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Why Jewish religious extremists are hell-bent on demolishing Islam’s Third Holiest Mosque, the Aqsa Sanctuary

Hundreds of Jewish fanatics, escorted by crack Israeli troops, stormed on Sunday, 17 April.  the Aqsa Mosque esplanade in East Jerusalem..

The fanatics are affiliated with the militant  Jewish settler movement formerly known as Gush Emunim or bloc of the faithful.

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The current Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet is ideologically closely affiliated with this religious-Zionist movement, originally founded in the 1970s for the express purpose of Judaizing the occupied territories and expelling Palestinians (both Muslims and Christians) from their ancestral homeland.

Brazen racism

 The movement follows the esoteric teachings of the brashly racist Rabbi Abraham Cook who argued that Jews were spiritually and humanly superior to non-Jews.

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Eyewitnesses spoke of soldiers and policemen ganging up on old men and women, beating them savagely. At least 30 people were injured, some seriously. At least 7 people were transferred to hospital from gas inhalation and fractured limbs as a result of brutal beating. The incursion into one of Islam’s holiest shrines lasted for two hours, after which the soldiers and the fanatic settlers left the place.

“They want to take over our Mosque”

The latest provocation by government-backed messianic Talmudic extremists drew very angry reactions from Palestinian leaders.

Sheikh Ikrema Sabri, a former Imam and Jumaa speaker at the Aqsa Mosque labeled the “sacrilegious act” as ” a provocative challenge to the feelings and religious sensibilities of 1800 million Muslims worldwide.”

The elderly Sheikh accused Bennet of seeking to save his fragile government at the expense of Muslims.”

“He wants to woo the settlers to his government by demonstrating his sullen hostility to Muslims.

Sabri called on those Arabs who pamper Israel and normalize ties with it to wake up from their sleep.”

“How can your description of yourself as Muslims be vindicated when you  look on indifferently while our holy places are violated and desecrated.”

In Gaza, Ismael Haniyya, the chief of Hamas political bureau, said he was following the incendiary situation at the Aqsa Mosque minute by minute. He accused the right-wing government of “creating a powder keg in Jerusalem.”

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Earlier, Haniyaa telephoned the Rector of Al-Azhar Islamic Academy in Cairo, calling on him to mobilize the Muslim world to defend and protect the Islamic sanctuary.  Haniyya also called a high-ranking Iranian official for the same purpose.

The state-controlled media in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE related rather tersely to the subject, which might reflect their determination to keep groveling at Israel’s feet no matter how savagely and brutally Israel treats the Palestinian brethren.

What do they want?

Jews in Al-Aqsa Mosque

The religious-nationalist movement, the ideological mother of Bennet’s Yamina party,  adopts a decidedly racist ideology towards non-Jews in general.  According to their ideological platform, Goyem (derogatory for non-Jews) living in the land of Israel must be treated in one of three ways,  depending on the intensity of the situation:  In peace time, they must be treated as “water carriers and wood hewers,”  using the Biblical term. In other words, they must be enslaved by the people of the land.  In time of conflict, however, they should be either expelled and banished from the land or annihilated mercilessly and indiscriminately.

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 The treatment of non-Jews living under Jewish rule is detailed rather elaborately in Shulhan Aruch  by Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (רבי משה בן מימון‎), better known as “Rambam.”‘

Redemption and redeemer  

As to the Aqsa Mosque, religious Zionism believes that, ultimately, or when time allows, the temple of Solomon must be rebuilt at the Aqsa Mosque esplanade, which necessitates the destruction of the Mosque and the majestic Dome of the Rock nearby.

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The rebuilding of the Temple, according to their mythology, is sine-qua-non since it would signal and expedite the appearance of the Jewish Messiah (Jews reject Jesus with utter contempt). The Messiah or redeemer would usher in the age of redemption for Jews and would rule the entire world from his seat in Jerusalem.

No evidence the Temple of Solomon stood there

According to most authoritative archaeologists and Bible scholars, there is absolutely no  credible evidence proving beyond doubt that the Aqsa Mosque was built on the former site of the Temple of Solomon.

Indeed, meticulous archeological excavations were carried out in the area during the British mandate over Palestine (1920-1948), and not a shred of evidence corroborating the Zionist-  Jewish narratives was found. A few years ago, a  renowned  American Bible scholar,  George Wesley Buchanan, wrote an extensive article titled In Search of King Solomon’s Temple, which this writer had the honor to translate into Arabic.

The elderly Bible scholar wrote:

“Moreover, archaeologists have discovered no ruins in the Haram that might have belonged to the temple. Instead, they have found an image of a soldier on a horse, a brick with the mark of the 10th legion on it, and an image of Mars, the Roman god of war”.

“They have also found in the Haram an inscription once carved over an arch, honoring Titus, Vespasian, and probably Silva for their leadership in the war of AD 66-72. That was confirmed by a fragment of a column found honoring the same three leaders. This would not have been made until the war was over in AD 72.

Gargantuan catastrophe

   The recurrent acts of provocation and desecration of Islam’s First Qibla (direction of prayers), let alone its contemplated demolition, would spark off a huge conflagration around the world and lead to an unprecedented worldwide crisis with gargantuan proportions. It is true, that Israel and international Zionism have succeeded in installing puppets and agents in most Arab capitals. Needless to say, the main function of these shameless traitors is to torment, suppress and humiliate the masses on Israel’s and America’s behalf.

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However, al-Masjiul Aqsa has a paramount and central status in the hearts of Muslims, and no government, or regime, or police state, would be able to rein in the angry masses. And Da’esh would become the fashion of the day!

Hence, the world should act before it is too late. Israel today is ruled by irresponsible religious  fanatics. And by definition,  fanatics don’t have ideas of their own. They only have obsessions by which they are  possessed (end)


Khaled Amayreh
Khalid Amayreh (Arabic: خالد عمايرة‎‎, b. 1957 Hebron) is a Palestinian journalist based in Dura, near Hebron, West Bank. He is an award-winning reporter who has contributed hundreds of articles to the Al-Jazeera English website from the Occupied West Bank. His field includes, inter alia, strategic studies with emphasis on the Arab world, Iran after the Shah, the Arab-Israeli conflict, contemporary Islamic movements, religious Zionism, comparative religion. Shiite Islam and failure of democratization in the Arab world. He received most of his formal education in the US where he obtained two degrees in journalism, a BA from the University of Oklahoma and a Master's degree in the same field from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He has published numerous studies and articles on a variety of subjects in both English and Arabic. He has also written five books. The title of his MA thesis in the US was “the religious Press in America and the Palestinian question from 1967-1983. Amayreh has worked for the following media: Middle East International, London, al-Jazeera English, Ahram Weekly (Cairo), UAE TV, and several other Arabic publications. Amayreh's sole agenda is to spread and disseminate the truth about the enduring Palestinian/Israeli conflict which seems to defy all peace efforts. Honesty are rectitude are paramount for him. Per him, unfortunately, this conflict is unlikely to be resolved in the foreseeable future or even during our lifetime.