Fires Swallow Eastern Mediterranean Forests

Climate change and its devastating impact on Earth still await radical solutions, but in the meantime, Earth is experiencing a catastrophic and devastating state of fires, which ravage the Earth from East to West

This year, the world witnessed an unprecedented heatwave that resulted in fires and hundreds of deaths in many countries. Where the Earth experienced a catastrophic state, and the number of fires exceeded the average number in previous years.

The fires extend from Siberia east to Bolivia, California, Algeria, and Tunisia in North Africa, and Greece in Europe.

What caused the fire?

According to the satellite map of NASA’s Fire Information System known as “FIRMS”:

Fires have spread to many parts of the world because of global warming and climate change, the most severe of which was in Turkey and Greece.

Many Mediterranean countries are experiencing extreme heat. And forest fires have spread rapidly in recent weeks. Including Turkey, Greece, Italy, Algeria, and Tunisia, the most recent of which was a major fire in Israel.

Worsening drought and heat, linked to climate change, have also sparked wildfires this summer in the west of the United States and in Russia’s northern Siberian region.

Scientists say that there is little doubt that climate change due to burning coal, oil, and natural gas will lead to more events excessive.

Forest fires threaten Mediterranean countries and the Arab world

Turkey, Largest share of fires

Turkey suffered the largest share of forest fires

Most of which broke out in the southern regions, the location of most prominent tourist resorts, turning the country into hell after it was hit by dozens of fires without knowing its cause

It left behind large losses, prompted the government to open extensive investigations about their causes

Especially following the spread of allegations that the fires were done by purpose

As the fires continued for the sixth day in a row, killing 8 people and injuring hundreds, videos circulated of residents and tourists of Turkish provinces, resorts, and surrounding forest areas fleeing danger by boat and cars as flames approached coastal cities.

Lebanon, Successive crises

In Lebanon, a huge fire broke out in the far north of the country, causing tragic events to coincide with the first anniversary of the Beirut port explosion, and at a time of renewed protests in various parts of the country.

In opposition to the current political, economic, and social conditions in the Arab country, which is witnessing successive disasters.

The fire extended to the north-eastern border with Syria, causing losses in lives and property, adding to a loss of nearly 2 million square meters of Pine Forest Oaks

At the time of announcing the Lebanese Red Cross to evacuate and providing treatment for tens of citizens.

Syria, Significant harm to vegetation

Lebanon’s fires spread into Syrian territory towards the outskirts of border villages in the entire southwestern countryside of Homs.

The Syrian minister of Agriculture said that the fire that spread from Lebanon. Although it did not cover large areas, caused significant damage to vegetation and biodiversity.

Jordan gets its share of fire smoke

Satellite images from the Arab weather site detected heavy smoke in the skies of Jordan following fires burning in the forests of Turkey and Lebanon.


Most of the forest fires sweeping through northern Algeria appeared under control.

Algerian President, Abdelmajid taboun, said: The scale of the fires in the country had not been witnessed in decades.

Firefighters and volunteers continue to fight 35 fires in 11 other provinces. Including Jijel, Bajaya, and Bomerdas, according to the latest Civil Protection report.

In total, 76 fires were extinguished out of a hundred in 15 provinces of the country

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