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Election Tensions Escalate But Why Vote for Trump Over Biden?

The US election will be upon us in one day’s time, Joe Biden currently leads but Trump still might win-why do they vote for him?

Two days to go. We might not hear about the result until three days after the election date on the 3rd of November, and it will be an anxious time.

Could there have been a more anticipated election in American history as there has been this current year of 2020? Quite possibly not. 67% of the total 2016 votes have already been cast by voters-eager to undo their previous non-vote regret, four years previous. 

So What Does 67% Having Already Voted Tell Us About The Scenario?

This could mean Biden’s voters have already been out and cast their vote-especially since he has been pushing the ‘vote early’ stance. However, on his part-he is pushing because it avoids the situation four years ago; of a lack of voters period. Since the Democrats do tend to see a younger demographic in general-many could have been working on the day of the election four years ago and failed to show. Subsequently, early voting takes care of this situation.

But will Biden see his current lead in the polls fall on voting day-similar to 2016 and Hillary? It is not far fetched to imagine Trump’s aged voters to wait until voting day comes. They are at least around (if they aren’t holed up in hospital-dealing with their president’s non-serious virus).

Then again, they may have posted their vote already-eager to beat the crowds and avoid the undoubted tension that is already building within New York-reports are saying.

Regardless, both sides will be voting early to avoid super spreader events-naturally. Perhaps this hangs heavier on the Democratic front. So, this may be a concern for Biden.

Republican Hijinks And The Last Ditch Attempt of The Trumpests

I think there is time yet so everyone should hold their breath, as they are so doing. Businesses within major cities across the country are boarding up for fear of riots. These riots could come from either side since the Trump corner have been trying to hijack the Democrat campaign agenda. Trump supporters surrounded a Biden campaign bus, slowing its descent towards a Biden demonstration within Texas.

In fact, the bus was slowed so much so: the event had to be cancelled. The Biden campaign trail even said the Trump supporters tried to run the bus off the road. It says it all. Whoever wins however, I think there will be fighting and angst from either side. The Trump brigade is feeling the pressure clearly. The Democrats had their shock four years ago and are keeping the lid on for fear of another four years. Yet, on the other hand, the Trumpests are going to let it rip if he doesn’t win-they are as fuelled as he is and the pressure is so clearly ON. Biden has been leading for weeks.

But someone hold the phone…Biden is not out of the woods yet. Trump is leading in Iowa in the latest polls, not by a grand margin but a margin at least. It was in Iowa the election largely swung four years ago.

Donald has been pulling all the tricks (including covid): he has been campaigning at rallies like a demon over these last few days and some reports suggest he is planning to call a victory before a victory is called. Donald must believe in the law of attraction because he told Piers Morgan over the phone:

“I’m going to win Piers, I’m going to win”

(Trump to Piers Morgan)

It has to be said-the man makes things happen with sheer arrogance alone. Biden is playing the trustworthy card, but Trump has never played that-yet why do so many people support him?

He holds rallies with no thought for the voters, who are undoubtedly putting themselves and their families in covid’s way. It is thought that Trump’s recent rallies have led to 300,000 covid infections. He supposedly contracts covid and then miraculously recovers to go on and host multiple rallies, when he was ‘supposedly’ recently lying in hospital. Trump has no boundaries, so why do people even trust him?

Have The Newly Demonised ‘Cancel Culturalists’ Spurned Their Own Anti-Christ?

Perhaps Donald Trump is an accumulation of all that is hated within the ‘cancel culture’ corner. Biden is definitely a voice of ‘what is deemed the right thing’, but the Right are steadily growing in their use of ‘cancel culture’ as a tool to fabricate their segregationist views upon. Nigel Farage even spoke recently at one of Trump’s rallies-making ‘his best voice heard’.

According to Nigel, Trump is:

“One of the bravest men I have ever met”

He doesn’t sound too brave saying it though. I think Trump stands for all those who have lost their compass in moral integrity-much like the entire Right family. Their views are becoming steadily more extreme and mainstream by day and born out of what-people seeking the ‘truth’? It is not ‘truth’ however to scream your separatist ideals to whatever group they infringe upon. Shouting loudly does not make it true, but they are increasingly appearing like a bunch of ‘named and shamed’ bullies turned anarchists.

Donald’s Rhetoric Appeals To Those Seeking ‘The Truth’

Not one to sell ice cream and bake cookies, I’ve never been fond of the ‘goodie two shoes’ and Biden does drink from that cup. But I can’t endorse a mad man, and Biden speaks sense and is decent. However, which way will the pendulum swing for Americans out there? Because for some Americans-Donald Trump does speak ‘the truth’. He certainly speaks his mind and there isn’t a whole lot hidden about his agenda really and that is really appealing for people.

Two Trump rally attendees actually recently quoted to a reporter that they had been ‘converted’. They:

 ‘see the truth now’

That is probably the single most significant reason Donald Trump finds himself in the Whitehouse. Biden is the opposite to this-a man of faith, good manners and strong causes. Perhaps Biden’s best line of defence was to actually work on showing his flaws, as well as his endeavours. 

Until the fat lady sings-let’s hope pragmatism wins reign.