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Vitamin C And Diet: Why Is This Not The Covid 19 Vaccine?

Significant studies are finding vitamin C could cure severe cases of coronavirus, but why is this and diet not the government’s first protocol?

Whatever stage of life you may find yourself in-the truth of the matter is, your diet counts. It contributes towards the well maintaining of the immune system. If this wasn’t obvious-then think about the affect your diet has when simply trying to avoid the common cold (also part of the affectionate coronavirus family). As soon as there has been a lack of vitamin C in the diet or a lack of sleep-boom, you are riddled with phlegm nation. Many people swear by a hot lemon every morning.

But with everything going on; it’s hard not to feel like a transformer, a vulnerable moving object-prone to attack by its smaller counterparts.

But no! We are more than just the sum of our parts. We are the captain of our own ship.

The importance of diet has been cited to such an extent that researchers have even stated: it is the single most powerful tool at our disposal to prevent and control the virus. It is even hypothesised that the race to obtain a vaccine is non-sustainable when a resistant strain or other infectious disease could easily mutate and prevail.

In other words, everyone could become vaccinated and then a new pandemic could appear. Even though we are currently in the midst of rolling out the vaccine by early next year or earlier. The likelihood of a resistant strain or new infectious disease appearing is high. And as such, this is the case with flu, which mutates every year and therefore requires a new vaccine every year.

So why aren’t the government and the WHO making diet imperative in the defence against coronavirus?

Covid 19 is one of the coronavirus family, which also includes influenza and the common cold. The best way to treat a cold is to boost vitamin C levels. However, despite many studies finding the importance of vitamin C in reducing the severity and duration of the virus; they dispute its effectiveness in preventing it.

Yet, this is contrary to Covid 19 research: which has found the importance of vitamin C in fighting the virus. A study in May this year disputed vitamin C to be the only successful supplement in the  management of covid 19. This is because it aids in a healthy and functioning immune system.

Nevertheless, the UK government have communicated very little advice which pertains the importance of diet in the prevention of the disease. And the WHO only refer to it as best practise.

Vitamin C Cures Covid 19

The actual research found: when participants were given an extremely high dosage of vitamin C intravenously (up to 20g per day); moderate to severe cases of covid 19 were cured. Yes, cured.

The standard dose of vitamin C as a daily intake is recommended at a maximum of 2000mg (2g) per day. This is 8g less than the therapeutic dose given in the trials. Although this was only within a study group of 50 participants, there have been subsequent trials in Wuhan and in New Zealand.

Therefore, the importance of vitamin C cannot be denied and it is perhaps the levels administered-which ultimately determine the results.

The UK Does Not Test The Effects Of Vitamin C On Covid

Yet, as the article highlights: the UK is not testing the affects of large dose vitamin C upon covid 19 patients. Despite launching an obesity campaign in relation to covid 19 (vitamin C has to be low in those with obesity issues-generally speaking).

 If we did find vitamin C affective in the treatment of covid 19: it would mean a safe drug could be administered and could perhaps prevent long covid.  There is little to no side affect of high dose vitamin C. This also could be a measure in strengthening the immune system in less severe patients, to avoid the long term damage of the disease.

Despite high doses being effective in the trials so far-logic would suggest vitamin C as a main component within the daily diet to be mandatory; and to be a treatment for all covid 19 patients. If vitamin C is this effective in controlling covid 19-it is only the tip of the iceberg in the effectiveness of a healthy diet long term in preventing all diseases; and those like covid 19 which lead to long term and fatal illness.

The UK Admits Obesity Affects Covid 19 But Fails To Address It

In fact, despite apparently launching a massive obesity prevention campaign within the UK; this is what the NHS covid 19 ‘advice’ page says. It makes no mention of diet.

Vitamin C is only one nutritional supplement which is being investigated in the treatment of covid 19-vitamin D and spirulina are two others

However, this is not the focus of the UK government. Their focus has rested upon banning junk food advertisements before 9pm and encouraging GP’s to prescribe more exercise. Where is the mention of diet?!!! Perhaps people need prescriptions with the dietician?! As the article suggests: this is even more important in poor socio-economic areas where covid 19 is prevailing.

Diet contributes towards 80% of your weight goals, since obesity is a contributory factor in covid 19 fatalities and ICU admissions.

And it sickens me, it sickens me because there is a mass aversion to diet as a tool for wellbeing; because healthy diets do not create wealth-they do not need vaccines, they do not need medicines, and they do not need advertisements, lobbyists or third party government ‘funding’. 

Healthy eating should be the drive; not vaccines!

In fact, healthy diets and the access to it creates wealth-but heavens, we wouldn’t want to prescribe that. Especially not in Britain.