It’s Not Funny To Vote For Kanye-Please Be Responsible

In 10 days time, depicted by the man himself-Joe Biden, America will vote; but do America have their heads screwed on this time?

“Please be responsible” in a country that increasingly covers up atrocity, belittles the individual, and allows someone like Kanye West to run for president.

Jennifer Aniston is making her opinions heard with her 35 million followers on Instagram and encouraging the public to act responsibly. She is of course making reference to the very real and alarming reality of Kanye West running for president.

She has said:

“It’s not funny to vote for Kanye. I don’t know how else to say it. Please be responsible”

The Real Reality of Kanye

Since she brings up the subject of Kanye…I am somewhat worried this might remind people he is even an option. And could encourage a spur of voting for ‘the laugh of it’ or because they do not take it seriously-like she says. Young voters are notorious for being non-plussed or ‘unsure’ of who to vote…

”Hmmm, maybe like everyone else in my family…or Kanye…haha!

Unfortunately, in America: money is power. West has apparently put 3 million of his own money towards his ridiculous campaign, and only garnered $3000 in donations. 

Where this would suggest West is not being taken seriously by the upper echelon-it does not mean his young fans will not vote for him. He currently has 4 million followers on Instagram (which we can think of as the youth’s polling station). 

Thankfully, even though Kanye only figures in 2% of the votes according to The Independent; the fact that he is even on a ballot paper or can certainly be added-is terrifying enough. His latest message posted on his Instagram is to pinpoint ‘how-to’ vote for him. Kanye must be added as a name not already listed on the ballot paper. His ‘how-to guide’ is extremely informative-for the man who follows only one other (his wife).

The Dream Is Less Frightening

Priceless. And what has become of the world when this can even be possible. Even celebrities are   frightfully adding their tit-bit. 

The whole ‘Kanye for President’ jive has been quiet of recent-I really only just remembered it was real. Kind of like one of those insane dreams which-‘is just a dream’ in the morning. Instead, it turns out the dream is less frightening.

But Donald Trump did get elected and so here we have it-two clowns running for president purely because they have eons of money and an ego to boot. I remind you: money is power.

This ridiculous system that America has in place is creating the same idiocy that their pop culture and lack of informative schooling does. 

Is It Any Wonder ‘American Idiot’ Is A Worldwide Stereotype?

Kids go to school and immediately look to be castrated into one category or another. Many Americans have not even left their own state-let alone travelled outside their own country. Only 42% of Americans possess a passport. That’s more than half the country having never stepped outside their own culture. Truth be told-I have seen more of America than some Americans.

And this does not even figure in their education system-which is dyer to say the least and depends a lot upon the postcode you were born into.

It is no wonder Biden made the most strangest of comments in one of his first ‘presidential elect’ speeches.

He told the rather large audience (In reference to America’s recovery from Covid) that:

America bounces back after disaster-we do that better than anyone else in the world (Or something to that affect).

Oh really?! Automatically, not winning my global vote and America needs to learn that very crucial lesson pretty quickly. Its global standing is more important than anything else right now, and perhaps that starts with Americans themselves. A little more humble pie is in order. Experience is the greater teacher and you are still a young country-a great one, but still young.

Allowing anyone into your halls because they have money or a big name is not democratic-it is almost communist. Arnie did alright in the end but he would not have been there unless he came with money and a name plaque. That is not the real world, and what America and the world needs right now-is honourable leadership.

The Right Choice

I can’t say the Democrats or Biden are the perfect choice-if at all, but they are all we have in this current state of play. And they have worked for their position-they’ve not bought it. And what happens in America-affects us all.

In every shape and form-politics, economics, trade and global partnership-we need to stand together more than ever. The celebrities are coming out in force because the vote on the 3rd of November matters so much. And they know what happened last time. Hillary was winning all the way to the end…

But Donald won and that’s how the story went. What I am hopeful for is the reality check coronavirus has brought home to us all. Many younger people losing their lives to the pandemic in America-and leaving families behind. Tragically, these families have experienced something far different to their reality four years ago when Trump was voted in. 

All of a sudden, life isn’t so much about fun, games and Tik Tok anymore but the truth and the curve it can take-unexpectedly. Retrospection is like a bat out of hell-encouraging those with less inclination to vote-or to make an informed choice: to make their way to that ballot box. Maybe Joe Biden will surprise us all as well.