A Third Wave of The Pandemic

About 12 months after the coronavirus became a worldwide threat, each one of us is looking forward to seeing what happens every minute, given the tremendous effect that covid-19 has brought to our lives.

What is the third wave?

The term Third Wave is created when the numbers of infected people reduced to their lowest daily rates. But then they begin to rise significantly again, as happened after the end of the first wave and the rise of injuries significantly started with the second wave.

Health authorities in South Korea announced that the third wave of coronavirus has hit the country and is spreading rapidly, and that the capital Seoul is experiencing about 200 new infections per day, in addition to infections elsewhere, said health official Yoon teh-Ho.

Global health envoy warns of third wave

David Nabarro, who’s coronavirus envoy, had warned Europe of a third wave if the organization failed to do its part properly.

The WHO envoy for coronavirus predicted a third wave of the pandemic in Europe early this year. As Deutsche Welle said especially if governments repeat what he described as “failure to do what is necessary to prevent the second wave”.

Presidential advisor for health and Prevention: the third wave began in Japan

Dr. Mohamed Awad Tag El Din, adviser of the president for Health Affairs, said that the thirs wave of the spread of the coronavirus, began in Japan, noting that the global situation is still in danger. In Britain, the prime minister said that the situation is still scary and frightening

Italian epidemiologist: Corona’s third wave is coming

An Italian epidemiologist has warned of the third wave of coronavirus, stressing that it is inevitably coming for the absence of preventive measures.

“The third wave of the coronavirus pandemic is confirmed, in the absence of appropriate preventive measures,” said Pierluigi Lopalco, at the University of Pisa and scientific coordinator of the Puglia provincial task force for the covid-19 emergency.

European Center for Disease Control: Corona’s “third wave” could blow the world’s joy with new vaccines

While the world is trying to be optimistic after the vaccines that promise to save humanity from the coronavirus crisis, the European Center for control and Prevention (ECCM) has warned that recent data portend high odds of the virus. Returning to spread in a third wave, if we don’t take measures to restrict movements and gatherings.

According to the report of the center, based in Helsinki and belongs to 52 European countries. Most of the measures taken by governments during the summer holiday period were not enough to prevent the second wave, which caused more casualties than the first wave.

Don’t be too optimistic

In its periodic report, the center warned against drawning behind excessive optimism, calling for more caution and tightening in the procedures during the winter.

Global health: pay attention!

As the second wave of the pandemic picked up pace in October, most European countries reintroduced strict measures to stop the spread of the disease. Which has infected more than 15 million people, prompting the World Health Organization (WHO) to warn of a third “deadly” outbreak of the new virus just months later.

David Nabarro, WHO’s coronavirus envoy, predicted a third wave of the pandemic in Europe in early 2021. He said: Governments failed to do what was necessary to prevent a second wave.

“Governments have not worked to establish the necessary infrastructure during the summer months after the first wave was controlled,” he added in an interview with Swiss newspapers.

“Now we are facing the second wave,” said Nabarro. If (governments) do not equip the necessary infrastructure, we will have a third wave early next year.”

This came two days after Hans Klug, WHO’s Europe officer, said that Europe is responsible for 28% of global cases and 26% of deaths.

COVID19 casualties

The new coronavirus has registered more than 72 million infections worldwide since the outbreak began almost a year ago, while the number of recoveries has exceeded 37 million, and the number of deaths has reached more than one and a half million cases.

The United States is on the top list of a number of injuries. Then in India, Brazil, France, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Germany, Poland, and Iran.

The United States also tops the world in terms of death numbers. Followed by Brazil, India, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Italy, and France.

Return to normal life

A senior scientific adviser to the French government said that the world will most likely not return to “normal” life before autumn 2021. Immunologist Jean-Francois Delfresse told TV (P.F.M) also said “we have a virus that continues to spread strongly as soon as we get out of the second lockdown,”.