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The Effects Of Alcoholism



Drinking Alcohol is prohibited in Islam and other religions. But why does Islam do such a thing? Actually, for many reasons, and in this article, there are enough answers that you need to calm your hearts.

Allah said in the Quran: “O ye who believe! Intoxicants and games 
of chance, and idols and divining arrows are an abomination of Satan’s 
handiwork. Leave it aside so that ye may succeed.” (Chapter V, Verse 9)
“O you who believe! Intoxicants (all kinds of alcoholic drinks) and gambling, 
and Al-Ansaab, and Al-Azlaam (arrows for seeking luck or decision) are
 an abomination to Shaytaan’s (Satan’s) handiwork. So avoid (strictly all) 
that (abomination) so that you may be successful” [Al-Maa’idah 5:90]

In the proverb “the prevention is better than cure,” the Quran confirms that Alcohol has benefits, yet it is harmful. Whether you believe it or not, that’s what the Quran states, but the harm outweighs the benefits. So, we can take alcohol in ways that we can be beneficial for medicinal purposes, purifying, and so one.

There are benefits in alcohol, and we cannot deny that fact. But getting hooked on alcohol, being an alcoholic is a graver risk than just using its benefits. Muslims must be obedient to Allah (SWA) and Prophet Mohamed (PUH). We need a reason for everything but that is what the command is, and it’s also a test. Allah gives you gazillion types of drinks, a lot of juices, flavors, many ways to quench your thirst. There are so many choices to follow but only one choice Allah ordered you to stay away from which is drinking alcohol.

The description of different kind of harmful diseases that may inflict the body of Alcohol drinker as follows:

The Brain:

Alcohol has effects on the brain especially the central nervous system, also it may cause brain hemorrhage which may lead to a coma or even death in a worst-case scenario. 

Doctors said that alcohol could affect the sperm cells that may last for three future generations of alcoholics. Alcohol also causes the brain’s delicate neurotransmitters to relay information slower; it also boosts the production of Dopamine which tricks the brain into thinking it’s feeling great. Alcohol also shrinks and disturbs brain tissue, it makes the drinker feel drowsy, suffers from memory loss and lack of motor coordination, and experience sudden mood swings. Over time, this changes the brain’s structure causing heavy drinks to crave more alcohol. Alcohol could also drive you mad, according to medical researches about 80% of all mental patients have been alcohol addictive.

The Liver:

The liver plays an essential role in the body’s metabolic processes. After drinking alcohol, the liver must metabolize and convert it into a safe substance. However, it could only handle a certain amount of alcohol at once before it’s struggled to processing. Alcohol Metabolization produces acetaldehyde, a toxic enzyme, that damages the liver cells and leads to permanent scarring.

When we consume heavy regular doses of alcohol can lead to fatty liver disease. Which in most cases has no symptoms but can at least cause inflammation, abdominal pain, confusion, fatigue, and weakness. Alcohol abuse can also lead to hepatitis. Anywhere from 10% to 35% of heavy drinkers will develop alcoholic hepatitis. 

But still quitting alcohol and seeking treatment may reverse the disease. But when the problem is severe, it can lead to jaundice, stomach aches, fever nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and unexplained weight loss, complication can even cause cancer. Fortunately, someone with alcoholic fatty liver or mild alcoholic hepatitis who stops drinking can typically recover fully though in severe cases of liver damage a transplant may be the only treatment option.

The stomach:

Alcohol is an acidic material, ethyl alcohol that people drink is supposed to formulate an acidic reaction in the stomach. Barely, we see a stomachache happening in somebody who’s taken alcohol for the first or the second time or in small quantities. If you have taken alcohol repeatedly and in larger volumes, the stomach is not able to control the acidity, and the inner lining of the stomach becomes swollen which causes the stomachache. In homeopathy, there is a particular medicine by the name acetic acid which is responsible for looking after this disorder. You must consult your doctor and also the best thing to do away with alcohol as everybody knows is having lemon after they’ve had alcohol so the ache will go down and the symptoms will also become better because of vitamin c.

