hebrew media added, The crossing will be closed for the coming two days, after which a new assessing session will be held to assess the situation with the commander in chief, the head of Shin Bet, the commander of the Southern area, the head of Operations section, the head of the secret services Division, the head of the Strategy Division, and the Israeli government operations coordinator.

About 12,000 Gazan workers ran away from the deep poverty due to the Israeli blockade which has been imposed on Gaza for more than 15 years to work in Israel.

Closing the border and depriving Palestinian workers of Gaza of their work amounts to collective punishment.

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Michael Lynk, a UN human rights expert, said that Israel has to immediately pause what amounts to “collective punishment” against the Palestinians, which is “most strikingly seen” in its continuing blockade on Gaza.

Israeli forces closed the Erez crossing between Israel and Gaza on Sunday morning.

This decision came after three rockets were sent from Gaza to southern Israel on Friday night. The rocket fire comes as tensions surrounding the Al-Aqsa mosque as tens of Palestinians have been injured and hundreds arrested due to Israeli force storming at the Al-Aqsa mosque.