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To Allah belong the Best Names

There is no doubt that Allah is the creator of the whole world. After the beginning creation of the humans, Allah wants the creatures to be connected with Allah all the time. So that, Allah makes many names to have belonged only for Allah and there isn’t available permission to be owned by anyone else. These names have been proved by the messengers of Allah and the Muslims believe in these. Names of Allah include Praise and glorification of Allah and the attributes. Also, A Muslim can supplicate to Allah with his name. as Allah said:” And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them. And leave the company of those who practice deviation concerning His names. They will be recompensed for what they have been doing”. Many people want to know the number of Allah’s names. So, let’s clarify this.v The number of Allah’s names:


Allah has 99 names that have been mention in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet. Some scientists approved that many names haven’t been mentioned yet. That is because Allah wants humans to make their minds at the process of discovering Allah’s attributes. This means that Allah’s names have meaning and reflect the attributes of Allah. So that, this article will mention some of the meanings of Allah’s names.

Allah’s names:

Allah has 99 names such as:


Merciful, King , Holy, Peace, Believer, Protector, Mighty, Compeller, The Most High, Creator, Maker, Fashioner, Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Subduing, Ever-Endowing, Ever-Sustaining, Ever-Opening, Omniscient, Constrictor, Expander, Demeter, Promoter, Exalting, Humiliator, All-Hearing, All-Seeing,  Judge, Just, Subtle, Aware, Forebearer, Great, All-Forgiving, Thankful,  Most Exalted, Grand, Best Guardian,  Best Provider, Best Reckoner, Most Majestic, Munificent, Watchful, Answerer, Limitless, Wise, Affectionate, Most Glorious, Resurrector, Best Witness, Truth, Advocate, Almighty Puissant, Best Patron, Praiseworthy, Counter, Initiator, Restorer,  Life-Giver, Life-Taker, Living, Self-Existing, Author Glorious, Only One , One, Steadfast, Able, Omnipotent, Advancer, Delayer, First, Last, Outward, Inward, Patron, Lofty, Beneficent, Exonerating,  Avenger,  Pardoner, Compassionate, Owner of Sovereignty,  Lord of Majesty, Equitable, Gatherer,  Self-Sufficient, Enricher, Preventer, Distresser, Benefactor, Light, Guide, Originator, Everlasting, Inheritor, Best-Guide, Most Patient…

The meaning of Allah’s names:

  • Allah is the most gracious and the most merciful: Maybe anyone else can be described as merciful but with different degrees of mercy, God’s mercy encompasses everything.
  • Allah also is the king of the whole world, so that all of the worlds is belonging to Allah. Humans just borrow these things for some time.
  • Allah is the creator of the world. In the ancient ages, there wasn’t any life on earth. Through the ages, the beginning of the world has started.
  • Allah is the Forgiving who pardons our sins and forgives us for what we have done.

But what’s the benefit of knowing the names and attributes of Allah?

The benefits of knowing Allah’s names:

  • Deepening the knowledge of the names of God increases our faith and reverence. When Ali bin Abi Talib said, “The pleasure of knowing God distracted me from the pleasures of the matters of this world.”
  • Knowing the attributes of Allah through these names leads to the complement of worship, compliance with God’s commands, and avoidance of the prohibitions.
  • The much knowledge about Allah makes us believe that there isn’t and creator except Allah. This makes Muslims satisfied with the decree and power of Allah.
  • There is a relationship between knowing much about Allah’s qualities and the generated love all the time.
  • This also makes Muslims rely on Allah in all aspects of our daily lives. That’s because the Muslims have believed that Allah is the creator and the one who will cure them.
  • Muslims will know the aim for creation and make that a long-term aim, not repeated words that everyone could say.

 All that by knowing Allah’s names and understanding the meaning of that. Despite all these benefits, there are many people who don’t believe in these names and understand them in any other way. This is called Atheism.


Atheism in the names of Allah:

Satan whispers to the people who are without a will to atheists. This has happened through the less belief in Allah, qualities, and names. atheisms start with the deviation from the meaning of Allah’s names and understanding them in another way. Many people add a name, but Allah doesn’t mention these names in Quran and Sunnah. The most ignorant matter is that people in the past called their idols with the names of Allah, so how can he call a rigid idol that does not harm or benefit in one of the names of the Lord? Allah said in the Quran: ” Allah – there is no deity except Him. To Him belong the best names”. So these names belong to Allah only.

Maybe it will be a misunderstanding between the names of Allah and the attributes.

The difference between the names and the qualities of Allah:

The names of Allah relates to Allah only and there is no permission to relate it to anyone else. Qualities reflect the normality of these names. Also, maybe anyone can be described of some qualities of Allah with different degrees, but No one can be called by these names.

There is not any doubt that Muslims totally must keep themselves away from atheism. That’s because the one who commits this crime gets a great sin. Therefore, whoever counts the most beautiful names of Allah will enter Paradise, as the Prophet Muhammad said. Muslims also must call Allah with these names especially with the aimed quality and Allah will answer your prayers.