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A Tier To Bring Tears And Back Again: A Scottish Covid Journey

Nicola Sturgeon-like Boris Johnson, is about to (hopefully), tier back the restrictions applied to Scottish areas-just in time for the festive period. What is it like living under this control?

And so it looks like we are all moving out of any tier 4 scenario in the run up to Christmas. Or, at least in Scotland. Up until now, and for the past few months, we have been subject to a tiered system approach to lockdown within the whole of the United Kingdom. It meant those areas most affected could simulate the first national lockdown in most regards, but other lesser affected areas could return to a somewhat ‘normal’ life.

Tier 4: Get Back In Your Boxes Ye Heathens

It has meant areas like Glasgow and surrounds, as well as West Lothian in Scotland have been in tier 4-unable to travel, socialise or do-anything at all, really. Except, think of ways to ‘liven up’ the weekend walk. A flask of red wine en route was my best effort, but I am sure there are further stretches of the imagination. It has been tough, and depressing-not gonna lie. Living in tier 4 means no shops are open, and no travel is permitted, except for work. 

Life Begins: TBC

It means life begins and ends at the end of the work day, and for those in between work-life is tense. Everything has become really slow-waiting for mail, waiting for appointments and waiting on general procedures that occur relatively simply on a daily basis-and then hit the fan: because of covid. It is the new 2020 slogan

“because of covid…”

The open sesame response to anything that has gone wrong, or isn’t working ‘quite as planned’. Waiting for communication on applications has got to have heavily relied upon the:

“because of covid…” mantra

Sure, things went a bit helter skelter, no doubt; it turned the work environment on its rear end, and there will be many adjustments still to come. Nevertheless, it is not the excuse everyone can start using willie nilly. 

For example, I applied for one job in January and heard about it in August-yep. Then I turned up to the train station the other day, on my way to work-to find out my train wasn’t coming anymore. Scotrail had removed it from the timetable; without my prior knowledge, it was not even ‘cancelled’. Just, no longer existing. And so I worry how life is going to look when we do return, or, is this the beginning of a ghost town utopia-where AI has more interaction, and humans involve themselves with:

 ‘that is which on the screen’.

Joking aside, things are definitely in SLO-MO. My goodness, it is a little bit like living in pre-modern times. We even had a visit from the Monarchy today, they came via train (The Royal Train), and apparently, this is the first time Kate has been on it! Yeah, because the last ten years she has been on private jet…but it’s just not slow enough for 2020. 

Even My Mum Says: She Can’t Believe We’re Talking Tiers

Mum says she feels like she’s in a film. And it does feel a bit: 28 Days Later, making broad generalisations of course. My family could be the zombies. But Nicola says she hopes to release us from our plight and return us to a tier previous for our festive run up.

Nicola has even reminded the Royals they are traveling between tiers…not to mention countries.

Tiers changing means: Edinburgh will be (possibly) going into tier 2 and West Lothian tier 3. And England have already been unleashed-if Harrod shoppers were anything to go by. Queueing in a strong crowd of what looked like a 1000 keen beans; gathering close to keep the warmth in, during these winter days.

We wouldn’t want coronavirus to keep us from our shopping!

Mental, and I worry this will just release the ‘crazies’ in people. The energy built up for the annual Black Friday-but put off to a later festive date. The return of the shops, and shoppers to fill them-is a good thing for business; who have had to survive on goodness knows what, this past year. Christmas is the busiest time of year for most, and especially the retail and hospitality industry. However, covid aint going away any time soon and we are already hanging out this 25th December. People need to stay cautious, and not forget personal measures.

It is a relief to be moving out of tier 4 at least, and to make some plans for the festive period. We have four days to mingle, let’s make the most of it, but not forget to:

“be a little bit wiser”

Or, 3 Become One Rather

Don’t let that virus mutate! Geez, the last thing anyone wants to face in the New Year-is a hospital visit to see their Christmas rellies; it’s just not kosher. 

So tier down the expectations this Christmas, enjoy oneself and always remember Nicola’s golden rules:

  1. Keep 2m apart
  2. Wash your hands regularly
  3. Eat from disposables (more like The Royle Family christmas then)

Things are letting up a bit for the festive season ahead, but man yourself with your own self-armour and take care of yourself, as well as others. Amp up the vit C, vit D and overall diet before the feast; and you will be more protected than any vaccine around the corner.