The Heart: 

Some heart surgeons said that drinking alcohol may benefit the heart in a way or another, but overall, even minimal alcohol may still damage your heart. That means cutting alcohol intake benefits your heart health. 

The Kidneys:

Kidneys come in pairs. Shaped like a red kidney bean. They’re about 5 inches long, 3 inches wide, and position one on either side of your spine. Actually if you but your hands on your hips with your thumbs on your back and move your hands upwards until you touch your ribs and press your thumbs into your back at that point, that’s generally where your kidneys are. You won’t be able to feel them, but that’s where they are.

 The basic job of your kidneys is to clean your blood of a lot of the waste that goes in. also the nutrients basically into your body, there’s a lot of chemical reactions that take place and produce a lot of waste, anything that your body just doesn’t need, or got enough of it. There is about a gallon and a half of going throw your system any one time, that’s the average person and your kidney will go through that about 400 times a day. So while the blood passes throw your kidneys and it’s filtered by about a million of these tiny little microscopic filters called nephrons, once it passes throw them it’s combined with the waste and water and passes throw a tube called ureter to come out of your body.

Kidneys are responsible for homeostasis

 Another job that your kidneys are responsible for homeostasis that balancing minerals and water in your body. They say that if you put the amount of water that you take into on one side of the scale and the amount of water that you passing out of your body on the other side of the scale, both sides should balance equally, and that’s where alcohol comes in and does some damage. 

In the normal function of the body, water will come out in different ways when you sweat or when you breathe.

Alcohol is absolutely not good for the kidneys and it can cause all sorts of wild fluctuations in the water supply in your body throw the diuretic effect of alcohol, and it can also affect your kidneys more than diabetes. Diabetes is the number one reason for kidney failure and it can be the cause of high blood pressure which is the second-highest reason for kidney failure. Again, alcohol is a bad thing to putting inside your body. It’s a toxin. The soon you give it up the better. 


When you check alcohol on any website most of the articles say that alcohol is the mother of all of the evil deeds, you’ll find out how many people have been addicted to it, how much they suffered in the whole life, how much is broken families have come through, and how many people died from alcoholism from driving and killing and so on. Many statistics go against alcoholism.

Now, if you or a loved one struggle with alcoholism, talk to a doctor today at any addiction treatment center, and get the help you need before it’s too late.

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Climate Change

COP27 Climate Change Summit: Greenwashing Scam Imperilling Human Rights



COP27 Climate Change Summit - A Greenwashing Scam Ignoring Human Rights

COP27 Faced Major Criticism

Morally, politically and economically COP27 climate change summit has been coined as a greenwashing scam imperilling human rights.

The world watched Egypt closely as it hosted the 27th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh from the 8th-16th of November. More than 190 governments attended COP27 to attempt to solve some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Furthermore, Egypt hosting of COP27 sparked much controversy due to its abysmal human rights record. Additionally, COP27 faced heavy criticism due to some of the world’s top polluters, such as Coca-Cola sponsoring the event. Furthermore, attendees arrived in private jets; meat and dairy products remained on menus; dozens of domestic civil society organizations were excluded. Additionally, the summit was overshadowed by persistent calls to release up to 65,000 political prisoners in Egyptian prisons.

Worlds Top Polluter, Coca-Cola, Sponsored COP27

The UN climate conference announced a sponsorship deal with Coca-Cola, one of the “world’s top polluters”. Coca-Cola recently retained its title for the fourth year as the world’s top plastic polluter. The sponsorship deal is a greenwashing scam by campaigners, drawing intense criticism.

Coca-Cola produces 120 billion throwaway plastic bottles a year. 99% of plastics are made from fossil fuels, exacerbating the plastic and climate change crises.

