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What President-elect Joe Biden’s presidency mean for the world?

America is celebrating the victory of president-elect Joe Biden. Mr Donald Trump, often being called, the worst president of modern America will no more be the centre of attraction, we have a new face now; Mr Joe Biden. To President Trump, global allies never meant a lot which was very clear by his decision on the Paris Climate Agreement and the World Health Organisation. His gluttonous decisions were often driven by his gut feeling and his correspondence to other leaders.

Apart from America, how does the new president want the USA’s relationship with the rest of the world? How Joe Biden has planned to tackle the climate crisis, global treaties and the Middle-Eastern crisis?

Global Relations: President-elect Joe Biden’s vision

Uniting America in one thread

President Trump’s take on racism, sexism and xenophobia have left American in a very vulnerable situation. It has divided the country into two one which wants to march together with the world where everyone shares the equal right and the other with “America First” mindset.

The believer of either side was reflected in the voting with this close results. Even though President Trump lost but he got 214 electoral college votes, i.e. more than 70 million votes. It means that more than 70 million Americans wanted to march separately. Joe Biden as a president will have to show them the benefit of togetherness and make them trust in unity.

Global challenges

Along with uniting America in one thread, at the same time, President-Elect Joe Biden will have to seek for rebuilding international alliances. America plays a vital role in global peace and integrity. Under Biden-administration:

  • America has to build a stronger relationship with Europe. This is the best asset that America can have to tackle climate changes and stabilise the global economy in the post-COVID world.
  • Biden administration have to clearly identify the areas of conflict and common interest with China; also at some places, America will have to pursue both cooperation and competition with China.
  • NATO: President-elect Biden will have to win back the trust of Europe, after President Trump’s constant accusations on the allies it will surely be hard to please.
  • America will also need to put right the diplomatic relationship with Africa and would want to initiate more commercial associations.
  • The Biden administration can also initiate new opportunities for the Middle Eastern region to depoliticize its relationships with America, especially countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel.

“There is so much work to be done. But at this moment, one thing is clear: in reaffirming our leadership abroad, America has finally come home”; says Barry Pavel vice president and director, the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security

What is president-elect Joe Biden’s say on Climate Crisis?

President Donald Trump has always been ruthless and torpid about the climate crisis. Under his administration, he tried his best to boost the use of fossil fuel and have never given thought about the hazardous effects of the increasing carbon footprint. He promises to step out of the Paris Climate Agreement because he accuses the agreement stops America from using its own coals and other fossil fuel products which can be deployed in boosting the country’s economy.

President-elect Joe Biden on the other hand has made it very clear from the beginning that he is completely on board for the fight against climate change. He has promised that America will again become part of the Paris Climate agreement and will make climate crisis a priority.

Mr Joe Biden’s zero-emission by 2050 is the step that puts the United States with the same club as Europe, Japan, South Korea and China. He has also promised for a historic $2trillion investment in clean energy and climate research & innovation along with promoting climate-smart infrastructure across America.

“Such investments will focus especially on areas most vulnerable to climate impacts such as extreme heat, and on communities of colour, including coastal communities suffering from the effects of sea-level rise, salt-water intrusion, and sunny-day flooding, as well as the storms that increasingly hammer at-risk areas, where 40 per cent of Americans live and work”. says, Kathy Baughman McLeod.

World Peace

President Donald Trump and President-Elect Joe Biden both want to end the long going war in Iraq and Afghanistan along with establishing peace. Mr Biden has decided to still keep the small troop army in both the conflicted areas for battling with terrorism despite the pressure from the left. Experts believe that as for the geopolitical adversaries not much of difference will be seen in Mr Joe Biden’s administration.

Leaders all around the world are congratulating President-elect Joe Biden for his victory and is accepting him with open arms. Warm wishes are pouring over twitter

European Union
The United Kingdom

The rest of the country’s leaders are also sending good wishes to Mr Biden. As can be seen, the world seems to have faith and great expectations from President-elect Biden and everybody is looking for a better alliance and relationship with the United States.