The Effects of Trump’s Policies Before and After His Loss to Biden

It was clear from the beginning that Trump’s policies have significant implications on the whole world and Arabs in particular.

Trump’s policies effects on Palestine

The Palestinians were the first to suffer from trumps policies, Trump stated that Jerusalem would remain the capital of Israel in what so-called “the deal of the century,” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rejected this plan and asked for an extraordinary session of the Arab league.

The Hamas movement also rejected the announcement, and they stated that it’ll never accept Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel. Israel is desperate to announce this plan especially Netanyahu that needs this plan to pass to help him to win the upcoming Israeli elections. On the other hand, Trump thought that this plan could help overcome the problems he faced before like the impeachment to keep his chances in the elections. There is a huge gap of mistrust between them and the United States and even some Arab countries. They feel like some Arab countries deserted them, and even help Israel to take what they want, whenever they want.

Trump and dictators:

Arab dictators need Trump to remain in power, along with some domestic tools, like the military power, police, and of course, MEDIA play a significant role to control people’s minds. They also use money and resources to fund corruption groups. But they need global legitimacy, international financing, and of course weapons and Trump could provide all that at once.

Travel ban:

The epicenter of Michigan’s Arab and Muslim American community, more than a thousand people gather at an emergency town hall meeting, after Donald Trump’s travel ban 74 majority Muslim nations. Everyone, it seems he’s been affected. In Dearborn in the Detroit suburbs, more than 4 in 10 residents are of Arab descent.

The travel ban is eased somewhat American citizens and permanent residents seem to be getting throw customs. There is a great sense of unease. Many was wondering after the ban what happens next. At airports across the US Islamic, American protesters were joined in solidarity by thousands of other Americans, infuriated at what they call the Muslim ban. Some saw that as the start of a nationwide uprising. They were willing to give President Trump the support and to extend their hands to work with the president, but they think that he wasn’t doing this at all. Chaos and perhaps a nationwide struggle for the heart of the country that once welcomed them.


As we know Trump has described Syria as an area of death and left it to other leaders to fight in it. What Trump has done is to call for a ceasefire, but without actively involved. Trump abandoned the Kurdish forces in Syria, he supported at the beginning of the conflict and said that his country will not be a reliable backer, and allowed Turkey to do whatever they want in the area. He pulled his troops out of Syria.


Trump canceled the nuclear deal with Iran and did a lot of pressure on Tehran. Some economic sanctions are imposed not only on Tehran but on anyone who stands on their side. On the other hand, Biden will perhaps start to revive the nuclear deal of 215 again, but this move is not clear yet, and the fate of a renewed Tehran deal is still under anticipation at the moment.

After Trump’s loss:

Based on the policies that Biden follows we think that the Arab world would change in a short term. We believe that the U.S could be either a threat or stability for the whole Arab region. Jordan for instance, Trump’s policies treated Jordan as collateral damage, which made Jordan’s King Abdullah Hussien congratulate President Biden on Twitter right after he won the elections. He said that he looks forward to working with him and advance a solid partnership between the two countries.

Jordan’s administration thinks that Biden will spend most of his time on making new relationships with China and other companies, and they need to repair the gap that happened before.

The Middle East and Biden priority

The Middle East certainly will be ranking low for the Biden priority list. But People think that Biden is better for Jordan than Trump. Palestinians hope that they could renew ties with the United States under Biden, and their president was quick to welcome the news from US media.

As we know the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas cut off all the direct contact with the US after they announced Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They hope Biden and the US will deal with them based on equality and justice. Trump’s administration caused a lot of pain to the Palestinians during his reign. He put himself and the U.S on Israel’s side from the beginning.

The Arab leaders other than Jordan’s king and Palestinians aren’t happy with this change. They are aware that Biden may adopt a tougher stance toward human rights violations in this area, “Mohamed Amashah is finally home after 486 days in an Egyptian prison for holding a protesting sigh. Arresting, torturing, and exiling activists, like Sarah Hegazy and Mohamed Soltan, or threatening their families is unacceptable. No more blank checks for Trump’s favorite dictator.” Said Biden about the situation in Egypt under Abdelfatah Alsisi rule. Also, Mr. Biden said during his campaign that the relationship with the U.S. needs to be reassessed, especially the support regards the war in Yemen.