Private Jets, Bottomless Cocktails and Beef Medallion Dishes

Surprisingly, attendees indulged in the very activities which got us into this mess in the first place. Moreover, world leaders flew to Egypt in private jets. Attendees enjoyed bottomless cocktails, one-hour unlimited wine and beer packages, $100 beef medallion dishes, and $50 seafood platters.

This begs the question: do these foods belong at a climate conference? We have missed the true purpose of the climate summit: to help save the planet.

Caption: Residents push a boat through a flooded street in Havana. Industrial nations are being asked to compensate those countries most affected by the climate crisis. Photograph: Ramón Espinosa/AP. Image obtained from the Guardian.

Meat and Dairy On the Menu – Not on the Agenda

In the three-decade history of the UN Climate Summit, COP27 was the first UN summit to discuss the meat and dairy industry’s contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions.

COP27 faced massive criticism this year from climate activists due to the unsustainable meat and dairy items on its menus. It seems unimaginable that globally we are trying to reduce our meat and dairy consumption to save our planet. However, our governments cannot stop eating these foods at the world’s largest climate summit.

Cutting meat and dairy output are not yet on the agenda for governments at COP27. Many governments attending the summit give billions to livestock farmers in subsidies. Instead of focusing on plant-based diets, they are advancing policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions using feed additives that make animals less gassy and technology that sucks up the methane wafting off manure heaps. Andy Reisinger, a farm emissions specialist and vice-chair of the UN’s IPCC climate panel, said feed additives could worsen emissions by promoting intensive farming.

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Dozens of Domestic Civil Society Groups Excluded

Hundreds of prominent human rights defenders, researchers and environmentalists were exiled from Egypt. They were unable to attend Cop27 due to the nature of their work. Many voices from Egypt were absent at the conference due to the government’s corrupt attempts to exclude dozens of domestic civil society groups.

“Arrests and detention, NGO asset freezes and dissolutions and travel restrictions against human rights defenders have created a climate of fear for Egyptian civil society organisations to engage visibly at the COP27” 

Additionally, COP27’s wifi blocked access to international human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other news websites needed during information talks. These prominent human rights organizations hosted talks at COP27 but could not access their sites due to previous work criticizing the Egyptian government. Egypt used this strategy to hide the nation’s decades-long record of cracking down on human rights.

Read more: Pakistan’s Climate Crisis: A Peek Into The Apocalyptic Future That Awaits.

65,000 Political Prisoners in Egyptian Prisons

Currently, there are an estimated 65,000 political prisoners inside Egyptian prisons. COP27 was overshadowed by persistent calls to release political prisoners.

A British-Egyptian detainee, Alaa Abd el-Fattah, was a significant focus in the media. As a leader of Egypt’s 2011 revolution, he has been in prison for the past decade. He started a partial hunger strike in April 2022 to protest his detention conditions. He spent the last six months consuming just 100 calories a day. A week before COP27 started, he stopped eating altogether. Then, on the day the summit began, he stopped drinking water. He has since resumed drinking water but remains critically ill.

Greta Thunberg, who refused to attend COP27, signed a petition by a human rights coalition calling on Egyptian authorities to open up civic space and release political prisoners.

Read more: Accelerating Deforestation in the Amazon Severely Threatens Climate Change Crisis.

COP27 Cracks Down On “Greenwashing”

Companies, banks, cities and states worldwide have continuously made broken promises to achieve net-zero emissions. These corporate climate pledges amount to little more than a greenwashing scam. Evading net zero claims is a common greenwashing strategy. Companies claim to be carbon-free due to strategies such as buying carbon credits while simultaneously pursuing new fossil fuel projects emitting greenhouse gases.

Greenwashing is when an organization spends more time and money marketing itself as environmentally friendly than minimizing its environmental impact. It’s a shady marketing gimmick that misleads consumers who prefer to buy environmentally friendly goods and services.

