Using Christian Ideals For Political Gain: Trump’s Relationship With His Religion

Trump says he upholds Christian values, but is that really the case-and do voters still believe him?

Will he or won’t he?

Currently, it looks like his party are ready to throw open the gates-with Republican’s growing in unease for the approaching November 3rd date. There are a number of allies ‘speaking up’ in discomfort and frustration for the current handling of Mr Trump’s administration.

Both the Republican Arizona and Texan senators are voicing dismay for the underworkings within the Whitehouse-and calling Trump out, when they never have before. Apt timing-on the eve of an election.

What happens to a sinking ship?

And the most interesting factor to surface out of all of this-is the North Carolina senator: Thom Tillis. North Carolina is the Republican lead cheerleader-a stoutly conservative state-for its Christian values; and they are not feeling the cheer this current election. Tillis has aired opinions which might suggest his fears of a Democratic windfall.

And this is reflected in the polls-Biden is winning North Carolina-he is ahead by 2.8% at present. North Carolina-with its conservative views and religious beliefs-it is surprising this is the case. It traditionally backs a Republican party for its Christian values, but it is a swing state and it looks like the tables are a-turning. 

Why Would this Be?

Despite the staunch views of North Carolina-whose pastors still ordain the ‘Christian’ Mr Trump-there is distrust within the ranks. A recent BBC programme on Christianity and Trump shed light on the feelings within the North Carolina people. 

In the documentary-one stout Christian aired his strong feelings towards Mr Trump whom he feels-

‘is not of Christian values’. 

Once a Trump supporter-believing him to carry the values of Republicans-but having two daughters himself-he began to question the motives of Donald when ‘genitalia grabbing’ stories emerged. All of a sudden-Mr Trump does not look like a Christian man. And this particular ex-Republican is not just ‘disappointed’ but ‘enraged’. He has started a whole movement called 


Which has driven the narrative: ‘Fire the Liar’…that one has stuck with unhappy Republicans who are only now realising Donald’s rhetoric is-whatever suits him at the time. Bad move Donald…that one doesn’t bode well with your fellow Republicans who are conservatives, and often believe in tradition as the backbone. 

This could explain the small majority that Trump is barely holding onto within the swing state party. It is sad really it has taken Republicans this long to realise this.

Trump is Not a Christian Man

I am not a religious person myself, but I empathise with tradition as the grounds for morality. I personally do not feel the need to be religious-in order to know the difference between right and wrong, but I do have faith. And I believe in good values and the fair treatment of all. However, these are not the values of Donald Trump-Trump who left any iota of ‘fair play’ back in kindergarten and took a rifle instead to his ‘play date’ with Biden. I am referring to the recent debate they had-their mother’s were not friends.

Donald picks up a bible whenever it suits his agenda-not because he is a true believer. He likes to brandish ‘God’ a lot-but the ‘God’ Trump follows, is probably a fan on Twitter. If Trump truly were a Christian-he would be far more scared of the repercussions of his actions: going with the idea that ‘our sins’ grant us entry or otherwise into the Kingdom of God. 

Trump thinks he is God-so why should he be scared of anyone.

‘Our World: Trump and God’ Bestows the Truth Behind Trump’s So-Called ‘Christianity’

The BBC documentary delves deep into North Carolina’s republican history and spreads light upon Trump’s ‘Christian values’-which only need a cape and a make-up team to complete the look . He holds the bible, and he says the right thing, and he receives the pastor’s blessing-but it is done sheepishly. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

 He could not give two hoots about religion, he is his own God and does not answer to anyone. But he knows the importance of it, as he does all ‘political agenda’. And so he uses it. I very much doubt Trump visits church every Sunday-and if he does, it will be on ‘occasion’. 

Where I do not hold it against someone, that they might be ‘non-religious’. I do question someone’s ability to tell the truth and be ‘authentic’-of which he is neither. Needless to say the ‘Fire the Liar’ slogan is standing ground. 

And he has lied. He has lied to the people who voted for him-he makes moves which may put him in favour of that group-but he is not of that group. He is his own group, and he serves no one but his own ego. He may be ‘Republican’ but as Mike Pence said during the recent debate with Kamala Harris: ‘he is a businessman’. Remember that folks, Trump wants to be ‘top of the pillar’, which means he has no respect for ‘God’-he’s looking to beat him to the post-by all means necessary. 

If someone does have faith, they do hold themselves accountable-but Donald doesn’t. He just invited 2000 Americans to his front lawn-to mingle side by side with zero social-distancing in place-this is after he apparently caught the virus. If he ever did

Yet, Joe Biden does hold himself accountable-he is a self-confessed man of faith. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that America’s deep south-the states Donald once had backing-are voting for Biden as a Republican voter-despite the fact he is a Democrat. Steadfastly, putting the country before the man.