Hacks with Coordinated Attacks, Leaks, and Software Errors

Cybersecurity 2020, risky scene

Cybersecurity was considered an issue in 2020 as threats were not limited to the alarming growth of ransomware. In addition to the daily concerns because of the threats of malware, stolen data, and the recovering costs of hacking into commercial networks, there was a much greater threat to many aspects. For instance, the USA had suffered from hackers who tried to directly or indirectly influence the outcome of the US presidential election in 2020.

Hacking risks

Today, all companies that own computers, internet-connected devices, or digital software have to classify themselves as a “tech company”. And, anyone who owns a smart TV, virtual assistant, or any IoT device is at risk of being exposed by hackers who continuously try to leak our private information.

Michael Seacrest, Chief Technology Officer at Booz Allen Hamilton, says the world is seeing an increase in the types of techs that could be used for cyber-attacks. Including the technology in cars, drones, satellites, and electronic device components.

It is true that everyone connected to the internet in this world became a potential target for cyber-attacks, but understanding the risks that exist can help to reduce the probability of any threat.

“The main threat facing companies is the low level of follow-up to the ongoing evolution of security threats,” said Ellen Benaim, the chief information security officer at Templavi; Keeping track of new events must become a constant battle, especially as things got worse in 2020. There are expectations to see an increase in the number of cyber-attacks in the current year

New old threats

In 2020, we saw that many of the threats we experienced in the past years had remained and continued to be real problems in 2020. Most notably phishing attacks and programming errors  

Phishing emails:

“Phishing is the deception of others to do something that benefits the hacker somehow,” says Tom Thomas, a member of Tulane University’s Master of Professional. Studies in cybersecurity management program in New Orleans warns of “awareness to counter this type of attack is becoming common. But phishing is also evolving, to the point that some fake e-mails are becoming difficult to monitor except in cases

Programming errors:

 Today we face another cyber threat that digital software designers cause: it is software bugs that may leave behind gaps.

Targeted attacks

Trusted employees also make mistakes. Hackers used social engineering techniques to penetrate a network and collect sensitive data, along with tools to encrypt data breach security systems.

Lawrence Pitt, director of global security strategy at Juniper Networks, stated “in 2020 we saw more targeted and multi-level phishing. During which many targets used in a company, to gather information and achieve their breach in the companies”.

US cyber-attack: 50 companies ‘severely’ affected by the hack

The cybersecurity company was able to identify widespread hacking of US government agencies, announced that fifty institutions affected severely.

Moreover, the CEO of cybersecurity firm FireEye said “harmful signs appeared in the networks of 1,800 organizations. And 50 of them suffered serious damage.”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Russia for the attack, as did the heads of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees.

But in two tweets, President Trump hinted of a russian involvement in the attack and hinted at a Chinese role.

Mandia told CBS News that the attack was “very consistent” with what U.S. officials knew about the work of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Agency, the SVR. “I think these the people we faced in the 19th. And at the beginning of the new millennium”, he added.

What was the saying about Russian interference?

Despite Russia’s denials of what called “baseless” allegations, many on the U.S. intelligence side suspect the Russian government’s responsibility.

“We can clearly say that the Russians participated in this activity, “secretary of State Mike Pompeo said. He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin “remains a real danger”.

“It is clear that Russian intelligence has carried out the most serious cyber hack in our history. The response must be proportionate but strong,” Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Marco Rubio tweeted.

Democrat Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, tweeted “I don’t think there’s any doubt that it’s Russia.”

He criticized President Trump’s comments on the issue, saying it was ” just systematic destruction, deceptive and harmful. Our national security”.

President Trump has always been hesitant about Moscow, by underestimating similar incidents. As he has with allegations that Russia offered money to the Taliban in exchange for killing U.S. troops.”

“I got a summary of what happened and things are under control, “he said. Expressing in his first tweet: “Russia Russia Russia, the first accused when any problem occurs, ” noting without any evidence that China “may” also be involved.

President-elect Joe Biden promised to make cybersecurity a “top priority” for his administration.

Biden said, “we need to disrupt our enemies from launching cyber-attacks in the first place.”

“We’ll do it, by imposing high costs on those responsible for such malicious attacks. And in coordination with our allies and partners,” he added.