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Israel murders more innocent Palestinians as world attention is focused on Ukraine crisis

By: Khaled Amayreh

With the world’s attention focused on the Ukrainian crisis, the Israeli occupation army has been murdering Palestinians in droves, including absolutely innocent civilians.

Palestinian sources have described the latest Israeli escalation as the most ” brutal and ferocious” since the devastating  Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip last year,  which left hundreds of Palestinian civilians dead and badly injured, including dozens of children.

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On Friday, 15 April, when thousands of Palestinian Muslims normally converge at the al-Masjidul Aqsa esplanade to perform the weekly congregational prayers, crack Israeli troops employed stringent methods, including rubber-coated bullets, to repress and savage worshipers who shouted “Allahu Akbar” or God is the Greatest.

According to eyewitnesses, the troops fired tear gas canisters inside the Mosque, causing numerous cases of suffocation to many elderly worshipers.  Moreover, soldiers were seen assaulting, beating, and brutalizing old men and women. At least 300 worshipers were injured and transferred to the Makased hospital. 250 others were arrested.

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Palestinians were particularly incensed by plans by some Talmudic messianic extremists to slaughter an animal offering inside the Aqsa esplanade, which would coincide with the Passover Jewish holiday. On 14 April, the Israeli police reportedly “seized” a goat at the home of one extremist activist. The goat was reportedly earmarked for the offering.

Israeli Talmudic circles make no secret of their morbid intentions to demolish Islamic shrines in Jerusalem, including the Aqsa Mosque and the golden-domed mosque  (Dome of the Rock)  to prepare the area for the building of a Jewish Temple that would herald the appearance of a Jewish Messiah or Redeemer.  The Redeemer would rule the entire world from his seat in Jerusalem and bring salvation and redemption for Jews.

Murderous state terror

Last week,  trigger-happy Israeli soldiers murdered six Palestinian civilians, bringing the number of victims since the beginning of the month of Ramadan to more than 24. The latest victims of Israel’s decades-old occupation included a boy from Bethlehem, a lawyer from Nablus, and a mother of six children from the village of Nahalin west of Bethlehem.

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Shoot first, ask questions later!

The  47-year-old  mother, named Ghada Sabatin,  was shot dead in cold blood on 10 April, as she was returning home, not far from a Jewish colony.

An Israeli spokesman claimed that the woman “was walking suspiciously” and that “soldiers thought that she might have a terrorist tendency” However, as ample and irrefutable evidence became apparent that the killing was “a deliberate and premeditated murder,” the Israeli army decided to “investigate the matter,” a routine and disingenuous measure that means very little other than seeking to delude and trick international public opinion. Israel is known to have murdered hundreds, even thousands, of innocent Palestinians rather knowingly and deliberately.

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The Biden administration refused to denounce the murder of the innocent Palestinian mother. However, a junior State Department official reportedly telephoned the victim’s family to voice his condolences. The pliant and increasingly irrelevant Palestinian Authority, while keeping its close but behind-the-curtain security coordination with Israel, called on the international community to protect our people from “Israel’s death machine.”

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Some ostensibly demoralized PA spokesmen, like Jamal Nazzal, argued that it was futile to put up any resistance to Israeli occupation forces. He castigated Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and splintered Fatah elements for Israel’s murderous crimes in the West Bank, especially the northern district of Jenin.

He said the correct way to extricate Palestinian rights from Zionism was Abu Mazen’s way, namely his successful bid to join the International Criminal Court. Palestinian surfers and social media users scoffed at Nazzal, calling him “like Alice in wonderland.”

Azzam al-Ahmed, another aide to PA leader Mahmoud Abbas claimed during an interview with Aljazeera TV network that the PA has oversight over the resistance. His remarks were similarly ridiculed by social media.

Interestingly, a majority of Palestinians, including a growing number of Fatah’s activists seem unwilling to give the PA the benefit of the doubt. The latest discourse comes against a backdrop of an impending implosion within Fatah, the ruling party in Ramallah.

Fatah leaders and activists have been warning that Fatah will not play deaf and dumb if the PA leadership continues harrowing toward capitulation to Israel.

The PA  today is no longer responsible to the Palestinian people, It is responsible first and foremost, to the enemy, Israel, which makes it a quisling entity,” said Khalil Kawasmi, a regional Fatah leader from the Hebron area.

You know, serving Israeli security is the ultimate raison d’etre of the PA. If the PA fails to do the job properly, it won’t survive for another 24 hours.”

Enter Hussein Sheikh!

The current Israeli government would like to achieve several short-term and long-term goals behind the latest round of killings in the West Bank.  These goals include a brazenly sadistic desire to narrow Palestinians’ horizons and coerce them to lower the ceiling of their national aspirations by giving up, once and for all, on their erstwhile aspirations for a sovereign and territorially- contiguous state with East Jerusalem as its capital and coming to terms with de facto apartheid as the final and permanent solution for the enduring conflict.

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Moreover, the present government of Naftali Bennet apparently hopes to prolong the life-span of his fragile government by out-bidding and out-matching the Likud Bloc and other fascist elements in Israel by spilling more Palestinian blood. It is well-known that killing more Palestinians, including children, is the most effective tactic of acquiring political popularity in Israel.  

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Bennet also wants to demonstrate to Jews as well as Arabs that the wanton and unrestrained killings of Palestinians would continue unabated and even increases, irrespective of any antithetical considerations pertaining to normalization with some Arab countries such as UAE, Bahrain, and Maghreb.  Thus, Bennet’s unspoken words  would sound like this” These cheap Arabs would still grovel at our feet no matter what we do to the Palestinians.”  Sadly, he might be correct on that.

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Presently, Israel seems to prepare for the post-Abbas era. In fact, Israel has already taken some tactical measures towards that end, including “promoting Hussein Sheikh as would-be successor to the aging Mahmoud Abbas.”

Sheikh, whom numerous Palestinians view as Israel’s man inside the PA, advocates “arrangements with Israel that have all the hallmarks of Apartheid.”

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Sheikh faces fierce opposition from within Fatah and the Palestinian people at large.

However, with Israel behind him and with him controlling the coffers of the PA, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to imagine him at the helm of the corrupt e Palestinian Judenrat after Abu Mazen’s departure.

Still, some Palestinian and Jewish observers believe that Israel won’t by any more successful with such a brazen feat than it was with the village League in the late 1970s.

Khaled Amayreh
Khalid Amayreh (Arabic: خالد عمايرة‎‎, b. 1957 Hebron) is a Palestinian journalist based in Dura, near Hebron, West Bank. He is an award-winning reporter who has contributed hundreds of articles to the Al-Jazeera English website from the Occupied West Bank. His field includes, inter alia, strategic studies with emphasis on the Arab world, Iran after the Shah, the Arab-Israeli conflict, contemporary Islamic movements, religious Zionism, comparative religion. Shiite Islam and failure of democratization in the Arab world. He received most of his formal education in the US where he obtained two degrees in journalism, a BA from the University of Oklahoma and a Master's degree in the same field from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He has published numerous studies and articles on a variety of subjects in both English and Arabic. He has also written five books. The title of his MA thesis in the US was “the religious Press in America and the Palestinian question from 1967-1983. Amayreh has worked for the following media: Middle East International, London, al-Jazeera English, Ahram Weekly (Cairo), UAE TV, and several other Arabic publications. Amayreh's sole agenda is to spread and disseminate the truth about the enduring Palestinian/Israeli conflict which seems to defy all peace efforts. Honesty are rectitude are paramount for him. Per him, unfortunately, this conflict is unlikely to be resolved in the foreseeable future or even during our lifetime.