The Wife of The Prophet Mohammad, Aisha

The venerable Ms. Aisha, one of the most intelligent women of the messenger. She narrated over a thousand Hadiths of the Prophet of Allah. If she was a man, she could have been one of the preeminent scholars. A scholar, repeater of Hadith, and she was one of the dearests of wives to the Prophet (peace be upon him). And, this lady is too a Gorgeous example for all women who aspire to be notable for Allah, Almighty. Who is a great model for all women.

The parentage of Ms. Aisha :

A friendly and faithful Aisha bint Abi Bakr, her mother Muslim Amer Roman and Canaanite are Sahaabah Aljalilat son Saad and assigned by quite Aaron and Ben Affan bin Muslim from the hadeeth Qasim ibn Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr said the Dalit or Roman in her grave “The Prophet of Allah may Allah bless him and salaam be seen from his mystery to a woman, let him look to the Roman or Birth may Allah be pleased”.

The prophet`s friend Abu Bakr, was one of the followers of the prophet. The Master of Prophets is that the very best thing: Messenger, Prophet, then a guardian, a lover, a believer, a Muslim. It’s pleasant to the greatness of this man in his humility, his obedience, his yearning for Allah, his piety. The messenger said: “I haven’t summoned anyone to Islam but had a relapse, except my brother Abu Bakr.”

If you would wish to be a first-degree believer, make this comrade an instance for you, of the first-class. He could milk the sheep for his neighbors, and when he became the Caliph, his neighbors thought that he won’t follow au courant this service. But, there was a knocking at the door. The woman requested her daughter to open it. The mother inquired, “Who is it?” She answered, “The goat-milker came”, even after becoming the Caliph. Aisha`s people, who are the children of Tim, are known for his or her bounty, strength, sincerity, integrity, which they were perfect with their women and treated them well.

The vision of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, of Aisha in his sleep :

The Prophet of Allah (PBUH) saw Aisha in a dream before he married her. He, (salaam and peace of Allah be upon him), has said, «I have seen you in my visions for three days. The angel gets you to me, enveloped in a silk piece of cloth, and he says, ‘this is your wife.’ I uncork your face and it is you. Upon which I say, ‘if this is the volition of Allah then He will do it. [Reported by Muslim]

The story of proposing to Aisha(The blessed marriage ) :

Khawla bint Hakim proposed to the Prophet of Allah to marry Aisha, the daughter of Abu Bakr. If he did, this could increase the connection with him and therefore the dearest of all people to him: that’s Abu Bakr, his ally. The actuality is that marriage is about beginning together; marrying is one of the biggest unions between families because the connection of origin and of marriage is one among the holiest relations in the least.

“And how would you're taking it (back) while you have got gone in unto one another, and that they have taken from you a firm and powerful covenant?” (21) (Al Nisa).

Al-Bukhari narrated on the authority of ‘Amr ibn Al-As that he said, the Prophet, (peace be upon him), deputed me to guide the military of Dhat As-Salâsil.

 I came to him and told, ‘Who is that the most loved person to you?’ He replied, ‘Aisha.’ I asked, ‘Among the men?’ He said, ‘Her father.’» [Reported by Al-Bukhari 3662]

Her knowledge, Hadith, and rulings :

Aisha was the leading knowledgeable woman. She is that the most intelligent and perspicacity of the Mothers of the Believers, and therefore the most memorizing to the Hadiths of the Prophet of Allah. She was a skilled and well-versed scholar within the religious sciences; the Quran, the Sunnah, and therefore the Jurisprudence. The senior companions were wont to resort to discussing her within the most sensitive and important matters. Al-Hakim said, “One-fourth of the religious judgment and laws was informed through her.” Her compartment has recognized as a council for religious sciences, where knowledge seekers and students need to come to her from wherever the countries. She veiled herself from the marriageable male student.