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Bike of Life: How to ride, survive, and Cheer!

A business-oriented approach for surviving people to make them live again!

bike of life

Bikes were invented in 1885 by J.H Lawson but life has existed for billions of years on Earth. That said, how can a comparatively recent invention explain life so well? What is the actual meaning of riding the bike of life? And what should be your destination while you’re biking your way through life?

If you’re one of the people who are riding the bike of life incessantly; without any clear termini in their minds, this article is for you.

Are you headed in the right direction?

First things first, before we plunge into the “life is a bike ride” paradox, let’s take a moment and see if you are headed in the right direction. Obviously, not many of you would like to entrail a path leading to absolutely nothing.

Again, let’s take some help from the bike itself that we do not pay any courtesy to because there are literally billions around yet they are more alike life than you anticipate.

So, how does a geared-powered bike resemble our life so much in terms of working?

Dive deeper into this paradox and unravel the secrets that will help you turn your dreams into reality and make you a lively person instead of a survivor!

Blueprints are of prodigious assistance for any designer or builder. They have a simple resolve and they effectively run baselines and goals for a project.

The lot from where to start and where to end is revealed in a blueprint. On that premise, a blueprint is what makes you think about what your life should look like, and how you’d imagine your bike of life to help design this blueprint for your life depends entirely on yourself.

Are you financially strong?

Yes, finances control how happy you live your life! Living payroll to payroll is not only going to make you financially dependent but also increases the likelihood of any economic crisis. Therefore, keep yourself ready and try to invest. Crypto, for example, is a very promising option these days especially if you have access to a watchlist of a reputed platform.

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Stocks are also a good option to help you become independent and help secure yourself from any possible financial issues.

Blueprint of a happy lifestyle!

Only you can outline the things that will make you happy and design a blueprint that will define the path you’ll entrail. After you have defined a blueprint for your life, ask yourself these questions.  

Does it explain why you have a life? Or is it a way to lead your life into something meaningful?

Admittedly, we all want to grow financially, emotionally, socially, and leave the family problems that we have learned to hide so well over the years.

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But even if these are the core expectations of nearly 99% of people, we see everyone is doing different things to achieve them, that everyone is taking a different path on their bike.

Some do it through business, others take jobs, and most people are just thinking of doing it later in their lifetimes.

Redesigning your blueprint of life is important if you see people doing better and better while you are riveted to a single point in your life. Even if we blame others for our situations, we cannot expect others to bring our dreams to us. We need to work for it.

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What you’d need to do in this situation is to stop following the routine life. The routine that you have been labializing daily, over and over again, with the term “a life.”

“Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. When your legs scream stop and your lungs are bursting, that’s when it starts. It never gets easier; you just get faster.”

Greg LeMond.

Purposeful Lives Matter!

Just like businesses must clarify their purpose and envision their goals, it is exceedingly important to clarify the goal and vision of your life to get on the right track.

Knowing what your life or business will look like if you have already visioned it will make you open to creative ways to get there and that won’t be a piece of cake.

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This writing’s goal is to help you design your path for riding your bike of life and achieve your goals. It might be only a few pages long but it’s not just about how long it is and how good you’re at reading, it’s about all the templates, ideas, and exercises written here, and honestly, it takes more than a quick read.

  • Yep, it truly isn’t a Sunday magazine you’ve got here and it just won’t be a flick through.

If you’d like to plan and visualize or brainstorm your ideas of life, there are links for Miro and Notion at the end. They are great tools to get everything in a graphical format that is easier to follow.

Even if you don’t like their templates, there are links for some custom templates in Madero so that you can redesign your blueprint and customize it to your own yourself 😊.

Auditing Your Current Life

Understanding where you are at this point of your life and where you need to be are two very different things but they are interconnected.

Without one, you can’t think of the other. To be able to ride your bike without running into bumps more often, you need to keep an eye on the road. The road that symbolizes your current life.

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Like life, this road is everchanging and will need to be constantly monitored by the rider; you.

Start with auditing your life, which is not the bank audit of course, but means evaluating your current life and resources. Categorize your habits, hobbies, work routines, and essentially everything that you spend time on.

Evaluating Selfness

After you have the time audit, you will need to evaluate yourself and cut off any habits and hobbies that take most of your time away for nothing.

  • Guess someone won’t be watching Netflix that often then, huh?

Cutting these habits away will give you more time to work on your life and maybe start a side hustle. Freelancers do it all the time and generate billions of dollars every month. Are you sure you still want to miss out on your share out of those billions that clients pay willingly because they don’t have the time?

Conclusion: Riding the Bike of Life!

You see, these audits, if done perfectly and implemented, your life will sometimes single-handedly improve your life’s situation. You won’t even have to worry about the next thing to do as nothing will be done in vain.

Here are some great tools to help you get started.

  1. Miro
  2. Notion

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