The ِِArt of Marital Relations. See How The Prophet Muhammad Treated His Wives?!‎

There are those who believe that a “romantic”, or “emotional” man is that person who gifts a rose to the one he loves, or lights a candle for his wife, says the most wonderful words, writes poetry, behaves delicately and softly with his wife. But honestly being romantic is not only related to saying romantic words or behaving gently to your love, romance is feelings and sensations, containment, the ability to understand the life of your partner from the look of the eyes, or the tone of the voice.

some ladies consider romance as an “emotional” man, or “gentleman,” or the man is the one who helps his wife with the house’s duties, relieves her pain, worries. The Prophet – peace be upon him – is considered the perfect role of model to learn the art of martial relations.

The prophet helps his wives

The Prophet, peace be upon him, despite the burdens he encountered during his life, he did house duties himself; to be a role model and a good example. When his wife Aisha was asked about the prophet’s attitude in the house she said: “he was a human being, sewing his dress, and serving himself”.

There are many prophetic hadiths that recommend the good treatment of women and being kind with them. Many books also tell that when the Prophet was preparing to ride his camel, he bent his honorable knee so that his wife, Safiya, could put her foot on top of her to ride the camel.

Muslims are required to follow the lead of the Prophet – peace be upon him – who complimented women, made them feel their value, make them feel confidence in themselves, helped them on their duties.

Tolerance is essential in martial life

The Prophet (peace be upon him) was tolerant of his wives. He did not beat them, and relieved them when they cried. “The messenger of Allah has never beat his women, “said Aisha. It was narrated that Safiya was travelling with the prophet, and that was her day, so she slowed down, and the prophet found her crying, complaining and saying, “I rode on a slow camel,” so the messenger of Allah wipe her eyes with his hands, and calmed her “.

Sharing his wives their joy

Aisha – may Allah be pleased upon her-she said: “the Prophet said to me: “come, I shall race you, I won. he beat me after I carried the meat, and I got fat. he made a laugh saying we are now equal.

Taking care of them in their illness

Khadija, the first wife of the Prophet, became ill, the prophet did not abandon her, but sat next to her, and remained with her most of the day, to serve her needs and taking care for her.

Dealing with the jealousy of his wives

Aisha – may Allah be pleased upon her – was the nearest wife to the prophet’s heart. One day the prophet was hosting some guest and found no food in her house, so the Prophet found no solution but to bring food from the home of his second wife “Umm Salma”, and Aisha saw this, she got jealous from “Umm Salma”, and she broke the dish while offering it to the guests. But the prophet, instead of being angry by the embarrassment he had experienced in front of his guests, laughed and picked up food from the ground, saying to his companions, “eat. Eat. Aisha was jealous “.

Women are wise, you can take their consultant

Although he is a messenger from Allah, he was consulting his wives and taking their opinion. As it was narrated in books that the prophet, after the reconciliation of hudaybiya, ordered the Muslims who accompanied him to shave and Slaughtering, but many of them refused to obey the orders of the prophet because they did not agree to the terms of hudaybiya, so he went to his wife um Salama who suggested to the prophet to go out and not speaking a word to any of them, until you slaughter and shave.” He did what Umm Salama pointed out to him. So his companions did as like the prophet did.

the Prophet said: “The best of you is the one who is best to his wife, and I am the best of you to my wives.”