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Coronavirus And The Drug: Is This Trump’s Greatest Lie?

Donald Trump, American President was diagnosed with Covid19 over one week ago-but he has already been ‘cured’ due to the drug Regeneron- there is speculation as to whether this is true

Donald Trump was diagnosed with coronavirus just over a week ago-on the 1st of October. He spent 3 nights in hospital and was later released to a resounding-

‘Everything is okay people’

(Your saviour is here-Jesus walks)

Now, during a recent gathering I was attending-someone exclaimed 

‘Why does everyone follow American politics’ 

(He was Canadian) 

Need I explain why? The whole election is a show from start to finish-of pandemic effect. Whether it be Obama or Trump or Hillary-you are guaranteed entertainment. And this year-is larger than super max max Pepsi-Donald Trump is the prize clown and he is not leaving without making a noise. 

And with that-Donald left his hospital bed-of course, having ‘bet’ Covid within three days-due to his un-senior like appearance and direct communications with God. I am surmising here (somewhat) but I bet he’d sign off the press release if I handed it to him. 

It was a ‘gift from God’ he says

When he says ‘gift’, he is referring to ‘Regeneron’-the anti-viral drug that he was prescribed with, on his own insistence. It has not been passed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) because it needs further testing-but Donald, always a big supporter of big-pharma and a quick fix (KFC and bleach included) is literally willing to down anything and roll out the banners. His greatest medical insight being the use of bleach as a treatment.

Is Donald Telling Porkie Pies about Having Covid?

A victory-if only in the movies, Trump is committed to convincing otherwise and of course using his situation for political gain. But was this admission of Covid 19 the real story, or something made up to turn the tables for him? He is losing in the polls, Biden is ahead-and ahead in all but two swing states.

What are the Swing States?

What are ‘swing states’ I hear you ask? I was none the wiser too-the US voting system completely over my head. However, I believe the ‘swing states’ are states that neither: traditionally tend to fall into either Democratic, or Republican domain. They are on the tipping edge of either, and could go either-way. This was Hillary Clinton’s fall from grace, because it was the ‘swing states’ that left Donald with the electoral college votes.

What are Electoral College Votes?

As far as I understand it-each state has ‘electoral college’ votes (how many depends on the both the population-equating to representatives within the senate and the number of senators in the senate).

This means that the ‘swing states’ can really decide an election because they are decidedly ‘undecided’ until the fat lady sings. And if they hold quite a lot of electoral votes e.g Florida (29 electoral votes), then whichever party wins that state: wins all the electoral votes of that state. It can be a last minute blow; as what happened to Hillary.

Donald is Shaking in His Pants

Donald knows he is losing. All the major ‘swing states’ are being won by Biden-that means all the major ‘electoral college’ states. And so-it seems rather timely that Donald ‘emerges’ out of hospital three days in-miraculously better and armed with a drug that will ‘cure’. How timely. 

Donald Feeds Them What They Want

And it is what his supporters want to hear. It was not long ago that a group of voters were interviewed-one in particular (a Republican) trivialised the measures in place to curb the spread of the pandemic-namely in reference to a gathering of Republicans at the latest electoral conference. She insinuated ‘it was fine’ to have a mass gathering with no social distancing measures and a lack of masks-since it was being held outdoors. 

A drug that takes care of some of the worst cases of Covid19-ticks all my boxes! Who needs masks?

Of course, we now know that outdoor meetings can be just as lethal in super-spreader capacity, compared to indoor events. For example: the recent outdoor Republican gathering at the White house-in which the Trumps and their close aides became infected-which later became labelled a super-spreader event.

One Republican voter is not all Republican voters-but I think there is a consensus within the Republican foray to disregard the pandemic. I mean, it is what their leader is doing-isn’t it?!

I Nearly Died But Lets Invite Everyone to Mingle

Three days in hospital and he is still hosting huge events with no social distancing in place. 2000 Republicans were invited to the White house, to welcome their leader-as he emerged on the balcony to talk about his ‘victory’.

Donald’s drug may have worked-but his message is all too clear. He does not care about anyone except himself. The man is so ill-he ends up in hospital, and yet he invites 2000 sheep to flock and make good viral connections?! 

But maybe it is the ‘seniors’ he cares about-or who trouble him. Since this was his propaganda during the recent interview upon the green lawns of the Whitehouse. 

But it is the ‘seniors’ for whom he has to be scared of-they are not convinced apparently, and Donald wants to offer them some solidarity-for he is one himself. The one time he admits to any weakness…”nobody knows that…but I am a senior”

…”I am vulnerable too”.

It all comes with a sparkling promise-of free Regeneron. The drug he wants to rush in on gold plates. Just in time for the seniors he so cares about to vote (despite the fact it may take another year to be administered). Where Donald and the seniors were once pals-that time has passed and a recent poll-has found a majority of senior voters to side with Biden. 

I think the one thing Donald Trump will not handle-is losing. He is on the verge of it and he is desperate to skew it any way he can. When the chips are down-which makes me dubious as to whether Donald Trump ever had Covid in the first place.