Persecution of Muslims in Germany



After the significant increase in the number of Muslims in Germany, especially among Arab immigrants.

The voices of the far-right parties have increased in parallel; Germany embraces the most extreme of its counterparts in Europe. That explains the announcement by the Constitution Protection Agency (internal intelligence), a marked increase in the number of anti-Semitic crimes in the past year

As for the Muslims, they were the ones who had the most luck from persecution.

How does Germany persecute Muslims?

A study by researchers from the American University of Philadelphia, published in 2019.

The study showed that non -German Muslims suffer double persecution compared to other non-Muslim foreigners on German soil.

All this hostility, it seems, is what prompted Germany to set up a committee to combat anti-Muslims

Islam’s conference in Germany!

In 2006, The German government established the Congress of German Islam, after the eleventh of September. This was a period of time formed by the changes of the global “war on terror”, which significantly influenced the German naturalization law.

According to the University of Philadelphia study, the experiment based primarily on human interaction between members of the community. It showed that the racist behavior of the Germans towards strangers was in 84 %of cases against veiled women or black men.

In their assessment of the results of the study, the researchers did not find “an indication of racial persecution”. But, at the same time, openly showing affiliation with Islam in Germany leads to discrimination. Even if a woman of foreign origin is careful to adopt the social norms of Germans.

Syrian immigrants

According to German-based Tunisian journalist Wassim al-Waslati, despite Germany’s support for the Syrian cause and its embrace of many Syrian people fleeing from war, racism has increased significantly after the massive increase of Syrians,

He continues,

I have been living in Germany for ten years, which is enough for me to adequately assess the situation

I note that the racism of Germans towards migrants took a more violent turn after the events of 2011

The German administration absorbed as many migrants as possible. Although it did not recover from the effects of the global financial crisis.

Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood

The researchers of the University of Philadelphia study chose Germany specifically to conduct the experiment, because it is new to host refugees.

Unlike France, which includes more than 5 million Muslims, most of whom are from the Maghreb, and Germany, researchers saw it as a fertile environment for the study of racism towards the new guests.

As known for the German their love for the strict system and rules of life, and is one of the points of their displeasure towards immigrants, whom the Germans see as “savages of the desert.

How Germany acted towards Muslim persecution?

The German Interior Minister Horst Zehzefer announced the formation of a commission that will work to reduce anti-Islamic crimes. Which Zehzefer describes as “a threat not only to Muslims but to community cohesion in general.”

This move is good at all levels and an important indicator that the state is taking real steps towards community peace.

The German administration is conscious of the fact that Islam is something separate from the terrorist Brotherhood, which is trying to present itself as a model of Islam as it should be.

This is one of the reasons why the Germans hate Muslims. Further policies of economic and social integration in Germany.

So teaching the new German generations the importance of peaceful coexistence is the right way to eliminate racism. Not only against Muslims but also against Jews and Africans, who inflict a great deal of German racism.

Racism is a Malignant Tumor

Although religious discrimination is prohibited by the constitution, which provides for freedom of belief, conscience, and individual exercise of religion, the 16 German states exercise a great deal of autonomy in registering religious groups and practicing rituals.

Unrecognized religious groups are not eligible for social benefits. Federal and state offices of the intelligence service have continued to monitor the activities of some Islamic groups and mosques.

The authorities have monitored the Church of Scientology, which has reported continuing state discrimination against its members.

Global Islamic persecution towards Muslims

According to the U.S. official website data, there have been numerous reports of a great number of anti-Semitic incidents in the last five years, Muslims included those objections; verbal harassment, threats, discrimination, and vandalism.

According to the 2018 federal crime statistics:

  • 1,799 anti-Semitic crimes during that year.
  • A total increase of 20% from 2017.
  • 69% of those crimes involved violence.

So many Muslims in Germany are pinning their hopes on the new step taken by the government, which may promote social integration.


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