At COP27, the UN cracked down on greenwashing, laying down recommendations for how companies, financial institutions and cities must calculate their net zero emissions status. The new UN report aims to eliminate loopholes by laying out ten steps to bring integrity, transparency and accountability to net zero claims.

“I have a message to fossil fuel companies and their financial enablers. So-called ‘net-zero pledges’ that exclude core products and activities are poisoning our planet. They must thoroughly review their pledges and align them with this new guidance”.

United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres.

Read more: Doomsday Glacier on the Brink of Collapse: Catastrophes of Climate Change.

The UN cracked down on companies stating that they can’t claim to be net zero if they are not in line with targets set out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). These targets include cutting global carbon emissions by 45% by 2030. The UN limited short-term carbon offsets and held that they could only be used sparingly in the long term.

Historic Deal: Governments Must Pay Poor Nations for Climate Damage

Governments at COP27 approved a historic deal to create a fund for compensating developing nations that are victims of extreme weather events worsened by rich countries’ greenhouse gas emissions. However, many remained uncertain as countries argued over emission reduction efforts.

COP27 Climate Change Summit -Greenwashing Scam Imperilling Human Rights.
Caption: A Fridays for Future protester at the Cop27 UN Climate Summit holds a sign calling for the “loss and damage” deal. Photograph: Peter Dejong/AP. Image obtained from the Guardian.

Moreover, this is a massive step for poorer countries bearing the brunt of climate change. These nations face extreme weather events such as floods, droughts, heat waves, and famines despite releasing the lowest greenhouse gas emissions. This historical “loss and damage” deal will provide financial assistance to developing nations stricken by climate disasters.

However, this loss and damage deal has several flaws. Some nations held that the pledges to limit global temperatures to below 1.5 degrees showed little progress compared to the COP26 conference in Glasgow in 2021. Furthermore, others criticized how the language and guidelines on phasing out fossil fuels were weak. Despite many different opinions between nations regarding the guidelines of this historic deal, it is still a vital step towards achieving climate justice.

Read more: Climate Refugees: Pain of Unseen Victims.

Concluding Thoughts

COP27 has faced significant criticism this year for many justifiable reasons. Many believe COP27 is a greenwashing scam failing humanity and the planet by not leading to significant changes. The UN climate summit is losing its credibility in being able to create meaningful change to save our planet.

World leaders and people in power continuously use high-profile gatherings like COP for attention and are greenwashing, lying and cheating their way through pledges and commitments. The UN Environment Programme released the Emissions Gap report stating that only an urgent system-wide transformation can deliver the enormous emissions cuts needed to stabilize global temperatures below 1.5 degrees by 2030.

World leaders consistently fail to fulfil their commitments and act on time. We cannot place trust in greenwashing scams like COP summits anymore. Instead, we need rapid, far-reaching, unprecedented changes in all aspects of society if we want to build a sustainable world for future generations.

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Qatar FIFA 2022, A Civilized Model Of Islam



Qatar FIFA 2022

Qatar is the first country in the Middle East to host the FIFA World Cup 2022. This was after Qatar’s award hosting in December 2010. This is a tremendous opportunity for Qatar to represent Qatar FIFA 2022 as a civilized model of Islam. The country converted to Islam in the 7th century. Since winning the hosting, it has been constructing some of the most eco-friendly and architectural advanced sporting facilities ever seen. It is the kind of country that has the power to host the greatest show of FIFA ever on Earth.

First, Qatar has always drawn its strength from discovering oil, fishing, and pearl hunting. In addition, it is the world’s second-largest exporter of liquefied natural gas. Hosting the tournament presents tremendous opportunities for Qatar to prove itself as a powerful country. Significantly, Qatar has always been taking advantage of the tournament hosting to develop local Industries, expertise, and infrastructure. This was for Innovation and application of excellent standards and support of Qatar’s transition to a knowledge-based economy. This edition of the FIFA World Cup 2022 is being themed by Qatar on its culture, history, identity, and hospitability. As a result, efforts have made the event an unforgettable historical experience.


