Have You Ever Thought That Music is Less Helping than You Think?

It’s quite obvious that music is a great issue in the world of Muslims nowadays, they are debating each other, and both have brought their proofs to persuade the other side which made a dilemma till the moment I’m writing to you now.

In this article, we will try to clarify what is right and what is wrong related to music in order to help Muslims to distinguish between them. Playing instruments such as the piano, drums, the guitar, etc. is Haram in Islam. So, gaining any income from playing these instruments is also Haram, even keeping them with you is not allowed.

Allah Almighty says: “lead to destruction those whom thou canst among them, with thy (seductive) voice; make assaults on them with thy cavalry and thy infantry; mutually share with them wealth and children; and make promises to them.’’ But Satan promises them nothing but deceit”. 

Go and fool as many of them as you can with your voice, so what is the voice of Shaitaan that he uses to fool people? It is singing and musical instruments. This is the voice of Satan. Therefore, I reiterate that the reason why Islam prohibited these things (Music, Alcohol, and fornication) because they essentially preserving your TAWHEED. The one who becomes obsessed with these things eventually starts fighting his heart and soul. Your heart is now occupied with other than Allah. We must not kid ourselves, and we must not think that we made out of some sort of wood, concrete, or stone.

Music targets your heart and soul.

 Heart in Arabic means QALB because it changes turns over and over. It never stays still. It is moving from one state to another and music manipulates you just as much as fornication, idolatry, alcohol or any other obsession in life does so. Why would a Muslim put himself in such a situation? Now see that bigger picture and music stark opposite of this. It limits your horizons. Now you can’t see anything but the girl, and she can see nothing but the praise that she wants from boys. The entire purpose of life, why we still here, death, the grave, the angel of death.

What did the music do?

You miss the bigger picture of life. This is what music does. Ebn Al-kayem says it is known in a matter of Abu Hanifah and Alemam Alshafey that all types of instruments are forbidden, particularly in The Hanafi Fiqh, whereby they said even hitting stances together impermissible including the drum. He said that it brings hypocrisy in the heart,” Ahmed Ebn Hanbal said when his son asked him about singing. Imam Malik was asked about the singing of the people of Madina who think that it was permissible, he said: “It is the very sinful people who do this in my opinion”.

Quran vs music

The Quran is another example. It replaces the disease with a cure. As for music, the work of the Satan it simply furthers the illness of the ill, and never replaces an illness with a cure. The Quran has been described as a shifaa’ (a cure), Hodaa’ (guidance), Noor (light), Alforkaan (a criteria), Almaweza (a reminder), and this is what the Quran has been described with, what about the music? Ibn Maswo’d say “music causes hypocrisy to grow from the heart, the same way water causes plants to grow”

The one who deems and insists that signing and using musical instruments together is permissible, despite telling and explaining to him or her what is right and what is wrong. This person is not a Muslim. That wasn’t mentioned by a contemporary scheme, this was mentioned by Ebn Taimeya, Ebn Qodamam, Almakdesi, Alhanbali, Alkadi Eyat Almaliki, Albazazi, Alhanafi, and by others, that music is very seductive. And for those who have grown up listening to music, it is very difficult to stop, the same way that alcohol brings about a certain amount of pleasure for he who drinks, and the fornicator would say similarly. Music certainly has a pole. It has temptation and a lot of desire attached to it.

Music is a test.

Music is simply one of those tests, another one of those tests that this life that we are living in is loaded with, and Allah almighty, being Alshakoor (the most grateful), Allah will not allow a person who suppresses this thought this desire to listen to music to go empty-handed, and he will fill his hands with something better. Namely in Jannah, as they reclined on their thrones, they will hear beautiful sounds emanating from the distance with pitches, melodies and rhythms that their ears could never comprehend, and they have never heard before. This is the music of Jannah, and this is the singing of the ALhor ALein. Wouldn’t it be very silly to miss out on the privileges of Jannah, because you had rushed to attain its Haram from the Dunia.

Why Music now?

let us say if the norm in the west wasn’t music. Let’s assume in a crazy scenario that they hated music, what the Muslims be speaking about the music today?

Would we have brothers standing up in the Islamic Nasheed concert singing for Syria and Burma?

We discuss about music now, because we’re reacting to pressure, a societal pressure, and the Muslim is not a reactionist. Islam invites others to adopt a perfect way of life that we Muslims have.

For many centuries Muslims didn’t listen to music and everything was fine. People delighted in the recitation of the Quran and other things that kept Muslims busy and entertained. We need to bring back these days, even in our houses, we need to keep it away from our children and bring them closer to the Quran once again Insha’Allah.