Sharing Gifts in Islam is Desirable, a Prophetic attitude

The value of giving and taking gifts in Islam

The gift has a great effect in gaining love. It is a sign of love and serenity of hearts, and it is a notice of appreciation and respect, so the Prophet (PBUH) accepted it from the Muslim and the non-Muslim, and accepted it from the woman as he accepted it from the man.

How much hatred was gone because of a gift!!

And how many problems were solved because of the gift!!

And how love gained because of a gift!!

What is the importance of gift in Islam?

The importance of the gift lies in the composing the hearts and deepening the bonds of love and encouraging the non-Muslims to Islam, as the Prophet (peace be upon him) did with Safwan Ibn Umayyah, may Allah be pleased with him before he become a Muslim, when he gave him two valleys of camels and sheep. He became a good Muslim even he harnessed all that he had in serving Islam.

What should we do when gifting someone?

There are important points that we must pay attention to when we exchange gifts between us. the gift must fit the person who is given to him. The gift for the young is little different from gift for the old, the gift of the president differs from the gift to the subordinate, and so on.

The gift must not be a bribe or something which is forbidden in Islam. You also must choose the right time to gift someone.

You can make use of the exam periods, and make it a season of gifts such as food gifts and other. For example, go to your friend’s home with the gift, and give it to him, and say I came it to you with this gift; to help you study. You can also make use of holidays which has the greatest impact.

How gifts do help in inviting people to Islam?

  1. Enters pleasure to the heart of people and shows interest for them.
  2. increase love between people.
  3. Decreases hatred between people
  4. Makes point of views closer and more understandable.
  5. one of the most important means of gift is winning hearts, and maintaining survival of the relationship between people.

goals of giving gifts:

giving gifts helps spreading the Sunnah of the Prophet – peace be upon him- in accepting and giving the gift. Giving gifts lock the door of evil, close the door of suspicion in hearts.

Manners of giving gifts

Never return the gift

The gift is not returned, no matter how vile, and don’t, don’t underestimate the gift no matter what. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“I shall accept the invitation even if I were invited to a meal of a sheep’s trotter, and I shall accept the gift even if it were an arm or a trotter of a sheep”

If you returned the gift, declare why did you returned it

If you were gifted of what is forbidden, explain graciously with a smile why did you refuse the gift.

And also, there are lots of other manners such as:

  • Sincerity of intention to God Almighty when giving the gift
  • Pray to whom who gave you the gift that God bless
  • The external appearance of the gift should be appropriate and acceptable, such as beautifully wrapped with phrases of congratulations and supplication.
  • Choose the right time, especially beautiful occasions, such as marriage, birth, getting a certificate, promotions, or a new home.
  • Present the gift with the same kindness and satisfaction, with a smiling face, and beautiful words.

For whom should we give gifts?

gifts to our parents  

It is a priority to give gifts to your relatives first, the closest, and to those who have rights over him, the parents have the right to be gifted in their lives, it is part of their right over you, and whatever is given to them will not fulfill anything of their right.

Gifts to our relatives

Giving gifts to our relatives comes on the second place after parents. We see how much the effect of those gifts that are given on some family occasions and that increase the bonds of love between them.

As well as between the neighbors begins with the closest as in the Hadith of Aisha when Bukhari she said:

“I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! I have two neighbors and would like to know to which of them I should give presents.” He replied, “To the one whose door is nearer to you”

the gift varies according to its place and time, and according to who benefits from it, it does not need to be a physical gift. it may be the gift guidance, or advice, or a legitimate judgment or scientific gesture.

gifts between husbands

The gift between the husbands has a good effect, it strengthens the relationship, increases love, harmony and affection, and increases the bond of love between them, and I wish couples pay attention to it, how many problems were solved by gifts, how much it caused the demise of worries from the marital home, and how much the strength of love between them.