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Rising Islamophobia and Hate Crimes against Muslims in India

As of late, many hate crimes against Muslims are taking place. One of the countries where islamophobia is rising at an alarming rate is India. With every single day that passes by, religious violence is becoming more frequent.

Alone in the year 2020, a total number of 11 hate crime cases have happened. All of which were against Muslims. The Times of India reported on the 3rd of September all of the crimes that Muslims were victims of. The headline further confirmed the above number and was written in bold:

Around 10 persons booked for hurting religious sentiments, Chandigarh News, Times of India.

What are the hate crimes and where exactly did they happen?

All of the brutality that took place was mob lynching. Muslims were surrounded by islamophobic racists who took it upon themselves to slaughter innocent Muslims who didn’t do anything wrong.

The details of the several religious barbarities are given below:

1. June

These are the ones that happened in the month of June:


On 15th of June in 2020, Mohd Hanif, a driver in Mangalore, specifically Karnataka, was savagely beaten up. It was a cow vigilante lynch mob that participated in doing that. The driver’s vehicle was badly damaged as well. The men who beat up the driver and destroyed his car were from Bajrang Dal.

The victim told Mangalorean.com that his attackers were released on bail. The police filed a non-bailable case on the victim himself instead of capturing the attackers.

Mohd Hanif further said that this is ‘unfair.’

2. August

The following crimes all took place in August:


A 52-year old man, Gaffar Ahmed, was beaten up brutally. This happened on August 8, 2020. 

His beard was pulled and his teeth were punched out. Furthermore, he was also forced against his will to chant ‘Modi Zindabad.’ That slogan is the slogan chanted by the supporters of the government that is currently in power.

The people also made him say ‘Jai Shree Ram’ which is a religious slogan for Hindus. It translates to ‘Victory to Lord Rama.’

Gaffar Ahmed was also told to ‘go back to Pakistan’ which is a phrase racists often use to tell people who are not originally from the country they are residing in.

Jammu and Kashmir:

Muhammad Asghar, 40 years old, and his nephew Javid Ahmad, 26 years old, were victims of islamophobia on 16th August 2020. Both of them were viciously beaten with the help of sticks in the Reasi district. They were punched and kicked. 

The islamophobes kept cursing them as they punched them. They reportedly said, ‘Shoot the traitors’ in their language. They also said, ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai,’ which means ‘Victory for Mother India.’


On the 23rd of August in Haryana, Akhlaq Salmani, was subjected to islamophobia. He was a hairdresser and was hit by bricks and clubs. 

The reason was that his right arm said ‘786.’ It is numerology that some Muslims see as Holy. 

Following that, his arm that had the numerology was mercilessly cut off with the help of a chainsaw. 

The family of Akhlaq Salmani told media that the police wants to compromise with the strikers. Which most likely means released on bail or not facing enough jail time even after contributing in a severe hate crime.

3. September

In the month of September, all of the following offences took place:


Another incident also happened in Haryana. This time it was in the city of Karnal.

Mohammad Ahsan, who was an Imam of a Masjid was attacked with swords. He was also beaten with rods. A number of grave injuries were inflicted on his head by batons.

Uttar Pradesh:

One of the regions of the NCR (National Capital Regions), Uttar Pradesh, became the place where an act of islamophobia took place. A Muslim whose name was Aftab Islam was a sufferer of mob lynching. 

The day of 6th September 2020, he was lynched and forced to say ‘Jai Sri Ram.’

According to the wire. in, the police claim that it wasn’t a hate crime.


In the village of Beed’s Hol which is located in Maharashtra, four Muslims were hit with sticks and bricks. 

The Muslims were namely Suhail Tamboli, Aslam Ather, Nizamuddin Qazi and Sayyed Layak. This happened on 16 September 2020.

They endured hateful remarks according to twocircles.net. They were told,

‘You don’t deserve to live in India.’

Hate crimes in the previous years:

Islamophobia has always been a part of India; ever since Muslims and Hindus used to live together as a community in the Subcontinent. 

However, the only thing that wasn’t a part of the community was the sense of community.

And that blame isn’t for the Muslims to take. The sole owners of that are the Hindus that lived in the Subcontinent and abused Muslims in many different ways.

Ever since then, the islamophobia hasn’t died down. It has only gained speed.


One of the many killings of Muslims that are happening on a large scale in India, one of them was this:

On the 16th of April in 2018, in Jammu and Kashmir, an 8-year old girl was kidnapped. She was gang-raped and eventually murdered. This happened near Kathua. Her name was Asifa Bano. 

The Bharatiiya Janata Party, the national political party, whose government it is currently, are backing up the rapists shamelessly.

The members of the BJP party are rape apologists and have still not done anything to bring justice to the young victim.


In Jharkand on 18th June, Tabrez Ansari was injured and lynched. He was 22 years old and was begging to the group of racists who were hurting him, to stop. But they didn’t stop and forced him to chant slogans such as ‘Jai Shree Ram’ and ‘Jai Hanuman’. 

All of the casualties that are listed above haven’t been brought any fairness. The culprits haven’t been convicted even up till now.

Muslims are at a threat in India .Their safety cannot be assured until the accused are punished equally.