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The Lebanese file: neither a president nor a government



election of lebanese presidency

Despite six presidential sessions, Lebanon still does not have a president.

The funny thing is, the government is also idle and the whole country is waiting for a miracle to get up again.

France is on the president line!

The head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Representative Gebran Bassil, is expected to visit Paris, which is expected to mark a remarkable development in the presidential file in Lebanon.

The meetings will aim to discuss the imminent presidential, governmental, and economic entitlements of all Lebanese stakeholders.

French president macron right) and free Patriotic movement leader gebran bassil (left)
French president macron and free Patriotic movement leader gebran bassil

Based on Basil’s excellent relationship with Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al-Rahi and Hezbollah, the French hope to agree on a roadmap for the presidential elections.

Although the French side does not carry an integrated initiative, it sought to know the position of all parties regarding a list of candidates that includes about seven names.

Those connected to the French ambassador understand that her country still has the American mandate to manage the initiative about the presidential file and that Paris wants to reach an agreement with Saudi Arabia that facilitates the task because insisting on fighting harsh battles would prevent the election of a president soon.

President issue: Who does Hezbollah wants?

 Hezbollah is reconsidering the local reality from a different angle than the one that preceded the election of President Aoun, as evidenced by Aoun’s recent paradox of reopening half-closed doors.

In contrast to Aoun, the party does not find any justification for repeating the vacuum for more than two years and tightening its internal domestic rams to deliver its candidate.

They are fully aware that choosing to unilaterally elect a president of the republic, and consequently, a government of one color and the presidency of the House of Representatives, means putting the country in direct conflict with the outside world. Everything that surrounds the internal reality is different from the previous stage, as is the position of the concerned countries.

 While Hezbollah’s opponents are only mentioning Franjieh as president—or, at the very least, any candidate from the party’s second row—this does not imply that Hezbollah has abandoned its candidate or candidates.

The party assumes entering into early settlements, which means that the party receives its price both internally and externally.

This is because the party cannot bear the idea of losing its candidate and will not bear the idea of any settlement following a vacuum that results in challenges, conditions, and counter conditions.

An alternative situation is possible in addition to that. Except for the March 8 team, there is no president of the country.

Is the former minister Franjieh a serious candidate?

Former Minister Suleiman Franjieh was Hezbollah’s candidate.

Nasrallah’s remarks coincided with a fresh French attempt that started a few days ago to forge an agreement on choosing a new president before the year is up and included pledges to start aid programs for Lebanon, including the “Cedre” program.

Former minister Sleiman Franjieh
Former minister Sleiman Franjieh

The debate that the French began with the major parties in Lebanon is anticipated to be finished with Washington and Riyadh and is predicated on the premise that no one can impose a prime minister or president of the republic without a genuine agreement between the major forces.

Hezbollah claimed in 2016 that there was no Plan B for the nomination of General Michel Aoun, and it repeated that claim this time as well: the candidate is Franjieh, and there is a point on the line.

 If the two allies cannot agree on a second candidate, there are dangers that no one has the luxury of incurring.

What does The Free Patriotic Movement says?

 The Free Patriotic Movement was informed by Hezbollah that the results of naming places below the presidency of the Republic under the General Michel Aoun administration were not encouraging, as the residents of these sites turned against the people who named them to them.

There is a “term” that Hezbollah agreed to, though, which is that it will not attend the election session for the Marada Movement’s leader until he has Basil’s endorsement in his pocket.

The party’s desire to maintain and strengthen the agreement with the Free Patriotic Movement is the most crucial factor, and as a result, “the election of Suleiman will be with Gibran’s consent and not at his expense,” among other factors, including giving Franjieh Christian support that makes him a strong president.

So far, there has not been any serious president, and we are facing many sessions without a result.

Is Lebanon on a date with a long presidential debate, as happened before the election of former President Michel Aoun, or will we witness the election of a president before the New Year?

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