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MP Puts Everyone at Risk by Travelling With Covid

Margaret Ferrier-a Scottish MP, tested for coronavirus, then travelled Glasgow to London to attend Westminster. What was she thinking?

Margaret Ferrier will be contemplating the past week with careful trepidation. She has been suspended by her party because she decided a trip down to the House of Commons-despite symptoms, was a really good idea. Margaret Ferrier is a SNP member and a MP within the House of Commons. It appears she is quite close to Nicola Sturgeon.

Haste Ye Back Has Never Been So Onerous Until Now

She is now being asked to resign entirely  (by her mate Nicola) but she is holding firm-to what I can’t imagine. Ferrier called for a Covid test on Saturday 26th September. She then travelled to the House of Commons the following Monday-despite having symptoms (saying she felt better), and then later received a positive result that Monday.

Her statement can be seen here

The issue being-Margaret decided to release this statement with A:

“There is no excuse for my actions”.

And then, continues on by providing excuses:

“after experiencing mild symptoms…”

“Feeling much better, I then travelled to London…”

Margaret Ferrier did not mean harm in what she did, but her actions are irresponsible and immature. This pandemic is not a pantomime, people are falling extremely ill, and having to pay an untimely price for it. And I do wonder-do these MP’s and SNP members realise this? But I turn to experience again-that overhanging shadow. 

Your Job Is Never More Important Than Others

A recurring theme during the course of this pandemic. Middle class professionals had their noses put out of joint when the pandemic really became serious-but what are we meant to do about our children? In reference to nurseries closing nationwide. 

‘But I have a research job-I can’t work from home’

‘But my wife is home on maternity-how is she meant to look after her’?

Sure, it’s tough being a parent and also working-but parenting comes first. The job is second. Nothing is more important than your kids-and on a grander scale: the health of the nation. You would expect an MP to realise this-since her role is about protecting the nation-but no, it looks like she may have fallen into the same little middle class bubble that is sweeping the nation.

But we are so important

Sometimes, these people in supposed seats of power-are too giddy with the idea of themselves, rather than the responsibility it curtails. Many an MP has admitted chasing after either a life of fame or a life as an MP. Tony Blair famously revealed his dreams of making it as a rock star.

Political life is only but a stage. And so, with that-it must attract the wannabes. And maybe people who do not quite realise their role. There just seems to be a plethora of ignorance that is blanketing the political stage. First it was MP’s down in London sitting together like gal pals on the bus-just as social distancing was being rolled out; which then led to Boris and Matt Hancock falling ill with it. Then, it was various MP’s traveling hundreds of miles to ‘drop off cakes’ and ‘other errands’, not to mention the health secretary (or ex) for Scotland heading on out to her holiday getaway (during a no mile lockdown).

Meanwhile, we are all sat at home like plebs. 

Okay, so there are many politicians who respected the rules and lived by them; but there is a ‘club’ mentality within the ranks it seems.

In a pandemic-should she really be travelling down to London anyway? She has previously raised the issue of virtual conferencing not being used within the House of Commons. I bet she wishes she had pushed for it further now.

I refrain from the idea which is currently circulating around the media outlets.

‘One rule for them, another rule for everyone else’ 

I do think this is true to a degree-but it is not the full picture. It will not be perfect all the time, there will be slip ups-and I am sure Margaret Ferrier realises she made a blunder. Not a great example though-from someone who is meant to be leading by example (especially as SNP), and a pretty catastrophic series of events. 

What was going through her head-if anything at all?

It looks like nothing was going through her head, except maybe her own self-worth and lack of rationality. Another example of immature people in government who like to wave the flag, but can’t plant the pole. I know I’ve made stupid decisions throughout my life, and not stopped to think. There has definitely been a mountain of irrational thinking-but I like to think having made so many mistakes-I have learnt the difference.

It is maturity, and it can leave us at the best of times when stressed-but instinct will always prevail.

Once again, instinct is our spokesperson and our leader. Ferrier is of a similar age to Jacinda Ahern, but Ahern knows how to marry instinct with rationality-which is sorely missing here.