Licenses in Islam

Many of the worship imposed by Allah Almighty on the Muslim is asking them to do them correctly so that the Muslim gets from them positive effects of faith and life. In some circumstances, Islam permits his Muslims to relieve some worships. For example, not fasting for illness or ablution with soil in case of water leakage. As the prophet, Muhammad, Peace be upon him, mentioned in the Hadith

Allah likes that His licenses get used, just as He dislikes committing sin

Types of licenses in worship

First: the legalization of prohibitions or what means here implies that licenses are considered facilitation in some forbidden acts. For example, a person is unable to fast during the day of Ramadan, whether due to illness, travel, or other reasons, so he has a license to break the fast on that day and fast it at a different time, the Almighty said:

But if any of you is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed number (should be made up) from days later”

Or that a Muslim is obliged to eat pork or dead, in the case of severe hunger and lack of food, or drink wine in the absence of water to drink despite their prohibition in an explicit text, the Almighty said regarding this:

He has only forbidden to you dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah. But whoever is forced [by necessity], neither desiring [it] nor transgressing [it’s limit], there is no sin upon him. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

Second: leave or facilitate some obligations and an example of this shortening (decreasing the number of the rak’ahs) in prayer when traveling, praying 2 rak’ahs instead of 4 rak’ahs for most of the prayers. Except the Maghreb prayer cannot be shortened, in that the saying of God blessed and Almighty: 

When you travel through the earth, there is no blame on you if you shorten your prayers, because of fear the unbelievers who may attack you. For the unbelievers are unto you open enemies.

Reasons for legitimate licenses

– Need or necessity: the purpose of such things is to be a Muslim in the need to do something. And this thing had a legitimate license, was the right here to work with the legitimate license.

– Disease: the disease is considered one of the conditions that allow the Muslim to use licenses which is easier to perform and which is suitable to his new state of health. Eating is allowed for some conditions as we mentioned in Ramadan. Also, praying while sitting or sleeping as the prophet said in the hadith:

“Pray while standing and if you can’t, pray while sitting and if you cannot do even that, then pray Lying on your side.”

– Restriction: licenses can be issued in the case of restrictions, according to the saying of Allah Almighty:

And if you find no water, then take for yourselves clean sand or earth, and rub therewith your faces and hands

The lifting of restriction here is intended to be lifted the assignment. For example for water lack for washing, in that case, Tiamam is permissible, as well as wiping on socks

– Forcing: it is the act performed by a Muslim without his will. And those acts include drinking alcohol or falling into some taboos, so it is licensed to do so in case of forcing and there is nothing wrong with the Muslim in that

– Travel: Travel is one of the reasons that combine lots of licenses, as the traveler can shorten in prayers or combine two of them. For instance, the traveler can also break the fast on the day of Ramadan, or wipe on his shoes in the way of traveling.

Tracking License

The difference between legitimate licenses and tracking licenses is very clear. The legitimate licenses are considered permissible according to the Quranic verses mentioned above. Ensuring the verse “God intends for you ease and does not want hardship for you”

As for tracking licenses, it is from the perspective of some that the Muslim indulges in the opinions of some scientists and follow what is according to his needs. Such as allowing something for himself in a certain situation and exile or hate it in another situation, believing that this is a license