The Reality of Palestinian Prisoners in Occupation Jails

The matter of prisons, torture and lack of freedoms is an element of the discourse of the Palestinian narrative, precisely those written by the Palestinian prisoners in jails, making prison characterizations and therefore the colors of grilling and humiliation disturbing. There’s an accurate description of the force and cruelty of torturers within the cells of prisons and the humiliation and interrogation centers.

Some stories of Palestinian Prisoners in occupation jails

Palestinian prisoner Maher Abu Rayan :

A Palestinian prisoner has initiated a fast to protest the occupation’s nonchalance in getting him with needful medicine and care for over two years. 43-year-old Maher Abu Rayan, from the city of Hebron, within the occupied West Bank. Maher is serving a 25-year prison term and has suffered from many health problems within the past as an instant result of the highly violent fashion through which Israeli soldiers administered his arrest in 2003, containing breaking his nose.

Israeli prison authorities have delayed in getting Abu Rayan with the needed medical care, by which era he had progressed many other associated respiratory conditions. Three years later, in 2018, he was diagnosed with too much fluid in his lungs.

Even after going through many surgeries within the past few years, Abu Rayan still requires particular medical treatment due to the attack on him by the Israeli soldiers. He has been demanding that the Israeli prison service (IPS) provide him with the needed operation, which has now been late for over two years.

Palestinian prisoner Barghouti :

Prisoner Marwan Barghouti, generally seen as a competitor to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, knows running within the scheduled Palestinian presidential elections, a near associate of his confirmed.

Barghouti is spending five life sentences in an occupation prison for his role in planning deadly terror attacks against occupation within the Second Intifada. He is popular among Palestinians and broadly seen as a possible successor to Abbas.

In a 2014 letter from prison, Barghouti said that Palestinians should “support whole resistance and therefore the rifle.” Barghouti himself was convicted and punished by an Israeli court in 2004 It has been said for guiding two shootings and a bombing that killed five Israelis.

Pregnant women in occupation prison :

A pregnant woman from Gaza in her first forties was arrested in May 2007 at Beit Hanoun Crossing. Then transported to the Hasharon prison. Insight of her age. Needed a higher level of care and medical care. Instead, she suffered from severe weight loss and weakness thanks to bad-quality food and inadequate conditions inside the prison. In January 2008, feeling labor pain, the detainee was transported to Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba. Where the occupation Prison Administration (IPA) saved her arms and legs chained.

The cuffs were extracted only inside the delivery room, and replace quickly after childbirth. Also, she went through the dehumanizing experience absolutely alone. Since her family and husband, all Gaza citizens didn’t have permission to visit her even after the delivery of the baby. She describes her painful experiment:

“After delivery, I used to be a fetter by having one arm and one leg bound to the bed. Through this situation, I used to be left for many hours before being taken again to my room. My baby was carried to me for breastfeeding only twice a day”.

She is detained in Telmond prison, accused of holding explosives on her body so as to execute a group action. She remains not indicted, she is under detention. Nearly six months later, the baby has still not met his father or siblings.

Palestinian prisoner Ahmad Alhaaj :

Now 87 years old, was arrested in 1967 by the occupation and jailed for almost three years. While in jail, he was subjected to torture and hanging that made him miss his consciousness. Facetiously, his jailers used to offer him a pair of left socks to use because he was a left hand. Today, Alhaaj is as determined as to when he first left to turn to his village of Al-Sawafir in what is today Israel – prison has not changed his thought.

How are children treated when arrested?

Many kids are arrested in the middle of the nighttime, waked at their houses by massively armed soldiers. They wake up to the sound of soldiers banging loudly on their front door. Using stun grenades, and shouting directions for the family to leave home. Children report that they are threatened by the soldiers storming into their houses. In which furniture is at times broken, accusations and oral warnings are shouted. Family members are obliged to stand outdoor in their nightclothes. As the accused child is forcibly removed from the home and taken away with vague explanations. Such as “he is coming with us and we will return him later”, or simply that the child is “needed”. Few kids or parents are informed as to where the child is being taken, why, or for how long.