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#indyref2: The Similarities Between Trump and Sturgeon

Nicola’s Sturgeon’s driving motivation is #indyref2 within Scotland, but how is this different from Donald Trump’s obstruction of democracy and his insistence to come back?

The scenes, or rather-the tweets and the accusations; that have faced the American public of recent-lay bare the fragile political ego. Donald Trump and his cronies have not stopped short of unleashing their biggest campaign yet: ‘Election Fraud’!. There is barely a tweet on Trump’s Twitter account that doesn’t mention how the election has been ‘stolen’ from him.

According to Donald, the whole election was fraudulent 9 hours in and he has actually won…don’t you know; by a landslide. It’s just no one actually knows it yet. 

Unfortunately for Donald, his hopes of spinning anything to make his fall from the top anything but, are disappearing like ice in hot water. Courts all over America are putting aside the accusations by the Trump campaign and throwing out their following suits. Simply because, there is not enough evidence to substantiate such claims.

Democracy Makes the Only Say But Men Shall Weep

The sad reality for Trump is to accept his defeat and move on-it is democracy and there will always be a winner and a loser. It’s just-as predicted, Trump is being a sore loser. Trump is not the only politician to be the sore loser, neither is he the only politician to be non-accepting of his failure. And neither is he the only politician to subsequently announce his plans to re-run for the next presidential election. Apparently, he is going to do this on the eve of Biden’s inauguration (I’m not sure there will be many supporters there to listen).

No, unfortunately Donald Trump does not pave the way for this egotistical and tyrannical behaviour. The SNP within Scotland (the Scottish Nationalist Party), who currently lead government; headed by the First Minister: Nicola Sturgeon, also harbour similar Trumpest audacities. 

The SNP and Their Never Out of View Hopes

The main and some might say-single agenda of the SNP, is to drive Scotland into independence, ‘freeing us’ from the Treaty of the Union, and no longer subsiding within the United Kingdom. No longer British, and with no certainty of being Europeon-we would exist as ‘Scottish’ alone.

Scotland took a referendum back in 2014 on whether it should be an independent nation. 55% of people voted ‘No’ and therefore, Scotland remained within the United Kingdom. But this was not acceptable for Nicola, who has been harping on about #indyref2 for goodness knows how long. We only took a vote 6 years ago, and yet she was calling for another referendum only a few years later. It is the kind of vote that only happens once a generation, but there have been countless calls asking Boris Johnson, in recent times for a second referendum. 

He has so far said no. Sturgeon made the call to Johnson back in January this year-remember that time: pre-covid. It’s a great article by the BBC in which Boris reminds Nicola of the:

‘once in a generation vote’

Ironically, Sturgeon accuses Johnson of:

‘denying democracy’

Driving Ambition of Trump and Sturgeon

An interesting accusation, since this is the very fabric in which she sows her own knickers. Not so different from Scotland’s most famous export: Donald Trump. Yes, how unfortunate. His mother was Scottish and whom he was very close to. But this is not the only similarity, Nicola and Donald bestow. Both carry a single agenda held above all else-and quite beyond those they supposedly represent. Nicola continues to lace the #indyref2 into the agenda, covid or not, and I am sure Donald has not given up on his wall.

She has been using political opportunity to reinforce Scottish nationalism on a regular basis, this is despite an ongoing global pandemic that has taken over a million lives worldwide. Such instances have seen her wearing a tartan mask, and subtly implying the ‘differences’ if Scotland was an independent nation in response to UK covid decisions.

And this is the rhetoric of her supporters, who I have heard make reference to:

‘the border having been closed if we were independent’

This was early doors when we were still in lockdown1 and wishing we had shut all borders.

The Reality Is We All Need Each Other

But the reality is, Scotland would have struggled without the support of the UK government. If we had decided to become independent 6 years ago, it is unlikely we would have coped under such a global crisis. For the reality is: it is in our alliances and our relationships that we will succeed and overcome this thing; not hanging out as the only Scot at the party.

The Heart of the SNP

Claire Foges, the political speech writer for David Cameron comments:

‘No matter what else is on the agenda, progressing the independence cause always comes out on top.’

I do think there is truth in this, one only needs to hear calls for another referendum to know the real story. It is highly unacceptable that the SNP do continuously call for another referendum when one was held only 6 years ago. It is like they are not accepting of their failure-much like their friend across the pond.

Nevertheless, Nicola has dealt with the pandemic well-in the latter days. Although I think she could take more of a stance if she wants to be seen as a true leader; she has been sensible in her decisions and stuck by a thorough reasoning.

Yet, she represents everyone in Scotland and we voted to stay within the union. She actually categorically ‘denies this’ by pushing for another referendum and much like Johnson surmises:

‘continue the political stagnation Scotland has seen for the past decade’

The political stagnation being this obsession with #indyref2…there is a country to run you know!

And this is just it, if the SNP eye is kept firmly on another #indyref2, where is their head at for anything else?