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My Covid Diary: What Does Covid Look Like in 2021?

Covid 19 has affected all our lives, and now mine-but what does it mean in 2021 and how is it emerging in the first part of the new year?

A new year, and a new me. I ended 2020 experiencing covid, after having blogged about it for the past 8 months. I still have no taste or smell, but I am fortunate enough to have gotten away with relatively non-existent symptoms. 

For many other people however, this 2021 has not gotten off to a great start. The NHS in Britain is overwhelmed and wards are seeing more people than they can cope with. I do wonder if I possessed the famous mutant strain? I was asked if I had travelled to Denmark or South Africa, but I had not. If I did possess covid 20 (the 2020 strain of coronavirus), it was not from traveling, and this is perhaps evidence in itself that the mutant strain has taken hold in Scotland.

Mutant Strain Takes Hold of Scotland

Certainly, reports do confirm this. And this is perhaps at the heart of the decision to close schools until the 18th January, although I expect this will be until the end of January at the earliest. In fact, nearly 43% of cases have been found to have the new variant in Scotland-despite originating, or at least an outbreak ensuing in the South of England. The outbreak in England only took hold just before Christmas, and the South of England was largely put into full lockdown. Yet, this new variant has spread into nearly half of the emerging cases in Scotland. 

Clearly, the bugger is infectious. And I can relate to that, because my hands are resembling that of an 80 year old with the amount of hand washing I’ve been doing, and the list of precautions resembles a military exercise. Still, I ended up with it.

Lack of Hospital Beds

The lack of beds within hospitals is the real concern. There have been reports within London, detailing ambulances needing to be used for the lack of beds. I suppose this will be the real barometer of the pandemic. And there is general concern for the NHS during the coming weeks ahead. It is being reported that nearly half of hospital admissions are covid related-that means hospitals have 50% more traffic to deal with; it can then be understandable as to why this is overwhelming.

Lockdown 2 Puts Pressure on Us All

But it’s been a tough year for everyone, and the latest restrictions have been the last straw for me. I could cope with the first lockdown, but this second lockdown has been the struggle. It is probably not helped with winter-short days and little light, messes with the body anyway, but with the added anxiety of covid and not seeing anyone outside your household-it makes life strained.

It has been a long year and where I could tolerate it before, the tolerance is now waining. Every day feels like groundhog day, there is little variation. It has had such an effect, and Christmas was as difficult as it was-not being able to visit family because I had caught it; I now have visions of Christmas abroad.

What Do You Hope for In The New Year?

But as an optimist, my thoughts turn to the new year. It is definitely a year in which we have to deal with covid, but I am hopeful things will start to change. First of all we have the vaccine, which promises immunity and freedom for the masses. It’s weird to think I now have immunity, I am very much inclined to flaunt this and visit friends, because why not?! I have essentially received the vaccine. And I am now out with the infectious period.

Therefore, I hope and plan freedom in the new year. I am not staying in this cage, because I have already been given the key out of it. I am not a prisoner of my own doing. This all depends on the perspective of others however, doesn’t it?!

Will People See Me As Immune?

It very much depends on the person I think. People are being extremely cautious, and rightly so, but I know covid 19/20-whatever you want to call it, is a virus like any other coronavirus. Any other coronavirus being the cold or the flu. When you catch the cold or flu, you have immunity thereafter. I can testify this having worked in copious nurseries. 

People will still fear doubt and doubt is fear itself. But really, I can’t and won’t live this way.

And they say you have 2 months immunity after having caught the virus. But actually…studies are suggesting the immunity period is even longer-at six months!

“Praise be the lord”!

Obviously, we have to proceed with caution over the length of time as these are preliminary findings, but I think it confirms immunity. Dr Maria Van Kerkhove tells us more by explaining antibodies are created a few weeks after the initial infection. 

Being cautious, I may be immune to one strain but not the other? This is a valid point, but then that would in turn make the vaccine ineffective, and they are saying that is not the case; despite the new strain.

I think people will still be cautionary and we have this to deal with in the new year, but I plan on living my life as much as possible. I have effectively had the vaccine, and this could mean I am immune for six months or longer-but at least for 3 being cautious. I will continue to follow protocol, but most importantly I plan to live my life.