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Misinformation: America Faces Facts and The Real Fraud That Needs To Change

President Trump is spreading misinformation faster than he can manage: proclaiming election fraud and illegal votes-all in the name of his own skewed agenda

America is still deciding upon who will be their next president. The stakes are high and the race is close. Biden is ahead in all key states, but not without a fight from Donald Trump. Trump has been threatening legal action early doors-insinuating election fraud and shouting out:



(of which Twitter has disputed-as has been the case over the past week)

And making further fraud claims of which he cannot back up-which also Twitter has disputed:


And, suggesting legal action because the vote isn’t going his way:


Misinformation Is Ruling the Whitehouse

The thing is: how is this even happening? Trump is disputing the very fabric of the constitution-of which he was voted in on. If there is such a problem-then perhaps we need to recount all his votes from the four years previous. These are not the actions of a deserved leader and rather the claims of a third world dictator.

His claims are baseless and extremely worrying, because he has a solid fan base out there, who will believe anything he says. And this is the main problem in America right now: misinformation. Someone who is supposedly ‘equipped’ to be ‘head of state’ has completely undermined the democracy and spread falseness claims.

It has become so bad that most of his Tweets are being disputed by Twitter and he has turned to his ‘supporters’ to speak for him instead. He’s chosen a repetitive string of Tweets from one Republican in particular (@paulsperry_) to voice his false rhetoric. 

Donald Contradicts His Own Lies

But there is a clear and obvious mistake in his lies: he has forgotten the previous one told. Donald previously Tweeted that the state of Pennsylvania would not ‘allow’ observers inside the vote count.


Then again, one day later he completely contradicts what he insinuated about Pennsylvania. He retweets a Tweet which claims the Democrats are going to the Supreme Court to remove the Trump observers inside the PA vote count.

But I thought they didn’t ‘allow’ that Donald?!

Beyond anything else that is going on within America right now: this is the most worrying cultural reality. The propensity to spread misinformation-factless and baseless is real and occurring; and by those put in the very highest positions. If it is not coming from the very top itself-it is coming from his followers and all in the name of winning something. Statements made, with very little thought put into the mix. This seems to be a reoccurring theme within the Republican camp, and I feel concerned for America-who are at present: split down the middle.

However, I do believe democracy will win supreme-despite Trump’s efforts to skew the game his own way. He is not above the law, but it is the aftermath of this cultural enigma he has infiltrated-and largely to do with Twitter; that concerns me most. People do believe him, or want to.


It is of such concern, that even the media are squabbling-within the ranks and out with. CNN’s Chris Cuomo had a dispute (small, but there) with one of the other anchors on CNN’s Live election coverage. America is arguing with its own self it seems, but at least it’s not covered up. Tensions are high and the anchors have been privy to personal Trump attacks and its undoing…could this be unravelling at a greater speed? 

Trump’s division is everywhere and it’s multiplying by the second.

They were primarily discussing the misinformation of Fox News and its’ rather biased Republican reporting (they suggest). The situation has become so bad at Fox News (they were implying), that it was becoming of great concern. CNN did however point out that there are Fox News reporters who are stating facts and are ‘levelling up’ the negative news for the Fox News audience (of which is implied to be heavily Republican based). 

Yet, Fox News are entertaining these claims by Trump-and it needs its own on the street reporters to lay down the facts! This particular instance involved a Fox News anchor-looking to substantiate what Trump has been saying about ‘observers not being present in Pennsylvania at the vote count’. The Fox News reporter challenged the anchor’s claim and said matter of factly:

‘Yes-there are observers present’

Misinformation is so rampant-it has even infiltrated a whole network.

But the effort to change the viewpoints of these Republican voters is astronomical in size-it is something perhaps ingrained and building for some time. What will it take to change course and help America to move forward?

What Will It Take For Misinformation To Be Seen As That?

The political system is as such, but America have allowed such a spinner of reality to enter their ranks and misinterpret anything that does not go his way. It is making me angry-and I am not even a US citizen.

Is this anything different from Russia? No it is not. Time for a serious reality check America. America’s biggest fraudster is you Donald.