Biden Inauguration and Trump supporters

Joe Biden has been sworn to be US president. “Democracy has predominated,” he stated after receiving the oath of office from chief justice John Roberts.

In his first speech as president, he just appeared an overarching prescription for the nation’s ills. “Unity is that the way ahead forward” he said. “And we must satisfy this moment for us of America.”

Joe Biden knows he has a difficult job in front of him. He described the largest challenges facing his presidency – a destructive pandemic, heavy job losses, urgent calls for racial justice, a threatening situation, and a resurgence of political extremism. Standing on the area that was occupied two weeks ago by an angry mob supporting his predecessor, Mr. Biden called for an end to what he described a “savage war”.

Biden campaigned as a centrist competent in recovering the nation’s bruises. Within the months since his victory, the extent of the divisions within the US has only become more obvious. Together with his party on top of things of Congress, he will have an opportunity to enact an ambitious presidential agenda. Keeping the state united while doing so would be a large achievement.

What is Trump doing after Biden Inauguration?

Mr. Trump was the first president not to come for his successor’s inauguration since 1869. He departs the White House early

In his valediction address, he focused on what he considered the achievements of his presidency. “What we have done has been marvelous by any gauge,” Mr. Trump said.

In his latest hours as president, Mr. Trump granted clemency to quite 140 people, containing his former adviser Steve Bannon, which had been facing fraud charges. But the political drama encircling Mr. Trump is a path from over. The United States Senate is portended to place him unproved soon, following his recording second impeachment by the House of Representatives for allegedly inciting the Capitol riot.

Swarming of Trump waves

President Donald Trump’s fans have swarmed and crowded the roads of Washington DC for a ‘Million MAGA March’ to promote his longshot lawful difficulties to reverse President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory.

Pro-Trump groups met in Freedom Plaza at noon on Saturday, paying attention to speeches before marching toward the Supreme Court. Left-wing activists also reached to counter-protest, and minor skirmishes of pushing and shoving broke out, but police formed lines to depart the 2 groups.

Tensions rose because the afternoon wore on, with sporadic but heated screaming matches between members within the pro-Trump rally and groups of masked counter-protesters bearing signs supporting Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Cops were quick to intervene, and there have been no critical reports of higher violence.

There were reports and records of some violent offensives on Trump fans as they scattered. Ahead of Union Station, one Trump fan was beaten bloody within the head by counter-protesters.

The gathering crowd of cheering fans as he headed to his golf club in Sterling, Virginia.

What is going to happen after Biden’s inauguration and what will Joe Biden do first?

Joe Biden has consumed 50 years in politics working for the sake of this moment, but he could never have anticipated such large difficulties that would be challenging him on his first day at the helm. What are his priorities?

He will start with a 10-day flurry of executive orders.

These are official directives that do not need congressional agreement.

Top of his promised do list is canceling a controversial tour ban. Which his predecessor Donald Trump imposed upon countries he considered as a security threat and retorting the Paris weather deal.

Coronavirus pandemic relief (Masking up America)

The coronavirus has killed quite 400,000 people within the US only. Therefore, the pandemic and its wide-ranging impact are going to be the new administration’s top priority.

Mr. Biden has called it “one of the foremost important battles our administration will face”.

Relief for homeowners and renters

Mr. Biden’s team has stated that he has direct plans to raise a moratorium on ejections and on foreclosures on home mortgages, both of which paused early within the pandemic. Plus the modern pause on federal student loan payments and interest.