Important Tips to A Happy Married Life

Marriage is the source of happiness and stability for mankind, God Almighty created women in a way that a man can not live without a woman, and a woman can not live without a man, he said in the Holy Quran

And It is Allah Who made your habitations homes of rest and quiet for you

the meaning of the Holy Verse is that true stability and tranquility can only be obtained through a well-based affection and love marriage.

Allah Almighty made marriage a peace and affection between the husband and his wife, and facilitated the intimacy and mercy between them, he said:

“And of His Signs is that He has created mates for you from your own kind that you may find peace in them, and He has set between you love and mercy. Surely there are Signs in this for those who reflect.”

So that married life continues with stability, peace, tranquility, and love; both the husband and his wife must know their duties and perform them, and know their rights so as not to exceed them or demand more than them; the husband has rights and duties, and the wife has rights and duties, and the duties and rights of each of them differ.

What are the duties of a husband to his wife?

Providing a good life for the wife

This can be done by providing the basic life requirements for her, satisfying her desires, and smiling at her, and treating her well and with kindness, while showing feelings of love for her, also the husband must do the things she loves

A good husband listens to his wife when she speaks, respects her opinion, helps her in making her decisions, and works hard to achieve emotional stability within their nest. The husband should cooperate with his wife in enlightening and clarifying each one role and duties inside the house, which may limit the differences and conflicts that may occur between them.

Other duties of the husband towards his wife

There are many other duties on the husband towards his wife, including:

  • Fondling the wife and bringing pleasure to her heart.
  • Satisfying her desires.
  • Honor her, do not insult her, and avoid hurting her.
  •   Keeping her secret, appreciating her circumstances, taking into account her weakness.
  • Respect her family and consider her feelings.
  • Avoid mentioning another woman in front of her, not preferring another to her.
  • Saying kind words, providing safety to her.
  • Respecting her in front of people.
  • Taking her advice regarding their lives and raising their children.
  • Sharing the burdens of the house and participating in the house duties
  • Face the problems that may get between you and her and solve it.

What are the duties of a woman towards her husband?

As the husband is obliged to spend on his house and family and perform his own duties. Also, he has rights that the wife must perform for him:

Obeying the husband

Allah assigned the husband to take the responsibility of the house, manage it, and guiding it, as Allah singled out men over women from physical, mental, and innate characteristics; the Almighty said:

Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means.

Satisfying his sexual needs

If the husband asks his wife to do sexual intercourse then she refused and prevented him from his right, she may have committed a sin and even a major sin, as the messenger of Allah said in the hadith:

When a man calls his wife to come to his bed, and she refuses and does not come to him, and he spends the night angry, the angels curse her till the morning.

Taking his permission before entering anyone to his house

it is also the duty of a wife to her husband not to allow anyone who hates her husband to enter his home unless he permits, accepts, and agrees to enter his home as long as she knows her husband’s dislike of entering that person’s home, even if the person concerned is closest to her, such as her father, mother or brother. As mentioned in the hadith:

None of you should fast a day or two before the (beginning of the) mouth of Ramadan, unless it is a day on which one is in the habit of fasting (i.e., voluntary fasting that coincides with that day).”.

Not leaving the house without his permission

one of the wife’s duties towards her husband is also not to leave the home until she informs him of her leaving, and if she is not authorized, she is not allowed to leave, even if she wants to visit her sick father or mother.